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How dare you, The 100. You have played with my emotions, you have made me scream and cry and gasp and gape and yell all manner of expletives at my tv screen, and now you are LEAVING me with so many questions and my brain is exploding and my heart hurts.

I can’t even… can I just… I need a moment.

I think you guys are with me when I say, WHAT. THE.

Was that burnt corpse Finn? Did the Mountain Men take everyone back to Food Mountain, or just a select few? How’s Raven holding up? Where did the Beautiful Creepster scamper off to? Are Abby and Kane aware of their sexual chemistry? How do the Mountain Men keep their whites so white? So many burning questions! (See what I did there… burning… cause there was a lot of fire… okay, moving on)

Let’s wipe away our tears, pick our brains off the floor, dust them off a bit and jump right into this nightmarish hellscape.

The episode began with a little bonding time with Raven, Clarke and Finn.


Clarke closed Raven’s gunshot wound with a burning knife. Typical teen stuff. Then Raven filled them in on the copious amounts of rocket fuel they have been treading upon this entire time. No big deal.

anti hero.png


Bellamy and Finn had a bro-standoff that was a long time coming, then Bellamy got a rousing pep talk from our heroine.


And they were off!

slow motion.png


The moment Clarke told Bellamy he had done a good job was actually very touching, and it really showcased how far these two have come as leaders. Bellamy may have started out a nefarious, selfish criminal, but he’s grown into a hero and it’s lovely to watch.

road trip.png


red shirt.png

never mind.png

Boom! The 100 does NOT waste time, you guys! That was a very cool death. A very cool death. That actor should be pleased with the whole experience.

Anyway, they very quickly ran back to their camp without any other casualties, which I thought was miraculous. How long had they been walking? I thought it was a long time, but maybe they didn’t get very far because they were in slow motion.

Clarke made the decision to stay and fight. I don’t know how you guys felt about this, but I was very happy they didn’t spend the episode running through a forest.

sweet map.png


Then Clarke had the idea to blast off and burn all of the Grounders to a steaming, blackened crisp, and everyone was immediately on board.

dark clarke.png


spider dogs.png

Look at those crazy eyes! Dark Clarke is so excited to make spider dogs with the ashes of dead bodies!

Up at Space Camp, Gaeta was explaining how the arc will get to the ground.





Not gonna lie, you guys, I did not pay attention.

I think the basic gist is that a bunch of people will likely die (which we already knew), then Quateranious gave a speech about survival. He loves speeches almost as much Bellamy. I wonder if they took the same public speaking class.

Then the world started to collapse around me because my beloved Raven said she can’t feel her legs. Finn volunteered to get medicine to save her, because he, like everyone else in the universe, recognizes Raven’s worth.

romantic lead.png


Up in space, everyone was tucking in for a fun-filled ride of death and destruction, when they realized something was broken.


Remember when Bruce Willis sacrificed himself to save Ben Affleck, and detonated the thing manually so that all of humanity could survive, and Liv Tyler put her hand on the TV screen and the entire universe cried? Anyway… what were we talking about?




In all seriousness, when Thelonious sacrificed himself instead of Kane, and then said, “and I’ll see my son”, something strange happened to my eyes and liquid started pouring out. (Yes folks - I just used his real name that I legitimately had to look up, because he has earned it.)

Meanwhile, the Grounders were playing games with our teens, drawing their fire, and the 100 were falling for it.


Didn’t Bellamy look like a disappointed Dad in this scene? He taught them better than this, you know?

Raven and Clarke were working hard on some literal rocket science (amazing line, writers), and had a heart to heart.


fan base.png

Raven said the words “I’m awesome” and I felt like all my beliefs had been affirmed. BECAUSE RAVEN IS AWESOME.



“Earth Stinks And So Do You” could have really taken off, and I think Tristan knew that. I understand why he’s angry.

Seriously though, are we surprised Murphy was captured by the Grounders? Nope. Are we impressed he didn’t tell them about the mines? Kinda! Is Murphy on the road to a character turn, or is he dead?

All hell broke loose and it was very scary! You guys, for real, the Grounders are a terrifying bunch. If I saw them creeping towards my teen shanty, I would not be very excited.

Things were not looking good for our favourite anti-hero.



goodbye 2.png


Octavia saved Bellamy because she’s a bad ass now, and then she got shot with an arrow!

Then Finn ran into an old buddy.



don't start.png

do this.png



Finn got the medicine from Lincoln, and then came up with the plan to drive the Reapers to the Grounders. Good work, Finn! I hope he and Lincoln high fived, because that was a solid plan.

Jasper and Clarke were taking instructions from Raven when she passed out.



Clarke went outside to bark some orders when everyone stopped fighting to gaze at the beautiful Arc-shaped falling star.




You guys, the dichotomy on this show is always very beautiful and smart. Here we see a bunch of people on the ground staring at what must look like a beautiful message of hope, and then we witness one of the stations exploding and see a woman caught in the fire. *slow clap*

Then, just as the Grounders were storming the castle, we heard the unmistakable sounds of Reapers!



They all looked very confused for a split second, then it was ON. These two groups went at each other like their favourite sports teams were playing against each other in the finals.

Finn and Lincoln running in the middle and then hightailing it outta there was one of the best comedic moments of this season.

Then The 100 attacked my emotions again with this:


i know.png



I may get a bit of flack from the shippers, but I truly do not care who ends up together romantically, as long as the show continues to deliver moments like these.

Meanwhile our teens were not having the best day at camp.



Finn dove into the action to save Bellamy, and I guess he was too far away to run back to the ship? I dunno, I feel like the time they spent staring at each other sadly could have been used to STAND UP AND JOG BACK, but maybe Finn was just too tired, or maybe he pulled a hamstring or something.

Anya jumped into the dropship because her and Clarke had unfinished business.



Then Jasper got the blast to work and it was AWESOME.


Up in space (you guys, that may be the last time I use that segway!), Thelonious was hailing the fallen Arc, because what else is he going to do alone in space?



no yea.png


You guys, I have lived on Earth my whole life and even I was amazing by that beautiful setting. That’s in BC? Who’s up for a road trip?

Abby and Kane saw the smoke from the blast (presumably) and made a plan to go adventuring.


I assume this is the last we shall see of Thelonious. Thank you, Isaiah Washington, for your thoughtful, emotional portrayal of this role.

The 100 stepped out of the dropship and into the carnage, where Clarke stared very sadly at these particular corpses.



Then the air filled with red smoke!



Clarke woke up in a white room with a camera feed that had her NAME ON IT. How… but… how do they…? UGH - SO MANY QUESTIONS. On the bright side, look who she found!

OH HEY.png

Well, I never.

There are so many flaming, unanswered mysteries, and I won’t insult all of you by listing them off because you know perfectly well what they are.

You guys, this episode was amazing. The 100 producers promised us death, and we got it. They promised us that some main characters would not be returning, and they made good (bye Thelonious!)

Season finales naturally make us turn back to the beginning and take stock of what we’ve gained, lost, and how the show has grown. The 100 started out a bit ridiculous, with hilarious teen threesomes, iffy science and incompetent guards. Well I’ll be darned if it hasn’t turned into one of the most thrilling, poignant and emotionally mature shows on TV.

Everyone involved with this deserves so many high fives, ice cream sundays and congratulatory chocolate martinis.

Some Stuff

What are the odds our favourite extra Tim Bartlett is still alive?

Murphy! What are you up to, Beautiful Creepster? Do you think he pulled the knife out of his leg, licked it, then smiled creepily and slithered away?

I watched it twice and I still can’t figure out where Bellamy ended up. Was he caught in the fire blast? Was he in the drop ship? Did he and Finn sort out their differences and run away together?

What will you be doing to fill your time now that season 1 is over? I will be making waffle houses and eating my sorrow.

Okay, folks. It has been a blast! See you all in October!!

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