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The quality of the episodes has been falling in the last few episodes, but this episode brought it right back up. There was only a small amount of focus on the war with the grounders, with most of the focus being on decisions made by the 100 and Murphy's revenge. Also, we saw life on the Ark heading towards the end, with the survivors only being able to live for another 51 hours. It was a very interesting and balanced episode, and I am very excited for part two next week.

At camp, Bellamy is focused on defense, while Raven and Jasper think that they should be rescuing Clarke, Finn, and Monty (where is Monty, guys???). Two weeks ago we saw Murphy get his revenge on one member of the 100, and this week we see that he has no plans to stop there. But, this time, Jasper witnesses it, and gets himself trapped in the drop ship with Murphy. Bellamy offers to trade himself for Jasper, and Murphy accepts. Murphy knows exactly what he wants to do with Bellamy, and things aren't looking good with him about to be hung. I kept wondering whether or not Bellamy would die: the show is bold, but is it that bold? Eventually Raven and Jasper rescue Bellamy, and Murphy makes a booming escape. (Haha, see what I did there? Anyway...)

On the ark they're all going to die, but Kane is in denial. (His inner thoughts: "What? But I've been so good!") Abby meanwhile seems fine, but is over-determined to save a patient and freaks out about never getting to see Clarke again and how Clarke hates her.

But Clarke isn't thinking about her mother right now (who she, remember, thinks is dead), she is thinking about the fact that she's about to die. That's is until Lincoln (who deserves the Grounder of the Year award) rescues her. Then she meets with Finn again (come on, I was hoping that he would die!) and then Lincoln saves their asses again, and Finn kills a person, which causes his peace-loving self to freak out. And then he's all "Clarke, I love you." Really, Finn? Just find some other hot teen girl, there's probably about 40 of them back at camp!

In the end, Clarke and Finn return to camp ("Where's Monty?"), Bellamy and Clarke gives speeches, the people like Clarke's idea better, and she kind of proclaims herself, not Bellamy, leader of the 100. Up in space, Jaha may have found the solution, what if they try to return to Earth?

So, are you guys ready for massive amounts of death next week, because I sure am! Also, what will happen when the ark tries to land on Earth? Will they be successful (hint, the answer is yes)? Who will die in the process (I'm guessing 80% of the ark population, including one of our three adult leads, probably Abby, but it could be any of them)? Next week is going to be awesome!


You can't do this, he'll kill you.
Bellamy: If I don't, he'll kill Jasper.

Murphy: I want you to feel what I felt--and then I want you to die.

Kane: We have no Exodus ships.
Jaha: You're wrong Kane, we call it the Ark.

Jaha: What do you say, Abby? Ready to see your daughter again?

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Jun 06, 2014
Excellent episode... Great review and summary!

I have similar guesses, Arc will land safely (well kinda), with majority dead. I think Jaha would die, not Abby, because Jaha doesn't have his son for him down there anyway, his importance was back there at Arc - Kane would be a better leader on the ground !

Abby will meet Clarke, that is for sure, because we've been seeing both since Ep 1. The show kept discussing their relation/story - there must be a reason.

Murphy has escaped... we will definitely see him again some day. My guess: He will become the leader of the grounders :) I know it sounds stupid, but that character has the best villain-leader-type role, even in other shows, that's why I think that may happen. What do you guys think?

Monty !? - Well, I'm sure he saw something/someone that we cannot guess at the moment. Can't wait to see what/who was that ! (I'm sure he's alive though)

Next episode is going to be very interesting !


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