The 10th Kingdom

Season 1 Episode 5

Part 5

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2000 on NBC
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Part 5
The Evil Queen's Huntsman has captured Virginia. She then sends a letter to Prince Wendell's council explaining that The Prince had an injury and he is staying in his Hunting lodge to heal. In the meantime, Tony and Wolf are looking for a Magic Axe that will break a curse cast on Virginia's hair. With the help of the Magic Birds, Virginia is free, and they finally find Acorn, the Dwarf. But the mirror was sold, and Virginia, Tony and Wolf must go to the Little Lamb Village to find it.moreless

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  • continues and picks up a bit... *spoilers*

    I have the dvd and saw this on TV. Im not sure where exactly this chapter ends. I really like this chapter. Virginias hair is cursed so it has grown super super long. I mean Repunsel long. The Huntsman captures Virginia. Tony and Wolf manage to find and free her. They also knocked out The Huntsman. This part always bothered me. This guy was going to kill them and they just knock him out and run away. They could have atleast tied him up. This guy keeps coming back through out the movie. Anyway... Tony and Wolf have to win an axe that can cut anything so they can cut Virgnias still growing hair. This part is pretty funny. Then they go to the Little Lamb village. The Lamb village is pretty funny at times and has some of my favorite lines/scenes.moreless
Aden Gillett

Aden Gillett

Viscount Lansky

Guest Star

James Cosmo

James Cosmo

Juliet the Blind Woodsman

Guest Star

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis

Acorn the Dwarf

Guest Star

Robert Hardy

Robert Hardy

Chancellor Griswold

Recurring Role

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    • Wolf: Forgive us, noble woodsman, but have you seen a gorgeous girl with very long hair?
      Woodsman: I haven't seen anything, I'm blind.
      Tony: A blind woodsman?
      Woodsman: Have you ever seen a tree move?

    • Virginia: I'm going to die of long hair!

    • Sally Peep: My, what hairy, strong arms you've got. If my door wasn't locked I'd be scared you'd come into my house and huff and puff and blow all my clothes off.
      Wolf: Where do you live, Sally?
      Virginia: Okay, let's go.

    • Wolf: Virginia! Can I ask you a question?
      Virginia: What?
      Wolf: How long is you hair now?
      Virginia: Longer than ever. It's... no. No.
      Tony: That's a great idea!
      Virginia: NO!
      Wolf: I've always wanted to say this. Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks. [Hair falls in his face.]

    • Magic Bird: I know where Virginia is.
      Tony: Where?
      Magic Bird: She's in a tree that is not a tree. In a place that is not a place.
      Tony: Can we just stop with the rhyming crap, take us there!

    • Tony: You're a sick pervert, huh? You've done this before, haven't you?

    • Tony: What is it with you people? What kind of twisted upbringing did you have? Why can't you just say: "Oh, that'll be 100 gold coins". Why does it always have to be: "No! Not unless you lay a magic egg, or count the hairs on the giant's ass"!

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