That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 21

To See or Not to See

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 05, 2004 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Raven's parents are on a vacation on their second honeymoon. So the person that's going to be baby-sitting Raven and Cory is their grandmother. Things get a little twisted, because Raven's vision are getting out of hand, and she wants that to stop happening. Raven had a vision of Chelsea walking down the "jock block" in school, and she was working her way down the hall. When Chelsea was getting ready in the bathroom, to go down he jock block she got toilet paper on the behind, and everyone that was a jock was making fun of her. Meanwhile, Eddie was faking an injury on his leg, but eventually Raven and Chelsea found out that he was scared of climbing. Then Raven had a vision of him hitting the buzzer, however, that day didn't come yet, but he thought it was that day, but everyone was making fun of him. So her best friends thought it was Raven's fault, because she told them what she saw, and they wanted Raven to just be more normal. That night, Grandmom Vivian told Raven that she was psychic, and she had the same problem when she was around Raven's age. Furthermore, Vivian gave Raven a little advice on what she should do. The next day, Raven told her friends that she will go on a psychic strike. And she won't tell them none of her visions no matter what they are about Lastly, that night Eddie climb the rock wall, and he did it for himself, and they all became friends again, because they still might have fights and be mad at each other. Although, that's what best friends do, and it is a special part of life with your best friends.