That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 21

To See or Not to See

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 05, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • We see another member of the Baxter family.

    This episode is about Raven noticing that she's having visions of Eddie and Chelsea doing things that they normally don't do (sucessfully). When Raven tells Eddie and Chelsea, they actually try doing these things, which leads them to embarssment. Eddie and Chelsea now hate Raven, so Raven decided to go on a psychic strike and will no longer tell the two her visions. This becomes a problem, leading to only more embarssment than before. Raven then talks to her grandmother (I don't know who this grandmother is, but I know whi Viv is! LOL) about this problem. Then, she reveals she's psychic herself. Raven then gets a call from Chelsea that Eddie is climbing the rock wall (which he's not good at), and he sucessfully does it, like in Raven's vision. But then he starts to go out of control, so Raven and Chelsea try to rescue him. This was one of the most serious episodes in the series that leads to the test of friendship Raven and Eddie and Chelsea. I was glad to see it all worked out at the end. My favorite parts were when Eddie said to Chelsea "If a piano falls on my head, I'm blaming you", when Cory said near the end "Can't we just leave her up there? This is a dream come true!" and the bloopers from Seperation Anxiety and If I Only Had a Job at the end. Great episode here!

  • 'if a piano falls on my head,i'm blaming you!'lol.

    this episode was so funny.if your a tsr fan then you can't go past this episode,it absoulutely is fantastic!i found it a bit strange with the whole grandmother being a physcic or however you spell it,because she had never mentioned that in the show before(i don't think)but besides all that great ep!my favourite part of it would have been that eddie to chelsea qoute(see summary)i found that such a funny one should definetly watch this episode!it's also really funny at the end when there all on the rockclimbing wall.ten more words ten more words ten more words hmmmm hey i just did ten more words!lol.
  • So few people and the good thing is they were able to nail it not screw it OKAY!!!!

    So few people and the good thing is they were able to nail it not screw it OKAY!!!! Most of the sccenes were funny an example is the scene where Chelsea was acting pretty and she did not notice that there was a tissue paper at her back and the bad thing is that it is in her ass. How ugly can that be or should I say depressing. All I know is that the tangle part was funny.
  • Ravens not the only one!!!!!

    I loved it!
    first the hole thing about her visions being "wack" and her messing everyone up was super funny.Raven had a vision of Chelsea walking down "Jock block" and 'looking good' so Chelsea got looking all good and walked down jock block she looked good 'from the front' and 'all eyes were glued to her but so was tissiue paper it was so funny I cried from laughing so hard lol and Eddie the hole climing the wall thing it also showed how much Eddie and Chelsea realy do care about Raven and forgive her and them swinging in the air trying ti climb the wall was great!the episode had so many good scences and we even found out that Raven's Grandma Viv is physcic too!
  • she found out!!!

    After having weird visions of Eddie and Chelsea, Raven regrets ever even telling them about it. Meanwhile, Raven's Grandma, Viv comes to visit and Raven realizes they have more in common than she thinks.

    Raven found out that her Grandmom was psychic. This episode was really good, because it showed the relationship between Raven and her Grandma Viv.
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