The 100

Season 1 Episode 7

Contents Under Pressure

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2014 on The CW
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Clarke finally makes contact with the arch and Bellamy brings a grounder to the camp to try to get some answers.

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  • visto 07 Contents Under Pressure

    Muy buen epi Contents Under Pressure, mucha tensin entretenida serie The 100.
  • its so dragged out

    Its slow motion tv, there is action but nothing really happening, lots of fake tears. People saying no more Secrets, when you hear that we all know there are lots of Secrets behind those very Words. And the twist in the end was something we saw coming long time ago, its another twist to drag out this series.
  • Finn poisoned.

    Clarke and co manage to contact The Ark to let them know they are alive. Clarke is talked through the operation to save Finn, but when he deteriorates they figure out that the knife was poisoned. It's a race against time to get the captured grounder to tell them where the antidote is.
  • no more secrets

    I must confess I was sceptical at the beginning of this series, but it is shaping up quite nicely.

    On the arc the chancellor was saying no more secrets and than goes into a council meeting where we find out that there are not escape pods for all the inhabitants ( that was kind of obvious as the space stations weren't build for what there are used to now). So he stills keeps things from the general population. And I am not quite sure about the new council member ( Kate Vernon from Battlestar Galactica). She weaseled her way into the council by manipulating the assembly of the workers, but she sounds like she is a good person, but I am just not so sure.

    And Kane really has a conscience. I wasn't expecting him to be wrecked by guilt. But it is great that they give the characters more layers and that they are not just arrogant and power hungry, but that there is more underneath.

    This gets mirrored on the surface, where Clarke gets pushed away from her normally moral behaviour, because she wants to save Finn. She finds out that is not so easy to stick up for her morals when someone's live is at stake. This can lead down a slippery path very easily.

    Octavia is given more room to develop. She grows even more into a person I can admire, not the one she seemed to be at the beginning of the show. She is the only one who seemed to have kept some moral grounding in trying to talk the others out of torturing the grounder ( not that anyone is listening to her) and she is the one who saves Finn by putting her own life and not someone else's on the line. I could only admire her for that.

    A little more information about the grounders this time. They have watched the group from the beginning, they seem to be intelligent ( poisons and antidotes,medical knowledge, great drawings, great hunting methods, can talk, even if they pretend they can't) , they don't seem to be suffering from any mutations due to radiation and the captured one seems to have a crush on Octavia.

    I am looking forward to finding out more about the Grounders and I hope the writers can find a way to let the captured one escape, because I am interested to watch the developing relationship with Octavia and find out more about him.moreless
  • Another good episode!

    A very enjoyable episode, which is making this series something I look forward to watching. The scenes on the Ark and the ground make compelling viewing and now the knowledge that the Ark is really the Titanic, give another story line that has a very real dimension. I like the way even the the hard edged Kane is now racked with guilt and remorse over the death of the 320. I feel like the whole story line is shifting away from teen drama to something more adult and serious Sci-fi and that is only a good thing.moreless
Christine Willes

Christine Willes


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Isaiah Washington

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