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There is a sickness in television…It is the sickness of weakness. It is the cancer of mediocrity.The stench of festering and death permeates all that is attached to the process of television (and most commercial films and literature for that matter too). It is a most evident in the series “The 100” by Jason Rothenberg. To quote(W.)R. Wagner “From that turning-point in our social evolution where Money, with less and less disguise, was raised to the virtual patent of nobility….” While the rest of the quote goes on to spew forth-nonsensical anti-semitic drivel; the fact that Money and Art have a tangled and unholy alliance with each other is not untrue—perhaps even more so now with the ever before given the fact the ethos of commercial art’s profitability at all costs—with obviously ever increasing profit margins in the process. That is to say that while art is and always will be a commodity in a society where any thing and all things can be transformed from being valued as symbols of human existence to that of abstract commodities—the question becomes can we not feel the pull of the Siren’s call to dash art’s more noble and pure intentions on the rocks of commodity brokers islands?Or has our society so thoroughly and completely ingrained itself with the notion that only profitability is important that we’ve lost sight of the true nature of art? And thus by doing so have allowed the capitalist cancer of commoditization creep into even the most important aspects of human expression—ART itself?
The problem with Art is that it cannot exist without funding.The classic example of Art funding from antiquity to the present is that of patronage! However, while patronage created art for the beauty and majesty of the art itself—its newest rival commoditization seeks only one thing: Profit.The profit motive is all that drives the new patrons of art: the Corporation! It is art that has become an industrialized item on the same scale as any other industrial commodity. This fact is especially true for film and television. At this point in time we are trapped in vicious circular logic of “profitability and quality” being synonymous with each other. It is false.In fact in Godard’s 1967 masterpiece Le Weekend emphasized the inherent issues between the artist and his moneyed masters. Godard predicted more than 40 years ago the death of Film… And it is true film is dead, that is as an art unto itself.An art that attempts anything more majestic than universal acceptance by a population that has allowed itself to devolve into a population to weak and sickly to see the cancer that is so pervasive in nature that it strangles all the life out of its audience.That is what we have to fight, this instinct to accept anything from our corporate masters.We the members of the audience must say with a resounding Barbaric Yawp to borrow a phrase from Whitman—NO!It is our own pacific acceptance of mediocrity as an audience itself that allows shows like the CW’s The 100 to exist.

One truth must be accepted—the universal acceptance of any art form must entail mediocrity. It is an axiomatic law—it needs no proof other than the acceptance of premises that follow from it logically speaking.Like Euclidean Geometry or Peano’s Axioms we must accept this law of universality leads to mediocrity as sure as a plane is a flat infinite surface where points, lines, and so on can all be constructed.It is this need for acceptance that created the series source material—a source designed to fit a marketing niche in a crowded market of dystopian teenage pop-literature.It merely fits a need on a list on some editors’ desk of things that all publishing houses need to entice Teens ages 13-19.Not to mention it is considered great if it gets a crossover audience in the 20-25 year old demographic as well. The fact that this series is a television show now is no coincidence. It was not a function of the source materials’ greatness, but profitability, one that is based on the universal market appeal of the book. And clearly this book was written to fill a teenage romance niche and the CW seeing how it was so perfectly mated to their already weak and sickly marketing ethos leapt at the chance to have a property such as this on their schedule.And who wouldn’t “BUILT IN AUDIENCE!” It is like money in the bank already!

The sickness as Adolf Loos once lamented in his essay/manifesto Ornament and Crime (1929) outlined much of what is the problem with such a ethos:” The changing fashion in ornament results in a premature devaluation of the product of the worker's labor; his time and the materials used are wasted capital.”In the case of the CW’sThe 100the ornamentation and devaluation is the excessive use of overly attractive actresses and actors with little development of character or depth in the case of the story.The very nature of the script is written to throw about these ornaments in various states of semi-undress to distract the audience from the weak and sickly nature of the writing—the weakness of the formulaic entity we call the “teenage-soap opera”.This series is no more a science fiction series than Heart of Dixie is serious drama.No, both of these series are merely vehicles for the most basic nature of hedonism.They spurn the intellect of the audience and instead insight the hedonistic nature of all with the titillation of raw carnal pleasure unrealized. While this is fine when it is done in an honest and truthful manner for example: The Last Tango In Paris (1972); here on the CW it is nothing more footnote to create childlike drama for an audience with the mentality of children!This is why this series and its source material will be anything more than a second rate young-adult romance in Nottingham Forrest.

However,at this point I would like to get more specific as to why this episode was in fact so uproariously funny to me.( Forgive me if my tone changes at this point as well.)

1 Guns.Yes, I’ve advocated the use of more firepower in the series so far. I agree that giving Clarke a M4 Carbine was a good choice… What was funny was Drill Sargent Bellamy—how many M4 Carbines could Bellamy have seen in his life? Not many – possibly zero?How many times has he fieldstripped a M4? Not many times right? Well than how is it he can instruct any one on the proper cleaning, dismantling and operation of a M4 Carbine? He couldn’t.But it was funny to watch him act like he was John Wayne.In this scenario it is just as possible that Clarke knows as much about guns as Bellamy does.In fact I found it sort of sexiest that Clarke was assumed to have no experience with firearms at all.

{see my point}

2) Target Practice Indoors… I hate to say this but really - shooting a M4 Carbine in a confined space with no idea of where the projectile will go is just asking for a ricocheted projectile(s) to end up in someone’s posterior. Not to mention they have an entire forest to use as a practice range.

3) Ammunition -- Bellamy clearing his immediately after his rifle has failed to fire is a no-no.You have to wait at least 30 seconds in case of a hang fire.A hang fire is when the primer fails to ignite the charge after the initial impact of the firing pin.Usually wait 30 seconds to keep the shooter and all those around him safe.See a true firearms owner would know these things.

4) Why anything at all is left in the bunker? It seems odd to me with 200 years of people on the ground searching for survival items they didn’t find this bunker sooner?And certainly didn’t find any guns? But then again this series is better when you don’t attempt to think about details.

5) Winter is coming…You live in a forest full of giant trees.Not one of these genius kids that some how learned how to collect berries, nuts, and cure meats in Earth Survival Skills 101—learned how to make simple structures out of logs. That seems very odd to me.It seems to me that if you can build a Palisades you can build a log cabin. However, why aren’t they converting the drop ship into a big dormitory for the winter? It has plenty of room for 100 people.They could create bunk beds in it and use it like I said big dorm. Sure it isn’t as nice as private cabins—but hey we’re working on budget!

6) Last week the radio was barely able to give a solid voice only transmission—this week it is in Technicolor with only hint of fuzz? That is amazing and not to mention completely unbelievable.

7) Everyone gets bombed on the nuts!Dropping ACID like it is 1969… Awesome—and yet not awesome .

8) Bellamy now has an arsenal – so why does he need to run from Jaha?I would just put him down for killing my mother.In fact if the kids have the arsenal the village and so on…Why aren’t they renegotiating their role in society with the adults? I certainly would?And it wouldn’t go well for those in power.

9) We need to watch out for grounders…. So we never actually put up watches and so on….We go out into the wilderness and forget to bring enough people to secure the perimeter of the area we are searching? Good idea. I don’t think you need to be an ex-Marine to know that it is a good idea to have people posted as watches and look outs if you are searching a bunker…This way you don’t get trapped inside the bunker?

10) Octavia--Okay the actress is a looker—but really what is the entire Pocahontas bit going on here? I mean did we just not see her save John Smith in reverse? Now, I’m having flash backs to my teenage years and my nieces forcing me to watch that damn cartoon over and over again with them. So do me a favor please don’t do Pocahontas CW style. Do it Vivid Video Style!

11) Jolene, Jolene Don't take my man... I cannot figure out if I think Raven is stupid or Clarke is for not seeing that Finn is clearly looking for the best of both worlds-- TWO GIRLS FOR EVERY BOY!

Adios people…
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We need two things in this series:

1) More Cigar Smoking by some character... Perhaps Clarke

It worked for Ron Moore in BSG.... I think Clarke totting a M4 and Cigar would priceless.

2) More M2HB like this
Remember never get off the damn boat....

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