That's So Raven

Season 4 Episode 22

Where There's Smoke

Aired Daily 12:00 AM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Where There's Smoke
While Victor's away, Raven is in charge of Cory. When she finds a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, she thinks he's taken up smoking. Meanwhile, Eddie and Chelsea cook a casserole.

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  • what i think

    i think thats so raven deserves a 10
  • didn't have a nice ring

    Raven thinks Cory is smoking when she finds cigarettes. What is an older sister to do?

    I didn't think this should have been the finale of the show. I was never a fan of this show {well I was, but not a big fan}, but I thought the finale should have a more finale-type premise, not a "Special Episode" about smoking. Maybe Raven's visions becoming known to the world or something, but not something about smoking, I did not think that was a good way to end it. My overall grade for this episode is about a D- or somoreless
  • Raven find out that Cory may be smoking when it was Cindy who is smoking and Raven wants Chelsea and Eddie to watch her father's cassorole.

    Amazing! I was surprised to find out that this episode is the series finale. In Malaysia,I watched the episode 'the way they were',I thought it was the final episode, but it wasn't. Anyway,about the episode, Raven's father is at a convention and Raven has to do many chores and Cory is not doing his chores like cleaning his room,doing the laundry,and picked up fresh milk? Cindy then comes to visit Cory and Cory finds out that his sweet Cindy is smoking because her friends do it! Raven then finds the cigarette in Cory's shirt and Raven calls all his friends to tell him not to smoke and Cindy admits to be smoking instead in the end. The Juicer then juices the cigarette pack in the end!He really can juice anything! Also,Raven asked Chelsea and Eddie to watch Mr.Baxter's cassorole and Chelsea and Eddie keep eating it and baking more! In the end,the Juicer eats the last cassorole. Very good episode!moreless
  • A great episode to remind people not to go on drugs.

    This episode is about Cory being shocked when he finds out that Cindy is up to smoking, so he takes the cigarette pack she has and puts it in his shirt pocket. When Raven finds the box, she thinks Cory is up to smoking and tries to convince him to stop, as Cory says he hasn't been doing anything. I think this is a great example to kids not to take drugs when they are old enough too by law, but the Juicer's cameo should've been left out. Him juicing the cigarette box was so disgusting! But is true that it's better on the floor than in your lungs, great episode.

    FINAL GRADE: A-moreless
  • An okay episode

    This episode sees Raven dealing with young people and smoking and I think it does send out the right message about smoking, which is good seeing as it comes from well known characters we love. The stroy was good and I liked the way that Cory;s old crush Sindy was bought back. I did not like the character of 'the juicer', he just annoyed me and ive never liked him, I find that the whole idea of 'juicing' a person is just very very far fetched, and not forgetting to mention freaky! This episode was aired as one of the last episodes of Thats So Raven, and i find that for that, it is not as good as it could have been.moreless

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