That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 4

Unhappy Medium

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 17, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • i thought that the whole point of thats so raven ius that you know no one knew she was pyschic.

    this episode was kinda stupid. i thought that it was a stupid idea to have raven like tutor this suck-up hollywood girl about being a pyshcic for a upcoming movie. i thought that thats so raven was about how raven and her fmaily knew baout her being pyschic, and i thought that she was always sure that she wouldnt tell anyone else because she was afraid of what they may do to her if they knew. and i mean, i dont think that it was a very good idea to tell her, and the creators should have thought about the possible consequences of telling this random girl about her pyschic powers. overall, a ok episode but it kinda defeats the menaing of keeping it a secret.
  • Raven learns a hard lesson. Never trust Nikki Logan!

    In this episode, a movie directer decides to film a movie called "High School Zombies" at Bayside High. This film stars the famous, young, actress Nikki Logan. Does that name kinda ring a bell? If not, you'll figure it out. Anyways, Raven has a vision that Nikki's choking on some sort of taffy, and saves her. Astounded by Raven's ability, Nikki tempts her with the idea of being her personal psychic advisor(Nikki's playing a psychic).Raven's intentions were to make Nikki understand that psychics are just like normal people. Nikki, not being more or less impressed bailed on her.During this scene were some hilarious moments. Raven cringing at the spoiled juice and Eddie's rendition of P. Diddy. Raven soon sells out to Nikki. She puts on this complete facade of what Nikki believed a psychic to be. In the end, Raven is worried about misleading Nikki and trys to make things right. Nikki turns out to be nothing like what Raven thought and her snooty ways soon catches up with her. The sub-plot was about Cory discovering a new form of advertising. This episode had a great storyline, plot and acting.
  • OMG my sides hurt so bad from laughin so hard at that episode!

    Hahahahaha! I loved that part where Raven invites Nikki into her house and then she went and got some orange juice... her face was pricless! I was rolling on the floor! I mean who does that when they think something is sour! Raven is so great! And I also thought that part when Raven was that Fake Phsycic person and she was rolling in the florr trying to do the worm and stuff. She was all \"Heres Johnny!\" LOL I was nearly peeing my pants! I also liked that part where she tried to jump the fence and runs into it and was all am I over the fence! LOL that was great.

    This episode was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S it had me on the floor for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long i was laughin. in fact im still laughing now. the best best best best part was when raven had a fake vision for nikki. i had me laughing for so long. this is why i watch raven. and nikki gets what she deserves!
  • Yah it is quite of a character development it is really needed by that celebrity!!!

    Yah it is quite of a character development it is really needed by that celebrity!!! Better be some sort of a star because you'll be needing it!! Oh what am I saying oh well this episode was great because she's making somebody a complete fool well I know that is bad but it is okay because she ended being a jerk to Raven!!!
  • Raven teaches an actress how to play a psychic.

    This was such an hilarious episode. I loved everything about this episode. The fact that it had three visions, the fact that it showed the schools backyard, and the fact that it was so funny! My favorite part was when Raven was pretending to be a spirit psychic. I love this episode!!!
    - Joe
  • Raven teaches an actress Nicky Logan on how to be psychic in her role \"Zombies.\"

    This episode was one of the funniest episodes. This is my favorite show on disney channel and one of my favorite episodes. This episode was very well- written and without Raven this show wouldn\'t be the same. I love Raven and everything about the fourth season so far. 10+ Excellent episode.