That's So Raven

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  • Season 1 Episode 21: To See or Not to See

  • The cell phone that Raven uses in this episode is a Nokia 8850.

  • Why would students need to exit the gym and walk down an additional hallway to get to the locker rooms? Most school's have the locker rooms connected to the gym or close by (in the same hallway).

  • During the "lip gloss" scene on the wall between Raven and Chelsea, doubles were used for Raven and Chelsea. You could tell because Chelsea's double has bigger hands, and Raven's double has bigger, darker, and manish hands. Also, Raven has nail polish on, but her double doesn't.

  • This is the last episode of Cory having a crush on Chelsea.

  • When Cory and Viv are playing with the lasers, there is no furniture in the living room. But when they are finished the furniture is back.

  • When Chelsea is first walking down the Jock Block and turns around you can see that the toilet seat cover is squarish and tucked into her belt but when they cut away and cut back it's a different seat cover thats the oval seat shape and instead of being tucked in it's actually stuck to her skirt.

  • In the kitchen when Viv scared Cory with the head on the platter she was saying "Bring it on little man..." and you can see Chelsea peeking from behind wearing her jacket, they cut away and cut back real quick from a different point of view and Chelsea is no longer wearing her jacket.

  • Before the show goes to commercial, Raven is wearing sneakers when she told Chelsea that she's going to wear boots, but when they come back from commercial Raven is wearing the boots, but when she goes to save Eddie she's wearing sneakers.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Separation Anxiety

  • In the scene when Eddie and Raven are in Chelsea's art class making Raven's leg cast, Chelsea talks weird, like she has something stuck in her mouth, but then she sounds fine for the rest of the episode.

  • In this episode, Tanya says that Eddie's mother the dentist takes care of their teeth. The writers must have forgot all about this, because Eddie's mother is no where in sight when Cory goes to the dentist in Numb and Numb-er.

  • In the scene where Cory asks for two eggs, Raven smashes them on Cory's plate and both eggs are cracked. When you get the next look at them, only one egg is cracked.

  • You can see that when Raven was in the huge cast and Eddie is pushing her around, they ran into the teacher, and then the girl got her purse caught on, but if you look closely, you can see the girl actually stuck her purse out for Raven to catch on to.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Escape Claus

  • Chelsea tells Raven they have exactly 23 minutes to get the necklace, but when they are at the mall Raven says that they have 22 minutes.

  • When Raven is talking to Santa, she mentions that because she opened her present early, she didn't have a chance to hang the angel on the tree with her mom, but at the very start of the episode, you can clearly see the angel on the Baxter tree long before she opens the necklace

  • Season 1 Episode 18: If I Only Had a Job

  • Before Raven says, "Say goodbye to Dorothy's you know, blue litte farm dress and say hello to her new mini!" She puts her backpack over her shoulder, but in the next shot, her backpack is back on the counter.

  • Raven is lip-syncing to the variation of "When the Saints Go Marching In". It is most obvious at the end when she notices the Drama Club teacher.

  • In one scene Raven has the flower on her right side of her head. Then in another scene she has the flower on the left side of her head. Then it's on the right side of her head again.

  • When Raven has that vision at the end and the sign says Baxter's Place, on the newer episodes the restaurant is called the Chill Grill.

  • When Victor tells Cory to hurry up and get dressed for school, it only took 30 seconds for Cory to get out of his aquatic gear, and fully clothed and ready for school.

  • When Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie are in the living room talking about the vision, there's a shot where Raven has on a red beaded necklace and then the camera shot switches to Chelsea and then to Raven again. When the camera switched back to Raven, the red beaded necklace was gone.

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