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Tuesday 9:00 PM on The CW (Returning April 24, 2018)
The CW's schedule is simple because there are ten spots for shows. All shows are an hour long, and can be on any day Monday-Friday at either 8:00 or 9:00. Which of the ten spots will The 100 end up in? I'm going to discuss the possibilities.

Monday Nights

There are no new shows on Monday this year on The CW, but Hart of Dixie or Beauty and the Beast could do badly and either be pulled or moved to Fridays after America's Next Top Model ends.

Tuesday at 8:00

Yes, The Originals is a spin-off of a very popular CW show, but spin-offs don't always do well. The Originals could end up getting canceled and replaced by The 100.

Wednesday at 9:00

Will The Tomorrow People do well or not? No one knows. But, if it doesn't do well, The CW might want to replace a more sci-fi show with a sci-fi show.

Thursday at 9:00

Reign's chances aren't very good. A period-piece set in 1557 in France on a young-adult network? It will be very lucky to survive! The 100 could easily end up here!

Friday Nights

The 100 has a chance of ending up at either 8:00 or 9:00 on Friday. The Carrie Diaries could very easily fail. Its renewal was considered a major surprise by TV by the Numbers, who predicts renewals and cancelations. America's Next Top Model ends in November, so another show could end up here later on. Friday nights are likely to be very different in April/May than they were in October/November.


There is always the possibility that The 100 will not find a spot on the schedule until after May. The likelihood isn't very high, but there is always a possibility.


Another possibility where the likelihood isn't very high, but it is possible. The 100 may not find a spot in the regular season and The CW may decide they do not want to air the show in the summer.

A Spot I Have Not Named

It isn't very likely, but The CW for some reason could want to move one of Supernatural, Arrow, or The Vampire Diaries, with The 100 filling the open spot left behind.

I think that The 100 will end up airing Thursdays at 9:00.

Where do you think that The 100 will end up airing?
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Aug 23, 2013
Replacing Reign or The Tomorrow People is the most likely possibility IMO.
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