That's So Raven

Season 1 Episode 21

To See or Not to See

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 05, 2004 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The cell phone that Raven uses in this episode is a Nokia 8850.

    • Why would students need to exit the gym and walk down an additional hallway to get to the locker rooms? Most school's have the locker rooms connected to the gym or close by (in the same hallway).

    • During the "lip gloss" scene on the wall between Raven and Chelsea, doubles were used for Raven and Chelsea. You could tell because Chelsea's double has bigger hands, and Raven's double has bigger, darker, and manish hands. Also, Raven has nail polish on, but her double doesn't.

    • This is the last episode of Cory having a crush on Chelsea.

    • When Cory and Viv are playing with the lasers, there is no furniture in the living room. But when they are finished the furniture is back.

    • When Chelsea is first walking down the Jock Block and turns around you can see that the toilet seat cover is squarish and tucked into her belt but when they cut away and cut back it's a different seat cover thats the oval seat shape and instead of being tucked in it's actually stuck to her skirt.

    • In the kitchen when Viv scared Cory with the head on the platter she was saying "Bring it on little man..." and you can see Chelsea peeking from behind wearing her jacket, they cut away and cut back real quick from a different point of view and Chelsea is no longer wearing her jacket.

    • Before the show goes to commercial, Raven is wearing sneakers when she told Chelsea that she's going to wear boots, but when they come back from commercial Raven is wearing the boots, but when she goes to save Eddie she's wearing sneakers.

  • Quotes

    • Raven: Eddie, what are you doing?!
      Eddie: Well, I think I'm climbing a wall, but I've got my eyes shut. Okay, I'm gonna open them now... (opens eyes) Yep. I'm on a wall!

    • Raven: So you don't want me to tell you my visions?
      Eddie: No...unless a piano is about to fall and hit me, you can tell me. (Chelsea glares at him) Or you could just keep it to yourself.
      Raven: Okay, I won't tell you my visions. (walks away)
      Eddie: (to Chelsea) If I get hit by a piano, I'm blaming you.

    • Raven: Oh, Mocha-Frost, my favorite!

    • Raven: Aww man, I love you guys!
      Chelsea: Aww, I love you too!
      Eddie: I'd love to get down!

    • Raven: Grandma, you're psychic?
      Viv: I don't know who that Grandma is, but Viv is.

    • Chelsea: I love it when Rae's having good visions about me.
      Viv: Well, I remember when she was a baby, she had this serious look on her face.
      Chelsea: Oh, she was having a vision?
      Viv: No, taking a poo. A vision face was more like this (makes the vision face).
      Raven: Hey Viv - sharing's over!

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