The 10th Kingdom

Season 1 Episode 9

Part 9

Aired Unknown Mar 26, 2000 on NBC
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Part 9
The Trolls, now teamed up with the Huntsman, have captured Virginia, Tony and Prince. Meanwhile, The Evil Queen prepares the false Wendell's coronation. Tony and Virginia manage to escape, but Prince is left behind. On their way to Wendell’s castle to stop the coronation, they decide to take a shortcut through the Deadly Swamp. In the swamp, Virginia finds the body of "The Swamp Witch" (Snow White's evil stepmother.) Tony eats some magic singing mushrooms and drinks the swamp water, and Virginia joins him. The mushrooms and swamp water make them fall into a dream filled sleep and swamp vines begin to cover them.moreless

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  • picks up pace... *spoilers*

    I have the dvd and saw this on TV. Im not sure where exactly this chapter ends. In this chapter Virginia and Tony are trying to get to Wendells castle and they take a bad short cut through a nasty swamp. They are both put under a sleeping spell and vines were covering them and pulling them into the swamp. Then Wolf shows up like a knight in shining armor and saves them both! Three Cheers For Wolf! I was so excited to see him return! The story just wasn't the same with him gone. Wolf guides them out of the forest and the decide to wait until night to sneak in. At this point it is very obvious that Virginia has fallen for Wolf and she really missed him. She is much nicer to him. Virginia and Wolf play a game of hide and seek that leads to a bit more... Use your imagination here...moreless
Daniel Lapaine

Daniel Lapaine

Prince Wendell White

Dawnn Lewis

Dawnn Lewis

Blabberwort the Troll

Dianne Wiest

Dianne Wiest

The Evil Queen/Christine Lewis

Hugh O'Gorman

Hugh O'Gorman

Burly the Troll

Jeremiah Birkett

Jeremiah Birkett

Bluebell the Troll

John Larroquette

John Larroquette

Tony Lewis

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    • Virginia: I knew she'd come back because she left all her clothes, you know she loved her clothes more than anything in the world and I kept going to her room and checking on them. And then after a few months you suddenly said we had to get rid of them all so I remember folding them all very neatly and I kep hoping that there was going to be a secret note or something that would be written for me, just to me, telling me that she loved me and explaining some secret, magical reason that she had to go. I mean I still have this uncontrollable urge to just go up to people and say "My Mother left me when I was 7!" As if that will explain everything. And I miss her, and I hate her, and I miss her and I feel like I was on train and it crashed and no one came and rescued me. I always wanted my life to be a fairy story and now it is.

    • Tony: It's about time. Where's the wood?...For the fire?
      Virginia: Oh, couldn't find any.
      Tony: Couldn't find any wood? In a forest?

    • Wolf: You run into the woods and I'll cover my eyes.
      Virginia: (surprised and confused) Sorry?
      Wolf: Into the trees and I'll cover my eyes and I'll count to 100.
      Virginia: (laughing) Are you serious?
      Wolf: Oh, yes! I won't cheat. I promise. I won't cheat.
      Virginia: That's not the point. I...
      Wolf: Alright, alright, alright. Maybe I'll count a little quicker after 50, but I promise you'll get a proper count from me.
      Virginia: I am not playing hide and seek with you.
      Wolf: Come on, come on, come on. (covers eyes) One...two...three...
      Virginia: No!
      Wolf: (counting faster) Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine...You better run.
      Virginia: (shrieks and runs off)

    • Young Virginia: Tell me a story.
      Christine: Alright. Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl who lived on the edge of the forest. Her mommy told her to never go into the forest, but do you know what she did?
      Young Virginia: No.
      Christine: Yes, you do. She went into the forest and met a monster and then she died. And everyone forgot about her and we all lived happily ever after.

    • Swamp Witch: Are you lost, my child? Are you lost? Let me show you the way. Come to me. Come in and you will lose your pain forever. Look! I am dying, but my work is unfinished. The house of Snow White survives! You will do my work for me and I will give you all my power.

    • Acorn the Dwarf: Maybe what you seek is down there?
      Virginia: (worried) What do you mean?
      Acorn the Dwarf: Don't know really, I just always wanted to say it.

    • Wolf: Virginia, I could follow your scent across time itself.

    • Virginia: You haven't seen my father walking around anywhere here, have you? Oh, he might have been singing "Whiter Shade of Pale".

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