That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 14

When 6021 Met 4267

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 18, 2006 on Disney Channel
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When 6021 Met 4267
Raven decides to throw a party in her new room. She realizes that she doesn’t have a date, so her friend Chelsea gives her the idea of putting an ad on the school’s website looking for a date. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's party.moreless

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    How can I watch it for free? It says I can only watch on iTunes. Somebody please help!
  • All i know is that this was not my favorite that's so raven episode at all.

    Well like i said this mos def. wasn't my favorite episode in the That's So Raven series cause the whole Raven/Eddie is just not cute and it's odd that in every Disney show they put the main actress and actor that r best friends together i thought it was cute when they did this w/ Kim/Ron from Kim Possible , Lizzie and Gordo and Lewis and Tawnny [spelted it wrong ] But the whole Raven/Eddie rlly blew me off cause number 1: Imma Raven and Devon shippie, number 2: Raven and Eddie r besties and they are like brother and sister and last: It's totally outragous. RaVon shippie 4ever!moreless
  • Very Good

    This 'That's So Raven' episode is the best I've ever seen. I classified it as pivotal and it is. Raven's holding a party for her new room and because of her vision using the help of a 'computer program' (fate IMO)gets set up. With Eddie. Both Raven and Orlando do a wonderful job acting in the episode - their reactions when finding out who they were set up with alone is priceless. And the two times they have to kiss are done very well. But I have to ask what Happened to Devon? Is he still in Seattle? Weird..moreless
  • I loved this episode but was sad in the end.

    I loved this episode.Raven decides to throw a party in her new room. She realizes that she doesn't have a date, so her friend Chelsea gives her the idea of putting an ad on the school's website looking for a date. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's party. Eddie and raven make a cute couple. But I was dissapointed at the end when they kissed and thought that they should just be friends. I was sad but It could of been better if Raven and Eddie were together. So anyone should see this episode because it was great.moreless
  • Raven decides to throw a party to celebrate her new room, but she has no date. Both she and Eddie advertise for a date, and learn they are each other's "perfect match"....moreless

    First of all, contrary to the classification, I did not hate this episode. It was simply just painful to watch. It wasn't bad, or corny, but I wasn't exactly a Raven/Eddie shipper. I was a Chelsea/Eddie shipper. But I recently realized Chelsea is taken, and Eddie and Raven are not.

    When Raven and Eddie first realized they were to meet each other because they were "perfect matches" I cringed. Sure, they took the test and it showed they were a lot alike, but I'll bet you if Chelsea and Raven took the test and saw the were a lot alike they wouldn't say, "We belong together!" Why should Eddie and Raven be any different simply because they are the opposite gender? My point? A guy and a girl can be a lot alike without belonging together.

    Then they went on the date, which turned out to be a disaster after Raven had a vision about their future--her staying home to take care of their (probably) 10 kids, him working in packaging and not rapping, them living in her parents' house, et cetera. Of course, Raven isn't always right in her predictions, but I was hoping that at least they WOULDN'T get together.

    I'll stop here and say why I disliked Raven/Eddie: they did not seem like a couple at all. They were more like brother or sister, or close friends. And they didn't seem to have any feelings whatsoever until it was suggested to them.

    Then at the party. I realized that Raven was miserable, not because she had no date but because she didn't have Eddie. It seemed she actually DID like him. And if she likes him, I'm okay with Raven/Eddie.

    Do you all hear that? I'm OKAY with that couple!

    Anyway, by the time the kiss came in the end I wasn't such a

    anti-Raven/Eddie person. I realized they actually do make a cute couple. Unfortunatly, the kiss held no magic and they realized that they should just stay friends.

    In the end, Eddie walked out the front door and as Raven began to close it he ran back in and kissed her. I thought, "Wow, he done that because he wants to admit he likes her!" But it was just to test if it held magic.

    Here's the good part: As Eddie walks out the door and Raven shuts it, he says something like, "That wasn't that bad!" and behind the door Raven is smiling.

    When I first saw that this would be a Raven/Eddie episode, I thought, "Oh, great. They are doing this just to please fans. But in the end they won't like each other." Sure, maybe they did do it to please fans, but I think it may have been more than that. Who knows? Devon may have some competition. Of course, I still like Chelsea/Eddie, but if that can't happen I'll be cheering for Eddie and Raven all the way!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In the episode "The Parties", Raven said that she was having crab puffs at her party. She has them at this party.

    • When Eddie first starts to sit, he sits in Ravens seat. In the next shot he is shown sitting down in the other.

    • Just before Raven sat on the couch, you can clearly see the remote tucked underneath the pillow. As soon as she sits down, the stereo turns on and Raven stands up and pulls out the remote from underneath her as if she were sitting on it.

    • In Raven's first vision she sees herself not having fun standing alone eating crab puffs. The music is playing a man is singing with the music. When the actual thing happens the music is playing but the man is not singing like in her first vision.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Raven: Eddie, I lied to you. The reason I broke up with you is because I had a vision. I was miserable and you were a wrapper.
      Eddie: Well at least my career worked out!
      Raven: You were wrapping gifts Eddie.
      Eddie: Oh no!

    • Stanley (Dancing with Loca): I'm dancing like my two feet left.
      Loca (Sees Stanley as just one): AAAAH! Where's the rest of you!
      Stanley: Just look into my eyes baby, Just look into my eyes!
      Loca: I thought you was the one...YOU NOT EVEN HALF THE ONE!

    • Loca (to Stanley): Finally someone I can look up to.

    • Stanley(Walking in): Word on the street is, Raven's having a party!
      Cory: You're not invited, Stanley.
      Stanley: Other word on the street is... You ain't either!
      Cory: What street do you live on!

    • Chelsea: Eddie and Raven sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P.

    • Raven: Eddie, listen. Um, I need to talk to you about the future.
      Eddie: Forget about it, Rae. If I don't get this drinks back to Loca then I won't have a future.
      Raven: Listen, don't worry about Loca. I think she's moved on.
      (Camera switches to Loca and Stanley dancing)
      Eddie: Who's that? Looks familiar.
      Raven: I don't know, I think he's some guy from our Spanish class but listen, it doesn't matter.

    • Danny: Hey Rae! Cool space. Oh, we brought you a little room warming gift. (Gives Raven the box)
      Chelsea (Excitedly): Don't tell her what it is! Don't tell her what it is! Open it, Rae! Open it! It's towels!
      (Raven looks at her)
      Danny: Surprise.
      Raven: Thanks, you two. (Opens the box) Awwww - wait a second! "His and Hers" towels?!
      Chelsea: Yeah! When you and Eddie get married, you know. You may wanna wash your hands.

    • Raven: I'm happy that you came to my party, Eddie.
      Eddie: Well, somebody asked me and I couldn't say no.
      Loca: You can't get away from me! (punches Eddie in the arm)
      Eddie: Aaaah!
      Loca: You rascal! Meow!
      Eddie (to Raven): Well, at least when she punches me I can see it coming.

    • Victor: So, how's the party going?
      Raven: Okay, I guess.
      Victor: Hey, you know I can liven things up little; (sways his hips) do the conga line!
      Raven: Oh really? Hey, let's see how that looks going up the stairs!

    • Eddie: Hey, you know what you need to have down here to celebrate your new room, Rae?
      Chelsea: Hah! A Ferris Wheel!
      (Raven and Eddie looked at her)
      Chelsea: Not a big one.

    • Raven: There should be mood lighting and slow dancing...
      (Raven has a vision of her party. She has no date and isn't having fun)
      Eddie: Rae what did you see?
      Raven: My party, I wasn't having fun. Man, I need a date
      Chelsea: Or, a water slide.

    • Raven (Reading the message on the website): Welcome! Alright. To protect your identity, you will now be known as 6021.
      Chelsea: Hmmmm, 6021...sounds romantic already!

    • Chelsea: Oh, hey Rae! Remember that vision you had of your party where you're really miserable and lonely and like no one wanted to be with you?
      Raven: (rolls her eyes) I just said I needed a date, Chels.
      Chelsea: Well, I know how to get you one!
      Raven: Alright!
      Chelsea: Yes! (looks down at the food on the counter for a few seconds)
      Raven: You gonna tell me what it is?
      Chelsea (snaps out of it): Oh! Right. Duh?

    • Eddie: Yeah but what if we are the perfect match, you know, like Loca and that dude from our Spanish Class? (Camera switches to Loca and Stanley dancing then switches back to Eddie and Raven) I mean, if we never try, we'll never know.
      Raven: You're right. (smiling) So...what do you wanna do?
      Eddie: Guess we can start it off with a dance.

    • Eddie: Phew.. I thought it was Loca.
      Raven: What did you think was going to be Loca?
      Eddie: Oh nothing.
      Raven: Come on Eddie, we are best friends. You can tell me anything.
      Eddie: Well.. I really wanted a date for your party so I went ahead and registered on the school dating website.
      Raven: You're here to meet your perfect match? Thats funny, so am I.
      Eddie: Looks like we got stood up.
      Raven: Yeah, we be the only ones standing here.
      Raven: 4267?
      Eddie: 6021?
      Together: You're my perfect match?!!

    • (Raven is checking herself out in her mirror)
      Chelsea: So Ms. 6021 any word on your perfect match yet?
      Raven: Actually, yes! I'm gonna meet him in five minutes!
      Chelsea: That's so cool, Rae! What's his name?
      Raven: Uhm, Mr. 4267.
      Chelsea (shaking her head): Never heard of him.
      Raven: Well, that's because that's his number Chels, we don't use real names till we actually meet.
      Chelsea: Oh Right.
      Raven: Yeah. (Walks off to go meet her date)

    • Chelsea: Eddie and Raven sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g..h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p...
      Raven: Man, what are we gonna do with her?!
      (Raven and Eddie both laugh nervously)
      Eddie: I don't know.

    • Chelsea: Oh, look, Eddie brought us candy!
      Eddie: Uh, actually this is for Raven
      Chelsea: Oh, well then I guess the flowers are for me
      Eddie: These are for Raven..too!

    • Eddie: Look, man, forget about the visions, Rae, nobody knows about the future for sure, not even you
      Raven: Well, yeah I have been off once or twice
      Eddie: The question is, what do you want to do right now?
      Raven: Well I kind of want to try us out but I don't want it to be wierd I do not want to ruin our friendship

    • Loca(To Disguise Stanley):I thought you were the one!
      Your not even half the one!

  • NOTES (2)