The 100 Scariest Movie Moments

Bravo Premiered Oct 26, 2004 Special


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  • Great miniseries for both casual and die-hard horror fans!

    OK, so any time someone compiles a supposedly definitive "best of" list concerning ANY topic, there will always be some who take issue with the selections. Now take a list dedicated to that most sacred (to those who live it and breathe it) of genres, horror, and you're bound to have something equivalent to an internet riot! The fact that said angry uprising never occurred speaks to how well Bravo's "100 Scariest Movie Moments" truly represents the best and scariest horror films. True, there were some rumblings from some who were not satisfied with the results and nearly anyone who would consider themselves a fan of the genre has at least some differing opinions on how the list should look, but after all is said and done, Bravo's list is pretty accurate. Yes, if you watch a lot of horror films there is bound to be a few that you notice are missing. But, it's also nice to see a movie like "Audition", which never got the credit it deserved, finally get some mainstream attention. And as "100 Scariest" was released in 2004, it's obviously missing all the great fright flicks released since. Bravo has put out a few more shorter series to cover some of these new releases, but eventually I would like to see them do a revised list to include the newbies. I mean any "Scariest Movie" list that doesn't have "[REC]" somewhere near the top surely must be revised!

    All in all Bravo delivers a great show with a lot of insight from such horror gods as Tom Savini, George Romero & Rob Zombie (What?!? "Jaws" scared the crap out of THE Rob Zombie!?!) and plenty to discuss, dissect and argue about. A+!