That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 23

Too Much Pressure

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Jun 10, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Raven is so determined to meet Pressure, her favorite R&B superstar, that she scams Cory into taking dance lessons so she can get close to him. After having a vision that she is in Pressure's video, Cory learns that she scammed him, and with a little help from Pressure, decides to get even with her because she sank so low just to satisfy herself. In the meantime, Victor and Eddie and trying to install a new satellite dish.moreless

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  • Pretty decent episode.

    I have never really been a big That's So Raven fan so I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed this episode. I was flipping through the channels today and this was on so I decided to give it a watch. Nothing amazing, but pretty funny. Chelsea and Cory are my favorite characters on the show as they are both hilarious. Chelsea doing the sprinkler is so priceless. On the other hand, I find Raven and her guy friend very annoying. So I guess this show is okay other than a couple characters. Anyways, this episode is pretty solid throughout and entertained me.moreless
  • Sprinkler, Sprinkler,wash your hands wash your hands, now rinse and repeat!

    This episode was okay. I didnt really care for it becasue the scenes were most likely in that dance place. But it was really funny. Raven wanted to meet her fave singer pressure and she found out that he was comming there so she made cory do dance lessons after she told him that he dances like greg (now that was funny becasue he didnt know who greg was) and so now she had the chance to go and meet him. That episode had a lot of funny scenes, like the part when Raven gets water dumped on her, whipped cream splatted in her face, and thrown in the dumpster! That was hysterical.moreless
  • soaked...splattered with whip cream and thrown in a dumpster!

    too much pressure to me was an alright episode but to me it seem to go to quickly.its funny, pressure is suposedly a parody of usher but i thought pressure had a bit of an attitidude in the problem(something that raven says about eddies mum when she phones him a billion time when he's not in and raven and chelsea need him for practise)i would love to be ravens home skillet bisquit(something else she says!)well...i just love thats so raven.moreless
  • Fine but safe, boring no top episode is like that y'all!

    Finally they kinda made a really horrible episode in a way it is because it is safe and it is ugly to hear that you know, I mean I was sad at first when I missed this episode but when I saw this it was okay Eddie did not do much I did not feel him, Chelsea a.k.a. Anneliese van der Pol is the only one who nailed it double trouble!!!moreless
  • This episode is so tight!

    Raven and Chelsea desperately want to get in the star Pressure\'s new video, \"Gotta Get You Back\", but it\'s not that easy as they soon learn when they have to do the choreography Pressure does and they are the first 2 to get kicked out. After they get kicked out, Raven has a vision of her being in Pressure\'s video. Pressure gets fustrated and needs a new video concept, Cory comes out the dance lesson and tells Pressure about Raven. Then Pressure said his sister got on his nerves too and now shes his limo driver. All of a sudden Pressure comes up with a new video idea, with Raven chosen for the girl in the video. Raven soon discovers it wasn\'t like her vision. After she gets splashed with water, hit with a pie, and thrown into the garbage can, she realizes how she treated Cory and how he treated her back, and Rae says there both good at it. Meanwhile, Victor tries to put a new Satalite Dish on the roof.moreless

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