That's So Raven

Season 2 Episode 18

The Road to Audition

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jul 30, 2004 on Disney Channel
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The Road to Audition
A talent scout comes to Bayside, everyone has reason to sing, except for one thing, the talent scout is dressed in disguise. Meanwhile, Cory looks for Victor and Tanya's embarrassing performance tape.

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  • My Favorite That's So Raven Episode is Road To Audition. It has singing and dancing. It has my favorite song called "Shine". My favorite part was when she was dancing on the tables. Read some of my review to see what else I like in the episode. So read!!!moreless

    I love That's so Raven it's my favorite show. This episode is my favorite That's So Raven Episode. I think it was a great idea to put Paula Abdul in the Episode. I also liked at the end. When it was the Toast and Jelly show. I nearly laughed my head off when he did the splitz. Even though this isn't the top rated episode it's my favorite. I also liked the dancing and singing. My favorte song was Shine. I hope this review might change your mind about That's So Raven if you don't like it. That's my review. Cy'amoreless
  • I loved this episode, but I had one problem...

    Okay, the secret is out that a talent scout from everyone's favorite reality TV series, Undercover Superstars, comes to Bayside. And now, everyone is singing, even Cory, Victor, and Tanya. This episode was really awesome, especially Paul Abdul's cameo. I would have given this one a ten if it wasn't for the end (yay! I'm rhyming again!). That split should've been cut out and replaced by a lyric mixup. But excluding that, this episode was the best in the series and gets a 9.9 by me. I really wanted an episode like this to happen again when I first saw it, but it turns out that there wasn't :(... Anyways, phenomenal episode, best of season two and the series.

    FINAL GRADE: A+moreless
  • I just love the show called that's so raven its cool and I watch it everyday on DSTV

    I like everything about this episode it's so exciting. I love all the shows in it .I mean the singing the dancing etc. just take a look at eddies part, it was so beautiful. His song rhymed, the dance moves were accurate and I keep on listening to it on the net. Now come to ravens part, She really showed that she is a superstar, man look at that show and you will just faint. Chelsea's part was also nice and innovative. That was the last thing I thought Chels would do and the other girls part too was splendid even though she seemed to be mean.This episode is my favourite and i hope it will be repeated at least once every month.moreless
  • well just anther grat episode to tsr one my all time favorties they is lots of good singing expect cory raven sings chellase sings eddie raps and an american idol judge get stars raven want to be in a sinnig comptieon but thinks the new jantoir is thmoreless

    man that finds the talent so every in he school goes all sinngig and dancing raen almost gets detion all the songs were great but corys raven was the best this was oneof the bwst tsr ever so much talent so many songs great i was so exicted when this episode first came out one of the best . i can still wacth it and i will still laugh it was very craetive funny it was so good not i need to get a 100 words so it rocks it rocks it rocks it rocks it rocks it rocks it rocks!moreless
  • oh my gosh this episode cracks me up every time i watch it! I wuv it!!

    omg okay i am obsessed with this episode. Its so favorite character is the janitor. i love the faces that he makes when the people start singing for him. its so funny to think how weirded out I would be if some kids started randomly singing and dancing at me! This was very funny and extremely well written. i liked Chelsea's song it made me laugh. this was a silly episode, but in a good way. i really loved it a lot, and i could so watch it over and over again. i want to get this on itunes so badly. it rox!moreless
Dana Davis

Dana Davis


Guest Star

Shane Haboucha

Shane Haboucha


Guest Star

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

Undercover Superstars Talent Scout

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Paula Abdul: Is there anyone in this school that likes to sing or dance or wanna be a super star?
      Raven: Sorry, I ain't singing for no more janitors.

    • Jasmine: You know Raven, you really need to work on that keeping it a secret thing.
      Raven: Yeah...I do need to work on that...

    • Emmet: Aha! the hallway? You'll be spending lunch in detention
      Raven: What?! You little power-trippin', grade-skippin', wannabe police...can't get it. Whoo! (talking to herself) Shake it off. It won't hurt you, Raven. You're gonna be famous. Superstar!

    • Emmett: Well, well, well. What have we here?
      Raven: Emmett, the world's most annoying hall monitor.
      Emmett: Hey! I didn't skip two grades to take any lip from the likes of you. What are you waiting for? (Raven, Eddie and Chelsea walk away) Next time, it's detention! (to himself) They fear me.

    • (Raven, Eddie and Chelsea are singing in the hallway)
      Jasmine: Oh, you guys are singing. I thought it was a cat fight.
      Raven: Oh, whatever, Jasmine, you're not the only one in the school who can sing.
      Jasmine: No, I'm just the best.

    • Janitor: What is going on around here?
      Raven: Well, I just want to sing you a little song!
      Janitor: Well, I'm just trying to do my job!

    • Janitor: Is everyone in this school trying to get into show business?
      Chelsea: Er...What gave you that idea?

    • Emmett: Litter bugs: the worst kind of criminal!

    • Chelsea: No one can find out that the new janitor is actually a talent scout from (whispering loudly) Undercover Superstar!
      Crowd: Undercover Superstar?
      Raven: Y'all didn't hear that, did you? Oh, but you did.
      Eddie: You know what this means, every man for himself.
      Chelsea: Or woman.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Building up to this episode, a five-part short program named Audition to Action showed the process of Shane Haboucha getting the part of Emmett the hall monitor.


    • The theme song for the television show Undercover Superstar is an allusion to the song Superstar from the 70s hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar.