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The grounders must have antibiotics and antivirals. Otherwise using biological weapons would be really stupid. Imagine unleashing hemorrhagic fever on your enemy and not having a cure? That is the problem with biological weapons. You need advanced medical knowledge to use them correctly other wise you end up infecting your forces along with the Enemy...

So, I want to know how the grounders plan to use biological weapons without being victims of it. In the middle ages they used to attempt use infected corpses with plagues (and so on). The problem with it was they often infected themselves handling the corpses. Why? Because they didn't understand how or why diseases were transmitted. Now, in the Grounders case even if they understand the transmission of disease they are powerless to effects of them without: anti-viral or antibiotics. If I were the grounders I would stay away form diseases. But let's see how the writers play this one out.

But we can solve it all... With one simple addition...

Hot Nazis in Tanks! See it works in Japan, so why not in America?
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