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Hello from the Television Critics Association summer press tour! Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, bravely stood before critics and fangirls like myself this morning to discuss all kinds of CW-y things, like how Beauty and the Beast survived the chopping block while Carrie Diaries and Star-Crossed did not, why The 100 will have a relatively short run in Season 2, and whether a Supernatural spin-off is still a possibility. Here's what he had to say:

On Beauty and the Beast's surprise renewal:

In a cruel twist of fate, the widely panned drama Beauty and the Beast was the subject of more questions than any other show, thanks to one reporter who brought it up so many times during the session that Pedowitz offered to send him the box set. As for the reason Cat and Vincent managed to escape death this season, it essentially came down to the fact that Beasties be crazy (and also money): [The show] has a very engaged fanbase," Pedowitz said. "It has a very big international following. We brought it back because... it's a very profitable show for everybody." As for what's to come in Season 3, "[Cat and Vincent are] out in public. They're a couple. They have to find a life together. [Executive producer Brad Kern] has a really good place to go in terms of their discovering cases, working together as they go forward. He is a medical doctor in the show. And you know what? He'll get his license back."

On Hart of Dixie:

The heartwarming dramedy's fourth season will run for only 10 episodes as opposed to the usual 22, and while Pedowitz didn't explain the reason for that, he did say that Season 4 won't necessarily be the end for Bluebell. The network is waiting to see how the midseason shakes out before they schedule the series. "We’re excited to see what happens," he said. 

On The CW's ratings:

Pedowitz joked that he's "just happy to have viewers," but noted he's been trying to move away from being a network just for teenage girls. "Arrow was the first step to that," he said, noting that with the addition of Whose Line Is it Anyway, the network's ratings have been skewing slightly older in recent years. But he has a firm grasp on what viewers want from his network, which is "interesting characters in serialized form" and not standard procedurals.

Speaking of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, it's renewed!

The CW has ordered a new cycle of 24 half-hour episodes to debut in 2015. 

On why The Carrie Diaries, Star-Crossed, and The Tomorrow People were canceled:

As is the case with most cancellations, it all comes down to ratings. Pedowitz said he wishes he could've given The Carrie Diaries another season, but despite performing well digitally—which is why the show was renewed for Season 2—the ratings weren't there and streaming numbers didn't make it economically feasible to renew it for Season 3. As for Star-Crossed, Pedowitz said he appreciates the fans' passion and understands that's what makes shows work, but there weren't enough of them to keep the show going forward. The Tomorrow People simply didn't generate the audience on air or online to warrant another season.

On why The 100 found success:

Pedowitz believes in the power of the midseason and credited showrunner Jason Rothenberg for the series' rise, citing the show's grittiness as the reason it found success when so many other shows did not. "He made a gritty show out of something that was maybe not unique at first, but we made unique to ourselves." He also noted that The 100 has a solid fanbase, as well as a strong digital presence. Season 2, which premieres Wednesday, October 22, will run for 16 episodes (an increase from Season 1's 13 episodes, but not a full 22-episode season) in order to keep the story tight.

On the future of Supernatural and why Supernatural: Tribes failed:

According to Pedowitz (and probably everyone with eyeballs), Supernatural: Tribes "creatively didn't get where we wanted it to go." The network is open to another spin-off, however, and waiting to hear from producers Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer regarding another story. "I would love to get a Supernatural franchise done," he said. "I think it’s a great franchise and has a lot of legs." Pedowitz also said he sees Supernatural OG continuing beyond 10 seasons.

On whether The CW is interested in doing even more shows based on comic book characters, including Wonder Woman:

Pedowitz is open to picking up another show centered on a DC Comics character. "If there's one there, we will do it," he said. "At the moment, there's no development on Wonder Woman. We do know that Wonder Woman will appear in the Justice League movie. We do not know whether or not she'll become a TV character again. If she is, and we can get the rights, we will do it."

And finally, on the potential for totally obvious crossovers:

As long as it's organic to the story, Pedowitz said there's a possibility for future crossovers between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. He also said that Arrow and The Flash will be introducing more villains from the DC universe, and that you might see characters shifting back and forth between the two shows.

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