That's So Raven

Season 3 Episode 10

True Colors

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • Raven's cell phone ringer is the theme song.

    • Disney did an episode like this with the concept of a racist store manager with their show Smart Guy, episode "Get a Job". And both shows had the protagonist using video footage to prove a point.

      A response to Disney Channel doing the same episode with Smart Guy: Actually Disney Channel never produced Smart Guy; it aired on the WB. Disney only put it in syndication. It is possible that "Raven" actually recycled the premise but they usually do with that show.

    • The song played when Raven and Chelsea are doing tasks to be hired at Sassy's, is the same song played at the party in "Hizzouse Party".

    • Response to goof How can Raven buy her clothes at Sassy's if the manager is racist?

      The manager not hiring black people due to racism is something she can simply hide by saying, the applicant wasn't qualified or was overqualified. If she denied black people clothes all the time, then complaints would come in causing her to be fired so denying black people sales is simply out of the question

    • It would make no sense for the manager of the store to hire Chelsea at all. For one, Raven obviously did a much better job on the application and on the tests, this could easily strike suspicion and trigger an investigation were it anybody else, which did happen but might not have if not for Raven's vision. Secondly, Chelsea had no idea what she was doing. So this manager decided to pay a girl to do a job which she simply can't do at all? Even if this was simply out of spite, a higher authority could have found out that she had a completely incompetent employee in her store causing big trouble for her. Either way, it's clear the writers should have made Chelsea able to do her job well, and make Raven have her vision so Chelsea's still able to get the confession from the manager and it would make a lot more sense for Chelsea to be hired.

    • When the footage of when Manager tells Chealsea that she doesn't hire black people is shown, she's looking right at us meaning she was looking at the camera, which is in Chelsea's hat. Her eyes should be looking a bit below us, where Chealsea's eyes would be.

    • They said Harriet Tubman invented the Underground Railroad, but she didn't.

    • In the scene where Cory is typing up his real report, he types without using the spacebar.

    • When Raven is in the kitchen talking about racisim, if you look closely at the fridge, you can see a photograph of the trio taken directly from a scence in "To See or Not to See". Strange, in that episode, they don't comment about photographers taking their picture when they have become friends again!

    • When Cory is typing his Black History Report, his keyboard has no cables attached to it, and that the monitor has AV Jacks. Which mean that it's a TV.

  • Quotes

    • Chelsea: Could you you say that again? My hat wasn't on!

    • Cory: What's cooking?
      Tanya: We are having fried chicken, collard greens, candied yams and corn bread.
      Cory: I though we ordered pizza.
      Victor: I'm wippin up some soul food in honor of Black History Month.
      Cory: So I can't eat pizza for a whole month?!

    • Raven: (while leaving) Well I'm really excited about this job. So I'm black...and I'm history!

    • Chelsea: I can't believe people can be so prejudice.
      Eddie: Well they're out there Chels. Matter of fact, remember my old friend Freddie from the second grade?
      Raven: Whatever happened to him?
      Eddie: Well, one day when Freddie and I were at the park, his father came chargin' over. Snatched Freddie away and started yelling at him. Told him he's not allowed to play with black kids.
      Raven: What did you do?
      Eddie: What could I do Rae? I was just nothing but a little kid. Before then, I didn't think of Freddie as different or white. But just my friend.

    • Raven: I can't believe didn't get a job because I'm black!
      Eddie: Well, think about it Rae. Have you ever seen anybody black, Latino, or Asian working at Sassy's?
      Raven: Actually, no.

    • Chloe: The truth is, I don't hire black people.

    • Cory: (about Raven's disguise) Nice look Raven. ha ha ha!
      Raven: You know what, I wouldn't be laughing 'cause that's going to be you in 30 years.

    • Victor: Did you finish that report?
      Cory: Yep! All 500 words!
      Victor: *reading report* Black history is very, very, very important to me. There are many, many, many people to choose from...I see where this is going. Come on son, sit.
      Cory: But dad, you only read 18 words.

    • Raven: Even if they did believe me, it wouldn't matter. I'm only one person, I can't change the world.
      Victor: Rae, if Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had that same attitude, we'd still be sitting in the back of the bus.

    • Cory: Okay...that certainly wasn't boring!

  • Notes

    • Chelsea can whistle through her nose, although it was mentioned that Raven couldn't teach her to whistle normally in The Lying Game.

    • Raven has the vision with her backpack on her shoulder and when the vision is over she drops it in her hands, however when it cuts to a different view the backpack is back on her shoulder.

    • This episode features Raven in another one of her hilarious disguises.

    • This episode was aired during Black History Month.

    • Disney Channel Asia first aired this on 1st Jan 2005 along with "Psychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy" and "Five Finger Discount".

    • Many historic black people were mentioned in this episode, including Frederick Douglass, Bessie Coleman, Scott Joplin, Garrett Morgan, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Madam C.J. Walker, Althea Gibson, Marcus Garvey, Mary McLeod Bethune, Jesse Owens and Sam Jackson.

    • Clothes from the episodes: The Dating Shame, Hearts & Minds, My Big Fat Pizza Party and The Lying Game are seen in Sassy's.

  • Allusions

    • Victor: Oh, that's it! We're gonna bust them, we're gonna shut em down by any means necessary!
      Tanya: Whoa, slow down Malcolm!
      When Tanya calls Victor Malcolm, she is referring to Malcolm X, a civil right activists from the late '50s to early 60's. Malcolm X always said he believed in "racial justice by any means necessary", which not only has to do with that Victor used the phrase "by any means necessary" it's also referring to fighting racial injustice.

    • True Colors: Title
      Cyndi Lauper song from the 1980s..