That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 14

When 6021 Met 4267

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Aug 18, 2006 on Disney Channel

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    How can I watch it for free? It says I can only watch on iTunes. Somebody please help!
  • All i know is that this was not my favorite that's so raven episode at all.

    Well like i said this mos def. wasn't my favorite episode in the That's So Raven series cause the whole Raven/Eddie is just not cute and it's odd that in every Disney show they put the main actress and actor that r best friends together i thought it was cute when they did this w/ Kim/Ron from Kim Possible , Lizzie and Gordo and Lewis and Tawnny [spelted it wrong ] But the whole Raven/Eddie rlly blew me off cause number 1: Imma Raven and Devon shippie, number 2: Raven and Eddie r besties and they are like brother and sister and last: It's totally outragous. RaVon shippie 4ever!
  • Very Good

    This 'That's So Raven' episode is the best I've ever seen. I classified it as pivotal and it is. Raven's holding a party for her new room and because of her vision using the help of a 'computer program' (fate IMO)gets set up. With Eddie. Both Raven and Orlando do a wonderful job acting in the episode - their reactions when finding out who they were set up with alone is priceless. And the two times they have to kiss are done very well. But I have to ask what Happened to Devon? Is he still in Seattle? Weird..
  • I loved this episode but was sad in the end.

    I loved this episode.Raven decides to throw a party in her new room. She realizes that she doesn't have a date, so her friend Chelsea gives her the idea of putting an ad on the school's website looking for a date. Meanwhile, Cory and Stanley try to sneak into Raven's party. Eddie and raven make a cute couple. But I was dissapointed at the end when they kissed and thought that they should just be friends. I was sad but It could of been better if Raven and Eddie were together. So anyone should see this episode because it was great.
  • Raven decides to throw a party to celebrate her new room, but she has no date. Both she and Eddie advertise for a date, and learn they are each other's "perfect match"....

    First of all, contrary to the classification, I did not hate this episode. It was simply just painful to watch. It wasn't bad, or corny, but I wasn't exactly a Raven/Eddie shipper. I was a Chelsea/Eddie shipper. But I recently realized Chelsea is taken, and Eddie and Raven are not.

    When Raven and Eddie first realized they were to meet each other because they were "perfect matches" I cringed. Sure, they took the test and it showed they were a lot alike, but I'll bet you if Chelsea and Raven took the test and saw the were a lot alike they wouldn't say, "We belong together!" Why should Eddie and Raven be any different simply because they are the opposite gender? My point? A guy and a girl can be a lot alike without belonging together.

    Then they went on the date, which turned out to be a disaster after Raven had a vision about their future--her staying home to take care of their (probably) 10 kids, him working in packaging and not rapping, them living in her parents' house, et cetera. Of course, Raven isn't always right in her predictions, but I was hoping that at least they WOULDN'T get together.

    I'll stop here and say why I disliked Raven/Eddie: they did not seem like a couple at all. They were more like brother or sister, or close friends. And they didn't seem to have any feelings whatsoever until it was suggested to them.

    Then at the party. I realized that Raven was miserable, not because she had no date but because she didn't have Eddie. It seemed she actually DID like him. And if she likes him, I'm okay with Raven/Eddie.

    Do you all hear that? I'm OKAY with that couple!

    Anyway, by the time the kiss came in the end I wasn't such a
    anti-Raven/Eddie person. I realized they actually do make a cute couple. Unfortunatly, the kiss held no magic and they realized that they should just stay friends.

    In the end, Eddie walked out the front door and as Raven began to close it he ran back in and kissed her. I thought, "Wow, he done that because he wants to admit he likes her!" But it was just to test if it held magic.

    Here's the good part: As Eddie walks out the door and Raven shuts it, he says something like, "That wasn't that bad!" and behind the door Raven is smiling.

    When I first saw that this would be a Raven/Eddie episode, I thought, "Oh, great. They are doing this just to please fans. But in the end they won't like each other." Sure, maybe they did do it to please fans, but I think it may have been more than that. Who knows? Devon may have some competition. Of course, I still like Chelsea/Eddie, but if that can't happen I'll be cheering for Eddie and Raven all the way!
  • i really dislike this eppie a hella much not my favorite at all.

    i seriously didn't like this eppie it was the worst eppie i eva seen i love that's so raven it rocks too but this is the first episode of that's so raven that i disliked i like ev'y single episode 'cept this one i love alll the raven and devon eppies includin' adventures in boss-sittin' they make such a sweet couple i love raven and devon togetha,togetha raven and devon light up the show i cried when devon moved to seattle. there goes the bride was the most emotional episode in the that's so raven series.agian raven and devon light up the show, raven and eddie OH NO! i don't care who doesn't agree w\ my review it's my opinon and what i believe!! if anyone disagrees tooooo badddd! i don't like raven and eddie plain and simple and done this eppie tanks! anywayz raven and devon lover 4 lyfe til death big ups to all the raven symone and lil'j fans aka devon.
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  • Raven And Eddie Both Go On A Website To Get A Date For Ravens Room Warming Party, it just so happens that they get matched with each other!

    just a truly amazing episode! it really shows how much raven and eddie like each other, even if it is so subtle, like really subtle in a kind of way to say its not really obvious to anyone! i think the way that they did it was so good, the writing was amazing! i thought thst the way that they finished it was amazing, so that they have room to add more, for them to lengthen it. it gived them a chance for them to get together properly and not through a site. i can tell, as well as so many other people who have watched it, that they are LYING when they said that they didnt feel anything with the kiss, we cann all see the chemistry people!
  • Basically what everyone else said...that is all the fans of this episode

    I adore this episode! It definetly has a dream feel to it that just makes it even more special. Not much to say because everyone has already made excellent reviews. My only complaint is the end. As cute as that was, we may never know what would've happened afterwards. It's like Disney decieded to completely drop the idea and pretend it never happened after making a huge deal about it in their commercials and promos. There was no follow-up episode, no hints, it's basically left up to the imagination. Which of course drives me crazy! LoL!
  • raven needs a date for her party a joins a perfect match website dating service a finds out her perfect match is eddie...

    this was a very cute episode. it shows the true relationship bewtween eddie and raven. i think there should have been a ittle more though, but it was really intresting. i think eddie and raven should have made out instead of just kissed. plus they were kissing wrong!(lol) it is a change for the whole That's So Raven series. im not sure if there has been a kiss on the show like eddie and raven's kiss. they should have kissed more though. i also think that raven should have worn bright red lipstick so when she kissed eddie it wud have been more noticable that beige.
  • another very good, cute that's so raven episode!

    This episode of that’s so raven is awesome! One of the last episodes in the series, the writers and rave finally get Eddie and raven to kiss. This episode was very well written and is great so it is very enjoyable to viewers. This episode is really a cute one. raven cannot find a date to her own party, as seen in her vision, and wants to get one, so Chelsea suggests that she put down and add that she needs a date on bayside high's date finder. Raven lists all of her common interests and her personality and likes and dislikes. At the same time, Eddie is doing the same on the bayside high date finder, because he too cannot find a date to raven is party. A bit later, raven and Eddie get their matches number, and the next day at school, raven is determined to find her match, and so is Eddie. This episode is so cute because of the boy meets girl factor. Eddie and raven find out that they are each other’s matches, and are confused about it at first. However, raven insists that they should go to her party together, and Eddie agrees. meanwhile, the day of the party, Cory and Stanley, who are not invited to raven’s bash, are trying to get in with a lot of funny schemes, finally, they dress up as a hilarious a tall man with a mustache in a trench coat- Cory on bottom with Stanley on his shoulders to be the head of the man- very funny! So when the party finally starts, they go dressed up and actually pull off getting in. Raven and Eddie really hit it off at the party- they even kiss!!! Awwww! But, unfortunately, raven has a vision after the very cute kiss that if she stays with Eddie, he will be a dead-beat dad with their dozen kids in a shack, with raven as the ugly, poor, hillbilly mother. Raven feels that he and Eddie should stop the lovey stuff right away. So she avoids him for the rest of the party, while Cory and Staley’s tall man in the trench coat ends up dancing with loca!!! Ha! well, as always, Cory and Stanley’s schemes never work, and loca finds out that her date is really Stanley and Cory, and raven kicks them out of the party. After the party, raven is sad about the ordeal with Eddie and not having a date for the rest of the party. Raven fesses up to Eddie about the vision, and he is very offended and saddened by it. So, raven decides that they should not be a couple and walks Eddie to the door. BUT- the ending of the episode is the best part! - Eddie runs back in and kisses her! So sweet! Another twist to the ending- after the door closes and Eddie leaves, raven has a vision, another one that what her life would have been if she’d stayed with and married Eddie- this vision was a lot more pleasant- raven and Eddie had good jobs, two decent, cute little boys, and the whole family was dressed up nicely in refined clothes. Raven was talking about how glorious her life was, and Eddie was talking about how man y record deals he had gotten. Their kids were happy too, and raven was sad after the vision, because she didn’t know which vision of the future would come true- her first bad one or her second good one. That made the ending better. This episode was very well written and another very original episode of the longest running Disney channel show on TV!
  • Ok this episode totslly upset me I kept on screaming 'NO not this anything, but this!' in my head.

    Well don't get me wrong I like the whole two bestfriends fall in love with eachother concept I mean Phil/Keely, Ron/Hermione (I'm obsessed woth Harry Potter and tgis ship so sue me!), Topanga/Cory, Kim/Ron, Lizzie, Gordo and so on and so forth, but I meaN rAVEN AND EDDIE?! It just doesn't do iot for me. I mean I loved dEvon and Raven together I think they make an absolutely cute couple, but with Raven/ Eddie now they're just
    pushing it way over the edge. I was wincing through the whole e[pisode. When I saw the commercia for it I'm like 'Oh god no!', but I watched it anyway to see how it turned out. I would have l.oved it if it wasn't Raven/Eddie. some parts thart I did like was that whjen Cory and Stanley snuck in to the party and stanly danced with Loca that was funny. When Chelsea went 'Raven and Eddie kissiong in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. H-ijk-l-m-n-o-p. I also liked the reappearance iof chelsea's boyfriend i've alwayus thought she deserved a decenrt one after the other ones backfired.
  • Raven is throwing a party on occasion of her new remodeled basement. When she doesnt have a date she turns to the school online perfect match system which brings Eddie and her together.

    Wow! Eddie and Raven together. For how long did people expect these two to get together? It was weird though but it was cute. It's just too bad that it didn't work out for them. I really thought they would find chemistry together but then it would be a big change to the whole series. I thought this episode was funny as most of the episodes are. I didn't understand though why it was necessary that everyone have a date. It makes it seem a bit unrealistic because most parties in real life aren't like that. In most cases aren't some purposes of parties to meet new people? Other then that it was a cute episode but didn't really see the point of them kissing two times. But oh well it was a heck of an episode.
  • great.

    awwwwww! raven and eddies kiss. after 4 season they kiss.they have been wonderful friends and even though they didnt end up going out they were still able to stay friends. most people in that situation arent able to stay friends after a kiss but i am very glad they stayed friends. chelsea was as usual, hilarious'k-i-s-s-i-n-g.h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p!' she had me on the floor laughing so much.
    ha ha hilarious. this is my favourite show. every episode is great. there is no dull episode!!!
  • Very Cute

    Out of all the episodes of Thats So Raven, I think this one is my favorite! It is very sweet, but also quite funny. Orlando Brown(Eddie) and Raven Symone have great chemistry in this episode. At first, I was not a Raven/Eddie fan. I liked the Raven/Devon pairing. This episode, however, managed to change my mind. I now think that Raven and Eddie make an adorable couple! All episodes of Thats So Raven are great, but this one stands out above some of the others. I recommend any fan of the show to be sure not to miss it!
  • This episode was very good but not the best one b/c nothing happen at the end at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The whole point of this episode was for eddie and raven to be a couple. i mean when i saw the commercial of that episode i was happy b/c finally they would be a couple. But when i saw the end i got mad b/c i really wanted them to stay together. the first part was exciting but at the end it really wasn't cool. they should of stayed together i mean really come on they were ment to be in real life too but i guess the director didnt want the episode to end happy. dont get me wrong the episode was well written but nothing happen. thats my point of this rating!
  • AKA : when Raven kisses Eddie

    I loved this episodee!! I always thought that Raven and Eddie should date, but I didnt think they would actually do it. When I saw the commercials for this episodee my mouth dropped and I gotso happy!!! =) I thought it was hysterical when Loca and Stanley/Cory dancingg... ahahahaa so funny. I also liked Raven's vision when she sees Eddie and her married, will they get married ?? hmmmm..?? Well, if they dont get married, I wonder if Raven and Eddie will still at least stay a couple for at least a few episodes!! I still cant believe they kissed in this episode and poor Chelsea all alone, =) just kidding.
  • This is something that some of you may be daydreaming or imagining like what will happen to bestfriends that turned into lovers awww how sweet!!

    This is something that some of you may be daydreaming or imagining like what will happen to bestfriends that turned into lovers awww how sweet!! This is something that some of you may be daydreaming or imagining like what will happen to bestfriends that turned into lovers awww how sweet!!
  • This episode is all about Eddie and Raven. Seeing that there might be a possible future of them being together after a computer hooks them up as each other's perect match.

    This is my abosolute favorite episode of the series. It's about a possible Eddie and Raven connection hook up. I've thought about this moment ever since the series first started. I didn't think that it would ever happen, but it did. My wish had came true. Two of the main characters who are best of friends have finally taken a possible love interest with one another. But at the end of the episode after kissing each other twice they still want to just remain friends with each other. You can see that they both really like each other at the end. It is also clear that they were meant for each other. When Raven is with Eddie she can be herself and not hide that she's psychic from him. And there's no secret's between them. I give this episode a perfect 10, because it's funny, very adorable and well acted out between the two of them. It's about time that they started to think of each other as more than just friends,but lovers. Her perfect match has been sitting right under her nose. :^)
  • In every popular series the writers try to buy into the fans wish of putting the best friends together (or at least trying to make it work like Eddie & Raven).

    This plot is about Raven having a vision of throwing her own party in her new \\\'space\\\' -but she also saw in her vision that she wouldn\\\'t be having any fun because she doesn\\\'t have a date. So, Chelsea hooks her up with an online dating service that just happens to be programmed by the school. (Wow, what kind of school would think of promoting such a thing? I thought it was about education, and the last thing they want is janitors going on that website looking for kids. Yikes). Anyways, Eddie doesn\\\'t have a date either... (what? what about his girlfriend, and what about Raven\\\'s bf Devon?) Who knows. So they both find their perfect match on the website, little did they know they were matched up with eachother. When revealed, they decided to give it a shot even if best friends, apparently it did not work out right. So Eddie invited Loca, or rather Loca pursued Eddie into going with her. Soon, she dumps Eddie and finds Stanley dressed up on top of Corey (i have to say their dance was hillarious), so Eddie & Raven give it one more shot and actually KISS this time! (I was thinking: Noo, your going to screw your friendship up!.) But they found no spark, so i guess they\\\'re going back to friends? I like how they can do this in a series but the awkwardness stays for real life. Good episode overall, its what some fans wanted, this show has everything!
  • Raven needed a date for this party that she is throwing. So she signs up at the school's dating service. Her mystery date was actually Eddie. They decided to go out. It didn't work but later on, there is a big surprise at the end when Eddie kisses Raven.

    I love this episode. This is one of my favorite episodes in this series. It's really funny. I recommend this to everyone especially to all the R/E shippers. Even though nothing happened besides a kiss, you can just tell that something is going to happen later on in the series. Chelsea was really funny and even Loca was funny. Cory and Stanley was just hilarious. I have been waiting for an episode like this because I am a major R/E shipper and I was really satisfied with this episode. I give it a perfect 10.
  • Juicy episode.

    Eddie and Raven? I thought this was going to happen but I wan't sure about this. This is a very funny good special and important episode. I think that Eddie and Raven will come together but I'm quite sure about it. My guess is that they will. I loved this episode and I like the idea. Eddie and Raven together. Wow! Best Season 4 episode and this is a very well thought out and well written episode. This was a very very very special episode and is a Series classic. This will be the best episode ever on my list.
  • A wonderful episode....

    First raven wants to throw a party to celbrate her new room but then she has a vision of her not having any fun at the party. So, chelsea comes over the next day and tells her to go on a school dating website. The next day, when she meets her perfect match she finds out that it is eddie! So, then she has a vision of them married and misrable, so she breaks up with eddie. But, at the party she has a vision of them succssessful so she askes eddie to dance. Then, when everyone left eddie left but came back in and kissed raven! Then, he said he didnt fell anything and raven is dissapointed until she hears him say im bead outside then she walks away haappppy! Go to and search thats so raven to watch this episode! Its in 3 parts.
  • Eddie and Raven Kiss! Didn't see that coming...

    This was one of my all-time favorite episodes. I never really thought of Eddie and Raven together. It was very nerve racking. I was still thinking, What about devon? I mean I know they moved, but in his last appearance, I didn't think they broke up. I was a little mad that they didn't say if the were together or not. I thought when they kissed, aww... How sweet. I guess everyone thought they should've been together. I Loved when Chelsea sang, Eddie and Raven sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P
    That was probably my favorite part. It was a great episode
  • I loved to watch this episode!

    I loved to watch it! it was funny when eddie and raven realized they were th pefect match it was so funny! but it was also sad when like they broke up and stuff. and when she had that vision whith all of those children it was like chaos! and the towel it was funny when chelsea said if he had the receipt! and the part with loca and stanley! that had me laughing it was funny! and when raven told chelsea thos internet dating services never work. it was a great episode! i love to watch that's so raven and this episode threw me off!
  • The episode that everyone was waiting for...

    This is the episode that everyone has waited to happen and wnats to see.
    High Point: It has to be when Eddie and Raven kiss - twice. Even thought I'm not really a Raven-Eddie fan, it's the excitement of the episode.
    Low Point: Seeing Raven standing all alone while everyone else is part of a couple. It just makes you want to hug her.
    Honorary Mention: Raven's visions of her and Eddie in the future. It was great to see how drastic the two parallels of how different their lives could be all depending on if they got together or not.
  • OMG! how could the do this i mean if they are gonna make an awesome episode like this can thay atleast keep it together.

    well the episode was so cute i started crying of joy but then they had to mess it up they know theyre is something going on ebtween raven and eddie so why are they hidding it from us i mean come on the worlds most popular couple finally get together and the had to mess it up.come on disney why couldnt raven and eddie get more action come on did you see the last vision of eddie and raven married with two kids and they are both grammy winners i mean come on peoplegive us some goods raven and eddie desrve each other. they need to re-do the episode becuase eddie and raen deserve each other
    but over all I LOVE THIS EPISODE
  • There are THREE visions in this episode, but only one of them comes true during the show, it\'s during her party, and she sees she isn\'t having fun. The other two are of her future life with Eddie since that\'s who the computer set her up with. \'Surpris

    This \'That\'s So Raven\' episode is the best I\'ve ever seen. I classified it as pivotal and it is. Raven\'s holding a party for her new room and because of her vision using the help of a \'computer program\' (fate IMO)gets set up. With Eddie. Both Raven and Orlando do a wonderful job acting in the episode - their reactions when finding out who they were set up with alone is priceless. And the two times they have to kiss are done very well.
    Normally in a TSR episode there\'s one or two sensational moments reminding you why you watch this show. This episode however - there was one in virtually every scene, and in one of the better scenes entire conversations you just want to re-watch the whole thing because it was THAT GOOD. The hardcore Raven and Eddie shippers might be a little disappointed with the not so clear ending. And people who like Corey or Victor storylines would be disappointed of how little there is of them in this episode. But Annelise shows up enough that it would be impossible to be disappointed as she did an excellent job acting too.
    If there was a word that encompassed all of the adjectives people use to describe something good I would use it to praise this episode. It was magnificent - and the only reason it got a 9.9 instead of a 10.0 is because I\'m one of the hard-core Raven Eddie shippers and I\'m bewildered by the ending.
  • I am so happy that it happened! I've been waiting for them to make an episode like this since the show started! It's about when Raven is looking for a date and Chgelsea tells her about this online school dating website. She find her perfect match. Her per

    I'm super dee duper happy that they made an episode like this, I have been waiting for this to happen since the show started!!! I actually was a little upset in the beginning when I didn't see any sparks happening between Raven and Eddie, so I finally accepted that they're just friends and nothing will ever happen between them, until I read the description for this episode. Then I bursted with excitment! It was about time! I was so eager to watch it. And I found a site where you could watch it, it's separated into 3 parts, and it'll replay some scenes, but you pretty much get to see the whole episode. Here's the link.

    Scroll down until you find something that says "WHEN 6021 MET 4267 (PART 1)", "WHEN 6021 MET 4267 (PART 2)", and WHEN 6021 MET 4267 (PART 3). Enjoy!
  • Eddie and raven both take a date test and end up being the perfect match. There is definetly something going on. you need to watch this to see. It is the best episode ever so far.

    This is a very good episode of that's so raven.

    the numbers used in this episode title is the number
    that raven and eddie use on the school date match site.
    Raven and eddie are a perfect match and they start to go out.
    Then they say there is no chemistry between them.
    But at the end there's a surprise and after this surprise they said there was no magic but as eddie left they smiled.

    There is definetly something going on.

    you need to watch this to see.

    It is the best episode ever so far.
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