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We are about halfway through the first season of The 100, and a lot has happened so far, and it's been great! So far, over 330 people have died, and that's only in 7 episodes! And the episodes have been both action-filled and emotion-filled. And, because it 's on the CW, love-filled with the occasional sex. Now some of the relationships I just don't care about (that whole love triangle) while some I think are so cute (Jactavia. Is that the official Jasper + Octavia name?). The best part of the show though is its deaths.

Three deaths stand out from the rest (counting the 320+ killed on the Ark as one death because they all died in the same event). The first was Wells' death. At first you don't really like him as much because he got Clarke's father killed. But, then you find out that he actually took the blame so Clarke wouldn't hate her mother. Wells is amazing. Then immediately after that, he is killed. Next, it's Charlotte's suicide, which tops her murder of Wells. When her and Bellamy arrived at that cliff, I knew that someone would go off it, and most likely Charlotte. Charlotte is a murderer, but she is not evil. The third even tops Charlotte's suicide, when 320+ brave people on the Ark sacrificed their lives for the others. I actually cried during that, it was so indescribable and amazing.

The adult actors on this show are so good. Abby is my favorite character, but Jaha and Kane are also really good, especially in the most recent episode. On the ground, Bellamy, Octavia, and now Raven stand out. Clarke and Jasper are also good, and so was Wells. Monty we really don't get to see enough of to judge, but he's been good in what we have seen. Finn is the one character I really don't care for. Like at all. He's boring and uninteresting. I feel he's only there for romantic and attractiveness purposes.

Most of the episodes of this show have been really good. The main exception to that though is episode six. Honestly my favorite parts of that were Bellamy's flashbacks. Episode seven was up and down, but overall I'd say it was good, and episode two didn't stand out in any way. The best episodes are four, due to Charlotte, and five, due to the death of the 320+ on the Ark. I'm very excited for the rest of this season.

Also, one more thing, on the location of The 100. In this last episode, there was a hurricane, which means, obviously, that they are somewhere where there are hurricanes. There was a brief glimpse at a map when connection was getting difficult between the Ark and the 100, and they said that the storm was right above them. On that map, the hurricane sat on top of Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, etc. There are people that survived, which make Florida and Cuba both very unlikely locations. This makes me think that they may be in the Bahamas. Also, this is supported by the fact that the grounder we have met is black, and 90% of the population in the Bahamas is black, and that they speak English in the Bahamas. In the first episode, they were trying to get to Mount Weather. The highest point in the Bahamas is Mount Alvernia on Cat Island. While this mountain isn't very high (it isn't even really tall enough to be considered a mountain), we haven't really seen if Mount Weather is that high either. So, my guess is that the 100 are on Cat Island in the Bahamas.

Now that I'm done nerding out, I am looking forward to the remaining six episodes of this season, and to future seasons (renewal is very likely for The 100). I hope that a lot of people continue to die, and that the people on the Ark continue to be awesome.

What are your thoughts so far on The 100's first season?
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