That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 10

True Colors

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Raven and Chelsea have decided to apply for jobs in the mall at their favourite clothing store, Sassys. They both get to have job trails there, and while Chelsea muddles through her trial, Raven ends up excelling at it and she's pretty confident that she'll get the job.

But the next day the girls find out that it was Chelsea that got the job and Raven didn't. Raven is upset and confused that she didn't get the job until she has a vision of Sassy's manager, Chloe saying that she doesn't hire black people.

The three friends are appalled that such prejudices is surrounding them, and when raven tells Tanya and Victor about what Chloe said in her vision, they tell her that she has to stand up for herself and black people and put Chloe in her place.

With the help of a news show they try to get Chelsea to make Chloe say she doesn't hire black people while Chelsea is taping her with a hidden camera. Raven poses as the Sassy's General Manager and asks if Chloe hires people of colour, but Chloe doesn't say anything either way. But when Eddie fills in an application form and Chelsea asks Chloe if she'd hire him she admits then that she doesn't hire black people.

Meanwhile, Cory has to write a report for Black History Month, but he doesn't think it sounds very exciting. When Victor is less than impressed with his first attempt of is report he tells Cory that he's lucky that he has the opportunity to learn about African-American history, because that didn't used to be the case, and he needs to appreciate it.

When Cory has a dream of several black people who have made significant changes to society he changes his mind and realises that his report might not be quiet as boring as he thought it was.