The 100

Season 1 Episode 9

Unity Day

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2014 on The CW
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Both the ARC and the 100 celebrate Unity Day. The ARC is devastated by first an explosion, then an attempted coup. Meanwhile, on the ground, Clarke, Finn, and Octavia set up a meeting with the grounders.

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The 48
  • Where will this end?

    Another good episode in the series, it has been slowly getting better. A lot happened in this episode, we were told a lot about the history of the Ark, and many hints that the story of Unity Day, hides a lot of conflict. Then in this episode we see terrorists on the Ark an attempted coup, and the total destruction of the ship heading down to the earth. Coupled with that the first real interactions with the grounders on the earth. It's all become very interesting. looking forward to the next episode.moreless
  • Whoa!

    Yikes, this all happened so fast, a coup and escalating a war. With guns.

    Not only that, I think the sex between Lincoln and Octavia happened too fast.

    But man, so fast, I can't say that enough.
  • Like a twisty turny thing (soccer quote ;-0 )

    What I liked about this episode was that everyone "had a point of view" and thought that they were "right"... even if (Diana being an example) they were grand-standing and willing to "do whatever it takes"... well, that's a road to perdition... and so it was with the transport pod crashing...

    Strong writing and characterisation trumps the "teen love triangles" every time so I hope the writers will keep up the twisty-turny plot lines and development and marginalise the "soap opera" elements: I think they are getting stronger programs as the series develops...

    Incidentally, from an actors/actresses point of view - these more substantial ideas and plots are much better than being presented as "reactionaries of youth".

    Looking forward to next week ;-)moreless
  • Brilliant!

    This was one of the best episodes so far, particularly the event that happened on the ground. The 100 and the Grounders are attempting to negotiate peace but of course things truly don't go as expected and things could be a lot worse than before.

    The events up on the Ark - well I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, because it seemed to be taking the story in a new direction. Of course it would be very interesting if Jaha and the others all came down but perhaps that is to come later.

    The ending was shocking too, because maybe they didn't survive the descent... but then again Abby is there too...

    It's just so interesting - the show has me thinking on constantly about what could happen next and just when I think I have it figured out, things chnage.

    I can't wait to see the episode next week - keep it up!moreless
  • Always expect the unexpected

    This series is making a habit out of bringing in unexpected moments that make your jaw drop with a big "Did they really just do that?" This is refreshing. I like it. SPOILERS AHEAD, don't read on if you haven't seen the episode yet.

    So basically pretty much everybody who was on that drop ship is dead now, right? Including Clark's mother? I know the Ark is damaged heavily - and if it was any other show I'd guess they would be able to figure out a way to keep it running but on The 100, I'm just not sure. My guess is: They're in for a race to get off the station now with hundreds of people dying. Or maybe the whole Ark will fall to the ground? No, I doubt that, they would kill off too many major characters in such a blow. Then again... apparently no one is safe on this show. (Wells, that father when they killed those 300 people and now apparently Diana and Abbi).

    On the ground: I was a little surprised to find out the grounders thought the 100 had started a war. I get the "invading" thought and the capture and torture of Lincoln as an act of war. I also get how they could view that burned down village as an act of war - although that one seemed a bit far fetched. Sadly it was pretty predictable that someone would screw up the peace meeting. I wonder if the intentions for peace talks on the side of the grounders where genuine. Sure they had armed people in the trees but the 100 also had armed people standing bye, which is what got the shooting started.

    I am also curious to find out what the grounder-leader meant with that others had tried to wipe them out before. Was this a reference to the virus they're using in next week's episode or was there more to this? And just who tried to wipe them out before?

    Really looking forward to how this all develops. And I'm wondering how often they can do the unthinbkable and surprise us with it.moreless
Christine Willes

Christine Willes


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Sharon Taylor (II)

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Rob Hayter

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Isaiah Washington

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Kate Vernon

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