That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 4

Unhappy Medium

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 17, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

When a film crew chooses Bayside to film a new zombie movie, Raven has a vision of the star, Nikki Logan, choking on her favorite taffy candy. Raven saves Nikki from choking and becomes her psychic mentor. To impress her, Raven performs an assortment of wild moves, explaining that the movements are normal when she has a vision. Nikki takes notes on this, since she is playing a psychic in the zombie movie filmed at Bayside. Raven fakes a vision of Nikki being awarded the title of best actress on Earth. Right after getting Nikki excited, she has a vision of the director, Toshi Nakamora, saying "You are the worst actress on Earth!! You're fired!" Raven tries to stop Nikki from performing the psychic movements by interrupting the taping of the movie, causing Toshi to get mad at Raven, saying to her "You are the worst actress on Earth!! You're fired!" Nikki gets mad at Raven and stops being her friend. Then Raven gets a vision of a film critic stating that Nikki was the worst actress on Earth. During this, Cory tries to earn some cash by using his body as advertisement for a local food joint, "The Grub Club."
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