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We all know the CW is famous for its good-looking teens running a muck in trendy geographically relevant locations (some fictional and some not). We all know this fact is as irreducibly self-evident as the fact that a closed system will never be complete and logically-consistent (thanks to Kurt Godel). It is just another one of those epistemological mysteries we must all contend with. However, this being true, we must also accept another unconditionally a priori ( purely through analytic means) that a CW series will have Teenage Romance! It is like knowing the meaning of the word Teenage Romance is synonymous with The CW (Suck IT QUINE! That is what I believe the television producers would say to Quine in response to his objections to Synonymy!).

So, as I was watching Star-Crossed on one of my computer's monitors the morning and with my hands down my pants watching Madison Ivy on the Screen-- in moment of post self-coital bliss, it dawned on me that Star-Crossed and The 100 were in fact basically synonymous shows! And I know you're saying why would anyone listen to a nut-job like this author? And the answer is no reason at all. But bare with me and I will take you down the rabbit-hole that I myself went down recently without the aid of Madison Ivy's beauty [sure it would benefit demonstration I bet, but alas it would as be in poor taste... So you can use the fabulous search function of any search and engine to partake in her beauty. ] !

The Rabbit Hole looks something like this:

  • Beautiful Teenagers Of Human And Alien Origins Populating A Dystopian Future:In one the future is a small town in the year 2014 that looks a lot like the 1880's Indian Wars in America's West complete with Indian Reservations. Or South African Apartheid from mid-1930's to 1993 (which replaced an earlier system of segregation instituted under the British and Dutch Colonial Laws.) The other is set a 150 years in the future so roughly 2164 in the midst of the re-colonization of Earth after a Nuclear War. The vanguard of this process being a bunch of expendable teenagers! This future looks like a lot like the Soviet Union-- a small intelligentsia class that has greater access to resources of the limited system. This is contrast to the vast majority in the system the scrap by with limited resources and few possibilities for upward mobility. Notice the same themes basically going on in one society we have a bunch of teenaged aliens fighting apartheid i.e. the MAN and finding love with humans; while, the other is all about fighting the MAN and finding love in Nottingham Forrest.
  • Romance-- The Kind You Clean Up With A Mop And Bucket: Let's be honest both shows think that romance is just an euphemism for teenagers to get busy with each other!
  • Bad Boys Are Fun And They Still Get The Hottest Girls: Genghis Khan or Attila The Hun aka the Scourge of God would feel right at home in either of these series. In Star-Crossed the honor of the hottest Human girl is the wanna be throwback from 1964 Miss Louisiana Julia (every time I see her on screen I want to say P.I.G PIG... Animal House) shacking up with the Conflicted Warrior Drake. In The 100 it is Clarke and Bellamy (sure she is shacking up with Finn now) but we all know that Bellamy will be tapping that soon! Why because he has the bad-boy mojo and he needs a hug. Like Drake who didn't have a mommy and oddly neither did Bellamy... All of them need a hug and a little lovin' and sure they might be psychopaths or sociopaths but don't they need love too? Of the two I think Drake is more interesting only because at least he is a real warrior and not a night janitor with a Hitler Complex.
  • Adults Are The Enemy: In Star-Crossed the Adults run the specist Red-Hawks, anti-human trags, and of course the entire Anti-Alien Movement in America that has put them into little tiny boxes in the swamps! In The 100-- well the adults represent the power of the Space Stations literally dolling out life and death on all... Even Children under the age of Majority by abandoning them with nothing on a planet like lab rats at a cosmetic factory. Not to mention the adults seem to also enforce a strict class based society that ultimately will turn the children of the lower classes into serfs while the upper class children go on to grow up and perpetuate the system.
  • Nerds: That is to say both shows have the kids that good with technology and after all what is a high school drama without the kids in the AV, Chess, and Science Clubs right? And yes in both shows they get little respect from the cool kids unless they need help.
  • Science: We don't need no stinkin' Science! Neither show gives a damn about Science. No surprises their really.
  • Bad Music: Well the over use of bad pop music is another one of those Synonymous features that all CW has to have. Gotta make up the cash flow
  • Black Characters: Sure both shows have black characters! But really do they do anything? Not much. They sort of pop up when they are necessary? Which is basically when they feel like oh wow let's add a little color to our otherwise vanilla proceedings. Notice how it is odd that back in the day before The WB and UPN merged to form the CW... The WB had a ton of shows for hip-urban families starring people of African-American ethnic origins? Then what happened the late 1990's rolled around the WB started to transform into a showcase for series about White Middle Class Suburban Families with good wholesome White Values. And that transformation then turned into White Upper Middle Class Self Indulgent Punks... and today we get the best of this genealogy-- White/Aliens (who are mostly white) that are over indulgent and annoying! See no room really for people of African-American Ethnic Origins on these shows! It just feels too crowded right?
  • Poor Writing: We all know it...
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