That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 4

Unhappy Medium

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Mar 17, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Raven is showing Nikki her silly vision, she says three very famous quotes:
      "Im melting!" from The Wizard Of Oz, "Heres Johnny!" from The Shining and "I see dead people!" from The Sixth Sense.

    • In the scene where Raven is showing Nikki the silly way of what people think of psychics, Raven shuts the door. Now look very closely at the door when Raven is on the floor. The door magically opens. Then a moment later, the door is shut.

  • Quotes

    • (About climbing over the fence to the school)
      Chelsea: Okay Rae, here's your chance. Up and over.
      Raven: Uh yeah, little problem. Can't climb. Never could.
      Chelsea: Oh sure you can. You just need a running start. You know, get a little momentum.
      Raven: Oh okay.
      (Raven runs and crashes into the fence)
      Chelsea: She was right. She can't climb. Never could.

    • Becky: Sorry, no one gets on set unless they work on the film.
      Raven: Oh! Ok, well I'm close, personal friends with Nikki Logan so..
      Becky: (interrupting) Well why don't you stand over there with her other "close, personal friends"? (pushes Raven back towards a group of Nikki's fans)
      Raven: (to Eddie & Chelsea) K, we're not getting in that way.

    • Raven: Hey you guys, did Nikki do her scene yet?
      Eddie: No. The zombies are still eatin' the Chess Club.
      Chelsea: Did you show her what a fake psychic really acts like?
      Raven: Yeah, and she loved it.
      (simultaneously) Chelsea: Oh good! Eddie: So we're going to Malibu?
      Raven: Not exactly. After she left I had a vision that she's gonna act all freaky like I did and get fired.
      Chelsea: Well that's gonna make Malibu kinda awkward...

    • Chelsea: Man! I can't believe Nikki's not here. (reaches into her backpack) I wanted her to sign my eggplant.
      Eddie: (irritated) How come you cain't just get a regular autograph album like everybody else, Chels?!?
      Chelsea: (defensively) 'Scuse me, do you know how long it takes to grow autograph albums?!?

    • Raven: (pouring orange juice down the sink sadly) So long, Malibu.
      (Eddie & Chelsea enter through the back door)
      Eddie: (wearing a yellow suit & mimicking a Hollywood agent) Hey babe! (laughs phonily) We were just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by for..
      Raven: (interrupting) Nikki's gone.
      Eddie: What?!? Ah man, I was hoping she needed a leading man for her new movie. The bus driver said I looked like P Diddy! (dances excitedly)
      Raven: You look more like the bus.

    • (Raven is climbing the fence, with help from Eddie & Chelsea)
      Raven: I'm on top of the worl-... (Falls on the snack table for the zombies) I'm ok. I'm ok. Ugh! Except for this ice cream headache, aww!
      Becky: What is going on out here?!? All zombies should be on the set! Nikki is waiting to do her big scene.
      Raven: What? No, I am not a zo- Nikki? Wait. Must must eat brains! Must eat brains! Must eat brains...

    • Chelsea: You guys, you guys, you guys! That's Nikki Logan. She's like one of my favorite actresses! She was so awesome as the vegetarian detective in "Dude Where's My Eggplant?"
      Raven: Yeah and her house in Malibu is off the chain. I saw it on "Young, rich, and fabulous"
      Chelsea: Yeah I know. I totally saw that! Yeah her bathtub is so big, she even has her own diving board
      Raven: Chels, that was her swimming pool
      Chelsea: That would make more sense

    • Nikki: Are you having a vision?!?
      Raven: Yes! Yes, and it's a big one! It's a big one! It's comin', it's comin'! I'm melting! I'm melt- Here's Johnny! I see dead people!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nikki Logan is an allusion to Lindsay Lohan.

    • The title of this episode is an antonym to the name of the 6th chapter in Madeleine L'engle's novel "A Wrinkle in Time." The name of the chapter is The Happy Medium

    • The elephant's name is Jumanji which is an allusion to the movie Jumanji where an elephant has a famous apperance.

    • "Dude, Where's My Eggplant?" is an allusion to "Dude, Where's My Car?".

    • Usher, and his song, "Confessions" are both plugged in this episode.

    • The "Martian Mango" flavored Taffy that Nikki has is really an Apple flavored ABBA ZABBA candy.

    • When faking a vision, Raven recites many quotes from movies, including "Here's Johnny!" from The Shining, "I'm melting!" from The Wizard of Oz, and "I see dead people," from The Sixth Sense.

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