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Hemorrhagic Fever—That’s On My Bucket List. (or it could be my bucket…)

Just when you thought that the science couldn’t get any worse on the CW’s The 100 it does.Sure Hemorrhagic Fever includes such lovely virus strains as:Ebola (remember that one from Outbreak), Rift Valley Fever, and Marburg Virus.Now, there is one strain of the VHF that isn’t usually deadly if properly treated commonly known in Finland as the “Vole Virus” which is one of the few curable ones—the odds of getting VHF and surviving is well not good.This is especially true, if you don’t have modern medicine to combat the virus.However, IN CW LAND WHO NEEDS VACINES, ANTIVIRALS, ANTIBIOTICS OR ANYTHING ELSE?They’ve got Intern Clarke and well she’s just way too good at this whole doctor thing! I’m sure those 14 dead red-shirtesque characters would never happen on such a dark and gritty show as this one! Nope—never!

(Mom Always Warned Me About Being In Star Trek Wearing Red?)

I really hope my agent gets me a better job next time on this series—perhaps, I could even say something before I die? My parents would be so proud if I actually said a line or two before dying! They might even be proud enough of me to claim me as their own son next time…I feel for all those people who died in this week’s episode it was so said. I’m sure that if the writers cared we might have actually even felt something about these deaths. In fact when did 14 die? I saw one or two at most and then we saw ten more graves! I have to say “who, when and where”?You know almost all of the five W’s of good journalism are just totally lost in this episode. We know why: the Grounders Hate The Kids…we know how:Biological Warfare….But, who are these 14 dead kids?When did all of these kids die during this episode? And finally where did they die? I mean one minute we see a kid puking up blood in the drop ship, and the next thing you know, we see 2 corpses outside on the ground dead—finally we see fourteen graves!It was like Star Trek just minus Bones telling us the obvious:

So much for the grittiness of this series!All the key plays get sick—and not one of them dies.Not Raven, Not Bellamy, Not Murphy, Not Finn, Not, Clarke, Not Octavia (who’s magically immune).
Lincoln is over and Jasper might be in?

(I'm sure this is a big hit back on the Ark...)

So, sadly it will seem that Octavia will not be having a little Grounder/Space Human offspring any time soon…I’m sad about this. I thought a baby would be the best way to end the WAR between Grounders and Spacers (I’m going to call the kids from now on Spacers)….It worked in Feudal Europe for centuries? You know Octavia could have been the literal reproductive bridge between Spacers and Grounders! Her offspring with Lincoln could have ruled the forest of short toads with an iron fist to play around with a bit of Frank Zappa’s imagery!Not to mention Lincoln and Octavia would have made some good-looking kids—think about how a tribe of super models could be? Think of how good the HUMAN RACE WILL LOOK! It will be a great time for humanity…10,000 BC has nothing on this one…. Camilla Belle I’m looking at you.

( Octavia-- this is your future!!!)

( Now, I've Got Dibbs On The Sassy Brunette... That One Makes The Love Arrow Point North If You Know What I mean... Oh... Baby!)

So, I’m a little confused are Lincoln’s clan (why they calling themselves clans is odd too) the Mountain Men or are they some other clan?It wasn’t clear because all he said was my people think I’m a traitor and next thing you know he is talking about the Mountain Men are coming… He never specifically said that his clan is known as the Mountain Men—I thought perhaps the Mountain Men were just another group of survivors that the Spacers managed to piss off. Personally, all I could think of is a bunch of backwoods Appalachians with shotguns running round the woods swearing yelling “I Seen It Boo, I Seen It… It was a non-mutant girl!”You know a cross between the Clampets and the History Channel’s Swamp People.

Sure Everyone Laughed With Jeb Clampet-- but I think it is more like Deliverance.

(Never Trust A Banjo Playing Mutant!)

I so wanted to hear a little banjo playing…and pig squealing.Hill FOLK SCARE ME TO THIS DAY THANKS TO DELIVERANCE!I never go into West Virginia or Western Kentucky (I have a brother that lives in Kentucky and I did my undergrad work in the Commonwealth but that is another story.).

A Bridge Too Far Perhaps?

(Wilhelm Bittrich's 2nd SS Panzer stationed in Arnhem, NL. Tough Luck Ah Monty?)

I respected the fact that Bellamy was smart enough to realize that he had to kill the grounders on the bridge.In fact if I knew that the bridge was the key link, between the enemy and territory I would blow that bridge SKY HIGH!However, I would set up an ambush on the bridge. I would draw those grounders into the bridge (a bottle neck) and then unload on them with a cross fire…Finally, I would ignite the bomb to drive home the point that I’m not fooling around.Massive causalities on the Grounders side and I would make sure they get the point that war with the Spacers means DEATH!
The Bridge Bomb…Bombs work best when they planted on structure in a way that does maximum damage. So, sorry Raven the bridge would probably survive your little bomb placed on the surface of the roadway.It might make a small creator in it. However, if you want to blow the bridge you need to put the explosive near a supporting structural member.

(Red Necks And Explosives-- Oh Yeah...)

Also, modern smokeless powders are nitrocellulose-based compounds with various other nitroglycerin and nitroguanidine components added to increase the pressure and control the burn rates of powders depending on usage.Of course you add stabilizers and other elements to the gunpowder to make it less sensitive to shock and other things.That is why modern gunpowder is not like guncotton (the basic nitrocellulose base for all smokeless powders) that is highly sensitive to shock, temperature, and deteriorates rapidly with time in storage.What I am getting at is this: if the gunpowder’s stabilizing agents have depleted to the point that the powder is now shock sensitive—than it would probably also experience the phenomena of auto-ignition. So, there really wouldn’t be any good way to handle this powder.It would be way too dangerous to handle in a reloading press. It would be impossible to store ammo since it might go off just sitting in the ammo can on the shelf.You wouldn’t want to put next to Hydrazine since it might auto-ignite from even just the slightest amount of static electricity.And that would put an end to your plans rather quickly.

So, here is my question—why didn’t Raven the mechanical genius construct an easier bomb???Hydrazine plus electrical spark equals big BOOM!Yes, that is right use one of the batteries she using to power the radio to send an electrical impulse to the bomb and boom!That drop ship would have literally hundreds of feet of cooper wire in it they could use for this purpose.Sure it is not as dramatic and Jasper learning how to use the force and shoot the proton torpedoes down the two-meter ventilation shaft. But, hey wouldn’t a real ambush and big boom that kills hundreds of Grounder Scum been even more satisfying.I think so.

What would Fix This series?

That’s right HOT BLONDES IN TANKS WEARING SS PANZER UNIFORMS! (Bittrich's corpse would even get a little hot and bothered if Eliza Taylor were in a Tiger I wearing a uniform that looked like a cross between a Catholic School Girl and A SS Panzer Commander! The Japanese are proving this theory right all the time. )

(Charlotte Says Back Off Bitch-- This Ain't No High School Musical-- This Is Bob Fosse Meets Joseph Goebbels Doing Cabaret. So Back Off Little Girl You Ain't Got The Chops For This Nazis Cabaret!)

It worked in the Night Porter for Charlotte Rampling!I really do love that film actually.

The show still sucks...

Ah Mozart!

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There are dozens of hemorrhagic Fevers out there and the ones you named are so famous because of their lethality while the others are very severe but not so known because they are not so lethal.

E.g. the Lassa virus is cited with 300 000 to 500 000 infections and 5000 fatalities a year in West African countries so around 1% lethalities in countries with really crappy healthcare systems. That's still a lot but would mean 1 guy out of the 100 should die from it. There is also no vaccine against it and since it's a virus anti biotics don't work against it and anti virals only exist for a small set of viruses and work _only_ for the stuff they are designed for.

That said the level of symptoms does support your complaint though the fact that the Grounders use it specifically as a bioweapon seems to indicate they use this agent because it is so ghastly and bloody but doesn't kill a lot of people because they do not precisely have any advanced medicines or NBC suits themselves either, thus incapacitating an enemy is preferrable should their own people catch this stuff during or after battle.

As for the hydrazine: Since we see generation space stations we can assume it's magic hydrazine because otherwise a paint bucket of it wouldn't create a mushroom cloud.

Your only point seems to be the handling of gunpowder because that's the only thing which is firmly based on existing science, the other stuff necessitates future developments since we don't have such space stations or drop ships or specific virus type that you can use as a bioweapon without advanced equipment.

Said it before and I'll say it again, people who know about science should never, EVER watch science fiction. And if they do, they sure as fuck shouldn't REVIEW it! I know jack about actual science but I will accept any stupid plot contrivance placed in front of me as long as it makes for good TV. Actually, I just had to finish an astronomy lab I had neglected to take years ago so I can graduate (because I'm a Communication major so, clearly I'll be needing astronomy for that) so at this point I kind of HATE actual science. Actual science makes me want to watch one of the old 1950's Starman movies where guys fall off platforms in deep space, or the American dubbed King Kong Vs. Godzilla, to see the part where they explain how dinosaurs and giant apes were natural enemies.
And if I did want real science in my fiction, I certainly wouldn't look for it in a CW show. You don't look for scientific accuracy in a CW show, you look for boobies! So my advice to the 100? LESS SCIENCE! MORE BOOBIES!
Is there some law of the universe that I'm unaware of that states: "if one has pretty faces and well developed mammalian features on the female leads of a series, than actually better science in the story is totally incapable of being had? " Is it like the laws of planetary motion that Kepler developed in the 1600's? Because I might be crazy enough to believe in the idea that both well developed science and attractive people can coexist in the same fictional universe?

My advice to you with communication's degree-- learn more cognitive science. Science and Math are the Universe.
In the great words of Ivan Stang from the Church of the Subgenius: "SCIENCE DOES NOT REMOVE THE TERROR OF THE GODS!" -and yes I realize that is just a satire on insane fake religions like scientology -but it also has some really great quotes! And to me, it always means that if science can't disprove god, or at least explain what happens after we die in a definitive way, it is inherently questionable. (and I am not even religious-even though I was raised Catholic, but not practicing-But any religion makes more sense to me that there being no explanation at all.) I think Math is just agreed upon, and arbitrary. Sure, we all agree upon 2+2 =4, but what if one day we all decided 2=438? See, it's all arbitrary, and based on the whims of whoever gets to decide what means what. then again, so is writing. So is the universe.
I'm glad that some people understand science and math-if they didn't, we wouldn't have any technology. But does EVERYONE have to understand or care about it? I know a lot about Hanna Barbera cartoons. Does that mean I think everyone else should? No!! It won't help them. Just as astrology isn't essential if I should get a job as an HR guy. I could use it in my work as a cartoonist. I remember reading a lot of Superman comics from the 50's that used actual facts, and it was kind of cool how they taught kids stuff! But to me? Half the fun of writing and cartooning is just making up the shit yourself. Of course you get people complaining about the accuracy, but you can always say, "yes, in the real universe things work that way...in MINE on the other hand..."

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The symbols used in Math are arbitrary-- however, logic beyond math is not arbitrary at all. Peano's axioms, Euclidean Geometry, Non-Euclidean Geometry and so on will have the same axiomatic truths no matter what symbols are used because the concepts in them are universal.

Science Kills Gods every time it peels back a layer of ignorance. When Sun became a nuclear furnace instead deity Science killed a God. When science proved that bacteria and viruses were living organisms that attacked our bodies instead of evil spirits or retribution for sin by a vengeful God-- Science removed another domain of the divine and put it within the conceptual grasp of humanity. This is why it is important for all people respect science and math because they open the wider complexities of the Universe to all humanity.

To do as you say make Science and Math the domain of a few-- it is nothing less than elitist. It will only breed contempt and disdain by those with knowledge of Science and Math on those who do not and lead to system of intellectual subjugation. Instead we should open science and math up to everyone and show people that even you don't understand Quantum Mechanics completely you can learn enough about it be amazed by what Science and Math can accomplish. Then you can instill an appreciation of these subjects in the next generation. And it is not just Science and Math-- we need to show Americans that Learning is noble life long pursuit that doesn't end at any arbitrary point in our lives. Only death should end learning.
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I guess you are condemning yourself to a life of ignorance... that is sad, but if you do it please do the world a favor--don't procreate... It would be great to isolate your defective genes and leave them out of the next generation!
There are two types of people in the world. Right brained people, and left brain people.
Right Brained people are right, left brained people are wrong.
lol. you're funny, and thank you for listing all of the scientific inaccuracies. I still like the show, but I feel more informed knowing the specific scientific muck-ups. By the way, the 14 or 15 graves was how many kids have been killed since the beginning I think. The fog-eaten kids, the ones who got impaled in the forest, etc.
I don't know about those kids.... I thought the total lost was more like 20-22 at this point myself...

Jasper and Octavia are up all night to get lucky?
As you know, Octavia's no low-hanging fruit. He has to work for that.
He should try kidnapping her-- that seems to do the trick every time.
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