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The 100 has recently been regarded as one of the best shows that’s currently on television by critics and fans alike. As a 100 fan, it’s encouraging and great to hear when new viewers decide to check it out and become instant fans of the show. Although there are some factors that deter people from trying it (like the fact that it’s on The CW and that the first episodes were fairly mediocre), the following 10 reasons would hopefully encourage people to give it a chance or to stick it out for some who gave up on it early on.

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead!

1 - It Has an Interesting Premise

The first thing that piqued my curiosity about the show was its premise when it was first introduced during pilot season. The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse had ravaged Earth leaving no apparent survivors. Fortunately, some people had managed to escape the destruction by seeking refuge on a space station called the Ark. 97 years later, the Ark sends down 100 juvenile delinquents to see whether Earth was survivable for the rest of the Ark’s inhabitants. As a fan of sci-fi dystopian stories, it’s no surprise that this show was interesting to me. Likewise, the premise sounds like something that would draw in fans of this genre.

2 - Its Portrayal of Strong and Powerful Female Characters

Clarke, Raven, Lexa, Octavia and Abby are The 100’s staple of strong female characters with some of them holding ultimate positions of power. Although the show portrays them as kickass women, it’s also not afraid to show their vulnerable moments that demonstrates to us how human they are despite their appearances of power. For example, Clarke’s breakdown in front of her mother after Finn’s death was heartbreaking as viewers don’t often see her reflect on how much she’s had to go through from the second that she first stepped on Earth.

3 - The Acting
The cast continues to impress acting-wise. Initially, I was a little skeptical of some of the acting of the younger characters given that I wasn’t familiar with any of their previous work aside from Eliza Taylor (Clarke) and Bob Morley (Bellamy) both from Aussie soap Neighbours. However, as episodes went by, I was pleasantly surprised by the demonstration of the depth of their characters. But if that’s not enough, then the portrayers of the adult characters such as Paige Turco (Abby), Isaiah Washington (Jaha) and Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick (Kane) should reassure you with their consistent and solid performances.

4 - The Evolution of its Characters

Every character has managed to go through some growth for better or for worse and the great writing has ensured that the character development feels natural. Even though Kane and Bellamy started off as selfish and antagonistic characters, by the end of the 1st season, they were heroic in their actions on Earth and the Ark. Clarke and Finn began as upstanding characters but each ended up committing atrocities in the name of war. Additionally, Octavia began as a free-spirited girl who transformed into a hardened warrior and Jasper was the show’s source of comic relief who turned into a broken person still reeling from Maya’s death. Even Murphy became a likable character considering how insufferable he was in the 1st season which really speaks of the strength of the writing.

5 - Its Expansive Mythology

One of the great things about this show is how its world keeps expanding. The 100 in its first season was fairly limited in perspective since it only showed us the occurrences of the 100 on the ground and the Arkers in space. The introduction of the Grounders early on hinted at the dangerous world that the 100 found themselves inhabiting. Season 2 continued to build on the Grounder and Reaper mythology in addition to the official introduction of the Mountain Men. Season 3 so far continues to expand the Grounder culture by focusing on the Ice Nation and introduces viewers to the City of Light.

6 - The Historical Influences

Any history buffs out there would appreciate the historical influences that certain events on the show evoke. Season 2’s massacre on the Grounder village is reminiscent of the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War. Additionally, the scientific experiments unwillingly conducted on the 47 Arkers and the captured Grounders inside Mount Weather is eerily similar to how prisoners were treated in concentration camps by the Germans during World War II. The nods to various historic events does lend the show a sense of authenticity and a certain weight to the characters’ circumstances.

7 - The SHIPS!!!

Of course Bellarke, Clexa and Linctavia are the most well-known ships of the show if you happen to visit Tumblr. However, there are other platonic and familial relationships that are equally interesting that don’t get enough acknowledgement. Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship is unique since they’re the only pair of siblings among the Arkers, affording them a dynamic that’s different from any other relationship on the show. Monty and Jasper’s deep friendship is currently fractured due to recent circumstances and Abby and Clarke’s mother/daughter relationship is rife with past betrayals and the parallels between their leadership styles. Although the romantic ships are a fun added bonus of the show (Bellarke FTW!!!), the other relationships makes up so much of who the characters are and are equally important to the show.

8 - It’s Morally Complex
“Maybe there are no good guys” – Abby
The above quote in relation to the morality of each character could not be more accurate. Just as there are no good guys, there are also no bad guys. There’s no clean cut villain or hero since the characters are multifaceted (perhaps with qualities of both villains and heroes). The show operates in shades of grey as every character has reasons for their actions that viewers may or may not agree with which makes the show all the more compelling.

9 - Trigedaslang
In maintaining a sense of authenticity in regards to the Grounder culture, a whole new language was invented thanks to David J. Petersen (also credited with creating the languages of Dothraki and Valyrian for Game of Thrones). Called Trigedaslang, it was introduced in Season 2 and cements the multilayered nature of the Grounder culture. Plus, it’s fun to learn a new language (even if it’s made-up)!

10 - The Scenery

The 100
is filmed in Vancouver and that provides the show with some stunning scenery shots. Although most scenes feature the woods prominently, shots of lakes and mountains occasionally appear that really grounds the post-apocalyptic nature of the show.

If you managed to make it to the end of this longass article, then congratulations! I hope that I’ve done my duty successfully in getting others to give this underrated show a chance. May we meet again.
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