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I liked this episode, you guys, it was good. It was a solid showing from The 100, but I’m so used to epic mind blowing tales of adventure and terror that this one fell a touch flat.

The premise was A+ for sure, but the execution was about a B, which averages a B+... I THINK? I don’t know, I was homeschooled by apes. I DO know a lot about banana’s, though (classic monkey joke). Basically if this WERE a high school metaphor that I refuse to let go, the last three episodes of The 100 would have gotten full scholarships to Yale, while this episode needed more extracurriculars on its application, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few moments from I Am Become Death that made me sit up and smile / shield my face from fear / pump my fist in the air. For example, this will forever be known to me as the episode where Raven uttered the beautiful words “but not how I want to be loved” and gave Finn the ol’ heave-ho.

Also, Beautiful Creepster.

High fives all around, you guys.

Buuuuut, this will also live on in my memory as the episode where Jasper became a huge jerk-wad for no reason, and Raven essentially decided to commit heroic suicide after some boy troubles (heroic suicide is only cool when it’s done by Bruce Willis).

Okay, okay, stop crossing your arms at me, I’m done with the jibber-jabber. Let’s photo recap!

In the comments of last week’s recap, some fans had theories that it wasn’t actually the ship we saw explode, or that there were likely tons of survivors.


double nopepng


Everyone be dead, guys… everyone be dead. Does this mean Abby and Diana and all those extras died? It sure seems that way (but I really hope not! What are we thinking, escape shoots?)



Raven found something very explosive, but it probably won’t be important later so we should just forget about it.

Back at camp Jasper was regaling the huddled masses with his tales of bravery.


tell mepng

This girl was HAVING IT, until they heard a ruckus.


Huzzah! Let us all raise a glass to the return of the Beautiful Creepster! You shall never know how much we missed you, please never leave us again, and never, ever stop being so damn creepy.


I could tell Bellamy had missed Murphy based on his immediate attempt to murder him. Oh boys! (That’s how they show affection). I loved when he was all, “think about Charlotte!” and Clark shot back with, “I am thinking about Charlotte!”. Haha, hey Bellamy, hey Clark, remember when Charlotte brutally murdered Wells? That was weird, eh?

Over in tent-di-Jasper, a glorified extra was throwing herself at an adorkable hero, but he wasn’t having any of it.


back offpng


I am WITH YOU, Monty! Like… what? That came out of nowhere! Take a long hard look at Monty’s face. That boy is hurting and I DO NOT like it! I get that every relationship, even one as adorable as Monty and Jasper, has conflict. But both the onslaught and resolution of this one seemed very forced, and it made me wonder what the point was.

But then I got distracted by some very gross stuff.

true bloodpng


This was all very disgusting and very awesome. Clarke figured out it was biological warfare because she is easily the smartest person on this show, including the adults and the animals and I’m sure most of the ghosts we don’t see.

Then one of the extras died, and we were reminded that this show loves killing people, so if you have a favourite character, maybe say your goodbyes just in case?


You guys, the extra gave this death scene his ALL, and we never even got to see his face. I feel kinda bad. Like… can he even use this on his reel?



Octavia was still very peeved at Bellamy for their fight and his torture of her boyfriend, which happened AT LEAST five days ago, so maybe just get over it, you know? It’s not like he stole your slushy cup or anything (my brother did that twelve years ago and I still haven’t forgiven him, which I think is fair).

Anyway, she wasn’t sick and Clark asked her to scamper off again to get a cure from Lincoln.





Haha, Lincoln did not give an eff, you guys. If there were a scale measuring how many effs he gave about Octavia’s friends and family, we would question whether or not it was working because the needle simply would not move.

He was all, “let’s peace out”, to which she replied, “sure.” (paraphrasing)



gets mepng

Clark mentioned to Bellamy that she sent his sister on a dangerous mission, and he basically just rolled his eyes and was like, “Claaaaaaaarke!”

Then all the extras started spitting up blood into each other's faces (very rude), and everyone was panicking until Clark starting shooting a gun into the sky.

over itpng

She is hella bad ass, and I really like her, you guys. But then she collapsed and Finn caught her.


nope 3png

Octavia gave everyone the skinny on the Grounder attack and they did not think it sounded like a good time.


Murphy offered Clark his hammock and I thought, “huh, I guess the Beautiful Creepster had an epiphany whilst being brutally tortured by the Grounders. I’ll buy that.” And I DID buy it, you guys… *sigh* this show loves to throw me for a loop, and I love you for it, The 100. Never stop.

Finn, Bellamy and Raven came up with a plan to blow up the bridge with the explosive raspberry jam from the exodus ship. It DID come in handy!












But then Bellamy got sick and could no longer take the shot!



Murphy helped the extra who tried to kill him that one time, and said they were “good”. Haha, oh Murphy, you trickster!

Then this happened:


bell 2png

I refuse to caption this with my stupid smart ass remarks because this scene was beautiful and perfect and made me misty.

Bellamy admitted he was scared, and Octavia was there for him. *sniff* shut up, stop looking at me, *blows nose*, I just have something in my eye, back off.

Finn and Jasper noticed the bomb was missing and raced after Raven, but not before Jasper extended an invitation to Monty.



I don’t get it, and I shall stop trying to.

The Beautiful Creepster tried to help Bellamy, but Bellamy wasn’t having it because I guess he’s still pissed about his one-week surrogate daughter jumping off a cliff of her own accord.

Clark had a little chat with him about Murphy being super nice now, then they discussed the possibility of Jasper and Finn failing as a sure thing. You guys, is it just me, or was Eliza Taylor killing it with comic timing this episode?

We checked in with Raven, who was setting up the bomb and shooting it herself from short range for no discernable reason.

die nowpng

I suppose one could argue that she heard the Grounders and figured it was now or never, but why did she go alone in the first place? If she had waited approximately 3 minutes, she would have had back up and could have moseyed out of there without a care in the world. Or had she planned on pulling a Bruce Willis a la Armageddon all along?

I don’t know, and quite frankly I don’t want to know. I don’t care for this message, so let’s just move on.

Jasper was missing his shot a bunch, but then look who showed up with another gun!


fan basepng

They blew up the bridge and it made a very cool mushroom cloud and then Clarke said the title of the episode to really drive it home. “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Get it, guys? GET IT?

Then we had a sweet break up scene with Octavia and Lincoln.

season 2png



Octavia decided to stay with “her people”, which was swell.

Monty and Jasper got a heroes' welcome while Finn took Raven inside, and the most glorious thing happened:



Finn did NOT care. Do you think he’ll invite Clarke to their bomb shelter of love right away, or wait a few days?

Speaking of Clark, she was having a nice chat with Bellemy outside the wall.


Little did she know:



BAH! Awesome! Oh, Beautiful Creepster, you never disappoint. I love a good redemption story, as you’ve probably noticed with my love for Kane (missed you!), but this is a thousand times better. Banger choices, The 100!

There were some really solid performances this episode all around, but special high fives go out to Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle for making me feel things.

As I mentioned, this wasn’t one of my favourite episodes, but they can’t ALL be favourites, right? The 100 remains one of the best parts of the week, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode. Dichen Lichman is back! Huzzah!

Some Things:

So I guess the arrow that hit Lincoln wasn’t poisoned. Okay.

Why do you think the Beautiful Creepster chose not to wash his face once he got better? Do you think he was using the dirt and blood to hide a zit?

“We’re running towards the war drums? I hate this planet.” Oh Jasper, you are still the best, even if you were inexplicably a D-Bag this episode.

Is this really the last we’ll see of Lincoln’s abs, or will he come back in a grand gesture to win back Octavia?

What did you think of I Am Become Death? Am I totally wrong? Was this the best episode ever?

That’s it from me, see you guys next week for some horrific violence and teen angst!!
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