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Okay guys before we get started - why do a photo recap of a 4 minute trailer that summarizes the pilot episode of a new show? Mostly because this trailer has everything, looks great, I had a few quick comments off the top of my head, and I am absolutely looking forward to the plethora of storylines this show could explore. So let's get started. The absolute first necessity any new show needs to get off the ground is a great lead and guess what the 100 and CW, the trailer makes me think you got one in Eliza Taylor.

The trailer begins with a voiceover by our leading lady Clarke filling us in on the backstory to our new favorite show. 97 years ago (from present storyline) there was a nuclear war leading to the destruction of Earth or at least making it unlivable for humans. Apparently twelve space stations were in orbit at the time.

Twelve seems pretty optimistic considering the current lack of interest in space exploration (besides Mars *yawn*). I don't know which department is responsible for this imagery, but this is EPIC - nicely done. Anyway back to the story - the twelve stations came together to form one massive station: The Ark. Three generations have lived on the station and naturally there have been some troublemakers among them including our heroine.

I am eagerly anticipating the backstory to the reason behind Clarke's immediate freak out about leaving her cell before her sentence was over?, because boy was she not happy. Space prison looks visually pretty cool - but probably not the greatest vacation spot on the Ark. However, we do need to talk about the quality of the prison guards.

Before Clarke could continue her escape (or suffer the wrath of the guards) her mother (Paige Turco - yeah!) intervened. It turns out Clarke was assuming that the prisoners were going to be killed to save resources for the rest of the population on the Ark, since the Ark is dying.

The Councillors decided to send 100 of their juvenile delinquents down to Earth as guinea pigs to find out if there was hope to be had. Not sure that I would want to entrust the future of my world to a bunch of teenage troublemakers, but I'll roll with it because the expendability factor makes a lot of sense. However......

This lead to a rather unpleasant ride down to the surface for our new heroes. Despite the hectic ride our MAIN heroes survived the trip and opened the doors into their new home.

It turns out that the air was safe to breathe, which of course can only mean one thing - TIME TO PARTY!

This is followed by one of several ominous messages from Isaiah Washington about the responsibility of our new heroes.

Quick Summary (2:30 into trailer) - Humanity lives on a space station (awesome!). The space station is dying (so many tense stories that could erupt from this - check plus writers). Expendable juvenile delinquents (including our heroine) have been sent to Earth to see if it can be their salvation (plot currently at the GO square - if this was Monopoly). We have an ominous/evil?/leader? Isaiah Washington and Paige Turco as a political insider - let's see what happens next.

Conflict of course!

The Juvies (please suggest a better name for our delinquents) immediately start feeling out the pecking order in their new little world, with two sides emerging. The good guys - Clarke and Wells want to go to Mt Weather I think and do what they are supposed to. The bad guys - a brother-sister duo of Octavia and Bellamy as well as John (Richard Harmon) apparently don't want to do as they are told.

Upcoming is my first true issue with the plotline so far. Clarke's mother gave each of the Juvies a wristband that would let the Ark monitor them. These are delinquent teenagers - you can't tell them about stuff like that or make things like that visible - the first thing they are going to do is get them off. We have the technology to make an Ark and live in space, but we aren't able to make a microchip?

Apparently there are some serious political goings on occurring up on the Ark leading to a tussle between Clarke's mother and Henry Ian Cusick (hey there are a lot of really good established actors on this show - nicely done CW). Cusick's character sentences her to death.

Back on Earth our band of heroes began to explore the new Earth and again I will say that I am super impressed by whichever department produced these shots.

In our new band of heroes a quick bond is forming between our heroine Clarke and her new friend Finn.

Good news it turns out that Clarke isn't really a delinquent - she was just being imprisoned because she knew the secret that the Ark was dying. She shared this with her newfound friends, but they then forgot one important rule.

In case you were curious what else Clarke had drawn in her prison cell, here's a quick cap.


WHAT???? YES! So not only do we get the following: humanity in a space station, political maneuverings by the superteam of Henry Ian Cusick/Paige Turco/Isaiah Washington, a starter ship, brilliantly constructed radioactive Earth, rival bands of delinquents fighting for supremacy, but we also might be the radioactive native humans left behind - OH YES - The 100 cant come soon enough.

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