That's Tough

Wednesday 8:30 PM on G4 Premiered Oct 20, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • A show that counts down the "toughest" of a particular topic for that episode sharply marred by the irritating narration.

    I was somewhat intrigued by this show despite the overt macho meathead advertising (although, Kevin Pereira can never be mistaken for macho). Unfortunately, the show is greatly hampered by the gratingly annoying narration. I think it's the same guy from the SpikeTV "Manswers" series. Although the overt "dude" speak is somewhat toned down for this series, it nevertheless sounds like a surfer/stoner/drunk frat boy tool. I wish G4 (and SpikeTV for that matter) would realized that maybe their audience members have some intelligence, and are not predominantly testosterone-fuelled idiots (alas, the latter is probably closer to the truth). The first episode counted down the "toughest" prisons, little people, and armored vehicles. Even though the show offers some information regarding each topic, it never goes into any great depth for any of them. It offers just enough information to hold the limited attention span of the aformentioned testosterone-fuelled idiots. If you want a show that provides any sort of substance and facts then you may want to look to the likes of History or National Geographic channel. If you want a show that will give you just enough info to allow you to "school" your friends on the toughest athletic supporters and then call them "n00bs" for not knowing, then this may be just the show for you.