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Wow. Just wow. I can barely even articulate my thoughts about this season finale. That was one of the most fantastic things I have ever watched. A+ to you, The 100. I can't wait for October so we can get season two!

This episode started off right where we left off. Clarke and Bellamy can't agree what to do. They start off doing what Clarke said to do, but then they discover that they are too late. Bellamy's plan was better. It's off to battle for the 100! Oh, and also Raven's injured, and they finally check out how bad it is, and discover that it is bad. It's looking like Raven's dead. But, we still have an episode full of deaths to get through. There's a bunch of fighting, and then we see that Murphy has been captured by the grounders, and they are using him to defeat the 100. Smart plan, grounders! And it was nice to see Murphy again, even if just for a moment. When he's around, you know that it's going to get exciting.

Meanwhile on the ark, they are ready to return to Earth. They spread out so that at least someone will survive. They are about to launch, but it doesn't work, someone will have to launch manually. Kane volunteers because he's good now, so Abby says a sad goodbye (guys, remember when they hated each other? in their time, that was like three weeks ago!) But, it's not time for him to die just yet. Jaha, always willing to die for his people, launches them, with him dying a slow death alone on the ark. Well, it will be better that way, he will be reunited with his son in TV character heaven. Upon reaching the ground, Abby and Kane's group lands in a lake in the Cascades somewhere near the kids and they survive.

Things are not looking good for the kids though, as the grounders get closer. Raven tries to help Clarke with rocket science (by the way, the new relationship I'm rooting for is Raven and Clarke becoming lesbians and getting together), but she sucks at it, so they have to call in Jasper as plan B. They get in the drop ship and prepare to close it up. Bellamy and Finn do not make it into the drop ship, but Anya does, and they close it up and kill all the grounders outside (but somehow Finn and Bellamy are going to survive, right?) The kids then exit the drop ship, safe, well, from the grounders. But remember when Lincoln mentioned the mountain men? Yep, the 100 aren't safe yet. Gas bombs are thrown, and everyone passes out. Clarke wakes up, and for a moment my brain thinks Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, and I expect her to be in a dream sequence where she has a conversation with her deceased father. Instead, she is in a white room, and look who it is across the hall, it's Monty! He didn't die! Yay!

This episode was amazing! The best parts were probably any scene with Jaha in it (he will be missed) and those last three minutes. I am so psyched for season two. And also, who wants to binge re-watch season one with me shortly before the season two premiere? Haha. Anyway, a fitting way to end a fantastic season of greatness. Until we meet again (in October)!


You did good, Bellamy.
Bellamy: Eighteen dead.
Clarke: Eighty-two alive!

Jaha: No one said that this would be easy ladies and gentlemen, but if we don't try it, we will all die.

Kane: Salvation comes at a price.

Abby: Thelonius, where are you?
Jaha: Right where I'm supposed to be.

Raven: It's not rocket science.
Clarke: It is rocket science, actually.

Finn: Lincoln, I have a really bad idea.

Octavia: Is that from the ark?
Clarke: That is the ark.

Clarke: What did you do?
Finn: I kicked the hornets' nest.

Bellamy: I told you my life ended the day you were born. Actually, that's when it began.

Clarke: We are not grounders.

Jaha: Tell me what it's like.
Abby: It's everything I dreamed.

Jaha: Find the rest of our people, Abby. Find Clarke

Jaha: Until we meet again.

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As a 42 year old man, I had those same thoughts originally. Not anymore. My god the finale was amazing TV!
as a 38 year old guy i gave this series a miss because i thought it would be predictable and just another good looking teens show, full of angst ramblings and basically a rehash of lord of the flies..is it worth me getting into..?
I love Clarke's reaction when Bellamy was in deep shit, and Finn jumped in.. It's like she just lost a chunk of her heart..
May we meet again... In October? Yeah, October.
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