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Nietzsche, famously called himself the "antichrist" in his self titled work The Antichrist (1895) as comment how he was the antithesis of all that modern European Society held to be true and positive. He was going to remove the hegemonic hold that Christian morality had on the Western World of the period. His goal was nothing short of creating a "new man" the "Ubermensch" or "Overman" the man who would become the synthesis of his new morality of " Beyond Good And Evil". A self-reflexive being that understood the existential divide between being and not-being. Thus elevating reason and human exist above all forms of metaphysical endeavors (in this respect his goal is not unlike that of Wittgenstein's later work). I wish to do the same on a smaller scale... I wish to expose the raw lack of talent in our modern television and cinema. A world where mediocrity is not only the norm, but, the pinnacle of success! So like Nietzsche before me I stand against the warm current of the Southern Winds, in the cold peaks of the Northern Islands, once only the domain of the Hyperboreans!

So, first off we must ask ourselves is taking on a job with the CW not career suicide? I, say yes, yes it is. There is no way I think to really recover from the pure vapidity of a series like The 100. Sure, your agent will tell you that it is a stepping stone. And it is... right back into the cesspool of CW's next pilot. Look at Kristen Kreuk for example. She spent most of her early years playing either a teenager on Smallville or Edgemont. I'm not sure of Edgemont has an analog directly speaking in American Television perhaps 90210 (the next gen)... And now she is back on the CW limping along in yet another series that eerily models itself after Smallville. Why? Because once you go to the CW your soul is lost. No one can ever take you seriously. You're either a 30 year old playing a Teenager or a 30 year old playing 20 year old that acts like she is 15! Why? Who knows why one would willing do so. However, I feel that the actors of The 100 have just doomed themselves to obscurity and life time of playing mentally stunted adults or teenagers! I feel sorry for them.

Looks over talent? We all know why these stars on the CW? They look good. The acting is secondary to the fact that basically the CW is a warehouse for good looking 20-somehtings to go and pretend they are playing in a real shows. It is a terrible reality we live in where actors and actresses are cast solely on their physical appearance. Where would the great talents of Kathy Bates, Peter Lorre, Oscar Werner, Paul Belmonde, Robert Mitchum be in this world today? No where, fast is the answer to that question, if we accept the CW Model. But is also why "The 100" will fail ultimately. It is a show where only the beautiful exist. A show with Dionysian appetites to the extreme. It is series where Apollonian nature of humanity is scorned to such a degree that even Nietzsche himself would be applaud at the absurd lengths this series goes to extoll the values of Dionysian Cults. It is one endless orgy of teenage lust with no tempering of reason or ethos to ground it. It is in fact nothing more than a snap shot of our current culture's obsession with youth and technological progress! And The 100 might just be the apogee of this crumbling narrative model. I certain hope so...

So, yes, this cast has sold their souls to the CW for a role on a mediocre series. Depicting the worst elements of our culture as moral standards and above promoting physical appearance over all else. This is a Dionysian feast for the eyes and cognitive wasteland that wishes to only make its audience dull in nature and slow in wit!

[ { I may have become a tanker because of this scene in Kelly's Heroes...}

[I find myself compelled to watch it and make fun of it at all turns.... I have this weird love of bad television... I know it is a quandary for me to be sure. As much as I know deep down inside that I should just say "no to it". I just cannot do it. I'm fully aware of how it will only inflame my Nietzschean predilections and send me into convulsions... but what can I say like the Sirens' call I'm attracted to the nubile flesh of the female nature? Does it make me a hypocrite? Perhaps, but I can live with it! COGNITIVE DISSONANCE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING RIGHT? ]

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