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the best around
Jun 23, 2015
The 20 Best Episodes of the 2014-2015 TV Season
These were definitely the best hours and half-hours on television from the past year.
Mar 30, 2015
Next season?
So we need more! Im addicted... but for God sake please dont restart the damn nuclear war drama with that last missile and the strange AI hollographic woman. take it somewhere interesting and expand the story into a whole new discovery, not history repeating its self. we see enough of that in day to day lives outside of stories like this.

To the writers and crews and everyone involved in making this series so far... Awesome Work!
Totally stoked for Season 3!
Mar 21, 2015
What a great way to end the Season... though, why only 16 eps?!
I freaking love this show but why is the CW parsing it out like chocolate during The Blitz?!

Well for whatever reason I'm excited to see what's coming next but I do hope that use the best, most underused, trope for post mass-murder in media and have Clarke bury all the dead!

Really if we had 22 eps it might not be that hard to wait for the next season... #22EpisodesFOR100Season3!
Mar 12, 2015
The 100 Blood Must Have Blood Part 2 Photo Recap - Act 3

We made it. Our hearts have been battered, our throats are raw from screaming, our faces got a workout from all the feelings, and our brains were taken on a loopty-loop, but we made it through season 2. How’s everyone doing? Like, EVERYONE. You guys, the actors, the writers, producers, key grips, camera operators, catering services, people from the future who are binge watching in 2046… how is literally EVERYONE doing after this episode destroyed our souls, and then sewed them back up again, like a child’s toy who got it’s head ripped off? Do you need a 40 minute shower followed by all the ice cream? Me too.

You know what my new favourite thing about this show is? Everything. Everything, everything, every gosh darn thing. This episode brought us everything we could have dreamed. New intrigue, soooooo much death, broken hearts, hurt feelings, reunions ...Read more
clarke vs. the world
Mar 12, 2015
The 100 Season 2 Finale Review: Innocence Lost
"Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two" was full of surprises.
Mar 05, 2015
The 100 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1" Photo Recap - Griffin's Eleven
The 100 delivers all the pickles.
Mounting drama
Mar 05, 2015
The 100 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part One" Review: Welcome to the Ground
The first hour of The 100's two-part finale saw Bellamy organizing a second front from within, just in time for Clarke and Lexa to attack Mount Weather.
Feb 26, 2015
The 100 "Bodyguard of Lies" Photo Recap - The Ships That Go Sailin'
Don’t worry you guys, I’ve put in a call to the authorities. Clearly the writers and producers of The 100 have bugged our phones and computers and minds in order to give us all exactly what we want. I’m sorry to have to do this because I respect everyone working on this show so much, but you’re not even trying to hide the fact that you’ve hired a talented psychic to read our minds and deepest of desires. The fuzz said they’d get right on it, so expect a visit. Or a pizza. It may have been a pizza place that I called. Either way, I think you’re getting what you deserve (I hope you like extra cheese).

So many awesome moments. So many awesome people. It felt like a love letter to the fans, didn’t it? Even to the four or ...Read more
hi, wick!
Feb 26, 2015
The 100 "Bodyguard of Lies" Review: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together
Tensions continued to rise this week as Clarke and Lexa disagreed on what it means to be a leader. Meanwhile, a familiar face returned!
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