That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 21

To See or Not to See

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 05, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • 'if a piano falls on my head,i'm blaming you!'lol.

    this episode was so funny.if your a tsr fan then you can't go past this episode,it absoulutely is fantastic!i found it a bit strange with the whole grandmother being a physcic or however you spell it,because she had never mentioned that in the show before(i don't think)but besides all that great ep!my favourite part of it would have been that eddie to chelsea qoute(see summary)i found that such a funny one should definetly watch this episode!it's also really funny at the end when there all on the rockclimbing wall.ten more words ten more words ten more words hmmmm hey i just did ten more words!lol.