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  • A Fantastic Fairy Tale!

    What began as a Cynical Young Woman and her greedy father's journey to find a way home from a mystical and beautiful world evolved into one of the most unique and fullfiling events ever to be aired on television.

    The 10th Kingdom was a Magical fairy tale come true, set in the world of Fairy Tales. A hybrid of Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Action and Comedy is wraped in a form of a Coming of Age tale of a trouble girl. Meet Virgina, a pretty yet lonley waitress from the bustling 10th Kingdom, that runs across a strange dog which later gets her and her father, Tony, involved in an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. One in which she must learn to conquer her demons and save Nine Mythical Kingdoms, that she thought were only make believe. Along the way she grows to trust, love and ultimatley believe that thier is still good in the world, with help from the many new friends she meets, and conquer one surprisingly evil enemy.

    Told with a flair for the dramatic, yet always down to earth, with strange yey familiar characters that are believable and yet still unreal, and an all star cast of truly talented people, if you ever loved the stories of the Brothers' Grimm search the 10th Kingdom out, you won't be dissapointed.
  • This 10-hour comic-epic event is meant for adults, as is the Arabian Nights, which has been politically corrected a tad for contemporary American audiences.

    Only watched the first DVD. A level of intellgience for maybe a 12 year old with adult themes for at least a 16 year old, particularly violence. And none of this in a way an adult who enjoys young adult fiction might enjoy. I say pass. Nonetheless, I settled in to enjoy it from a kid's perspective, thinking I could vet it for my sister to see if my nephews could watch it. Ugh. A lot of the humor is just plain ugly. Wait a minute I wouldnt let my kids watch this. If I were rating this I would give it a PG 16.
  • One fantastic fairy tale with a strong characters and a captivating story.

    I do believe that most of us enjoyed fairy tales in childhood. The best thing about "The 10th Kingdom" is that it successfully manages to bring back that fascination over fantastic stories even to grown-ups.
    Summarizing the story told in this magical fairy tale is about Virginia's, who is a modern world strong and kind of cynical woman, and her greedy father's travels through the fairy tale land aka the 9th Kingdom trying to find their way back home to modern day New York. Their journey is filled with lots of magical adventures and some major obstacles they have to overcome. Just like in any other fairy tale where the good has to overcome the bad ;)
    On the other hand it is a powerful story of love, coming of age and a girls struggle to find her heart.
    Recommended to anyone who loves a good fantasy story + a good dose of romance. Haven't met the Wolf yet? Indulge yourself and join the Wolf lovers club ;)
  • Great

    This is one of the best miniseries I have ever seen and a must see for lovers of fairy tales. Fairy tales rarely work on TV, but for some reason they really got it right with this one. The characters were all well done and the action sustained for the whole series. I particularly loved Wolf who may be one of my all time favorite "heroes" (I use that term loosely). The acting was superb as was the special effects. I highly recommend finding it and giving it a watch if you missed it. I've re-watched it and still love it.
  • Absolutely Fantastic! To anyone who likes their fairytales with a touch of

    This is one of my favourite movies! My mom rented it for my brother and I when I was younger and we watched the movie almost the whole way through! (by the way this is 6.5 hours). and yes its long but it is most definitely worth the time. I have taken more than one sick day in order to watch this in one day. The story is funny, charming and just a delight. I have made many people watch it and though reluctant at first, they end up loving the twisted fairytale and of course Wolf. Yes the movie is kind of cheesy but give it a break it was done on a mini-series budget. Also, who doesn't like a little cheese? Especially when it comes with such an awesome movie!
  • Who liked to watch Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc...? Then THIS is for you, every fairytale in one excellent show!

    Magical, simply magical. Every fairytale ever created put together in this wonderful mini-series show. Comedy, sci-fi, magic, action, romance, drama, even a little animation, you name it. The 10th Kingdom covers almost every TV genre. In a couple of words: one of the best shows ever made out there. If you still haven't watched it, you just CAN'T miss it.
    There's a girl who lives in New York, Virginia Lewis, and lives with her dad the repairman, Tony. Virginia is a waitress in a restaurant. She was going to work one night, and accidentally hit a dog with her bike. Since he didn't have a collar, she took him with her to the restaurant to recover. Meanwhile, there was a person chasing after that dog and he got to the restaurant, but Virginia had already left by the time he did. She tried to let the dog go, but he had a reason she hit him with the bike, to warn her of a danger approaching her. However, there were also some trolls after the dog too, from a distant kingdom... The person after the dog, the Wolf from the same kingdom, got to Virginia's house and gave her dad a magic bean that would give him a couple of wishes after he ate it, in exchange for telling him where Virginia and the dog are. But Tony got in trouble by making some wishes, and the police busted him for wishing for some stolen money. He escaped the police and the trolls that discovered his location, and he found Virginia with the dog. He wished to understand what the dog says, and he found out he's a prince from a kingdom, and that the evil sorceress from that world turned him into a dog and turned the dog into himself, so that she takes over the Nine Kingdoms with the false prince. He also told them they should follow him to a hidden portal to the Kingdoms, and when they got there, their magical adventure to save the Nine Kingdoms began, with the Wolf and the trolls after them...
  • The 10th Kingdom brings you into a world of magic and fairytales!

    I remember when I was little, I always loved to read fairytales and listen to my parents telling the stories about Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and so on. The Tenth Kingdom is an exciting, fascinating show for those of you who love fairytales and entering an imaginary world. The technical effects of the show are not very good, for examle, when magic is portrayed. But the storyline is quite good and the actors are superb, especially Scott Cohen, who plays the wolf. I would say that it is worth watching. There's always something exciting going on and the way they use the fairytale storylines is amazing. To those of you who think that this is a children's show, you should try watching. Because I would say it's more of a family show, but not suitable for the youngest children. Sequel, please!
  • fantastic.

    It is the perfect mixture of comedy, action and fantasy. Wolf, half- man and half- wolf, definitely steals the show, but the rest of the cast is great, as well. The story revolves around Virginia (Kimberely Williams), her father, Tony (John Larroquette), and Wolf (Scott Cohen) trying to save the Nine Kingdoms and restore Prince Wendell, who is now a dog thanks to the evil Queen (Diane Weist), to his throne. What results is a breathtaking adventure which makes you hold your breath and laugh out loud at the same time. Scott Cohen plays Wolf to perfection and John Larroquette is brillantly funny as usual, constantly lamenting about the weird ways of the Nine Kingdoms. "What is it with you people?" He finally cries out. This movie is definitely worth its incredible length- 10 hours.
  • One of the best mini-series out there...

    This is one of my favourite mini-series and it was actually one that I originally wasn’t too interested in watching. The fact that it was based around fairytale type characters made me a little sceptical because though I used to love being read them when I was a kid, looking back they weren’t exactly the funniest.

    But that’s what makes this so great.

    It brings to you all the things you remember imagining as a kid but so much better. Not only is it funny but it’s endearing and spirited it’s everything you want when you sit down to watch television - entertainment.

    I just love it. The cast is perfect. The dialogue is perfect. It is visually perfect and it created my favourite phrase! “Suck an Elf.”
  • The 10th Kingdom is an absolutely fantastic series that will entertain you no matter what age you are. The writing is crisp and lively, the acting worthy of praise, and the special effects magnificent.

    The 10th Kingdom is a difficult show to sell. On paper it has all the hallmarks of a typical family show. However, it has a surprisingly dark edge to it, which when first witnessed, can be quite a shock.

    From the moment it gets going, the adventure never really lets up. Over the course of 10 hours you feel just as exhausted as the characters themselves. While the first episode primarly deals with life in our own world, it isn't long before we are whisked away to the lands of the 9 kingdoms, and all manner of strangeness awaits us.

    Like Gulliver's Travels before it, The 10th Kingdom is not afraid to accept that its audience might bear some intelligence. There is plently here for the adult viewer to enjoy. A juicy subplot about family breakup, parental seperation and sexual anxiety. And it's all done under the radar of the young ones.

    They'll be too busy enjoying the myriad of strange characters that populate the lands of the 9 kingdoms. From elves to dwarfs, goblins to troll, almost all fairytale being recieve a name check of sorts.

    It's an odd mix, a family adventure that can be enjoyed by all. Surely worthy of a moments notice. So if you are a fan of good fantasy, family entertainment, or simply a ripping yarn, you could do worse than check out The 10th Kingdom. You won't be dissapointed.
  • This is a great show, I love watching it. It's funny and entertaining.

    This story is about a girl and her father who find theirselves in a land where fairytales and magic are real and anything can happen. It’s jam packed with fairytales, myths, legends, and nursery rhymes. It has magic, adventure, mystery, comedy, and love. There are trolls, talking dogs, magic mirrors, evil queens, and wolves.

    I think the book describes the story best, “Once upon a time a beautiful waitress and her father met up with a dog who wasn’t a dog but a prince who’d been turned into a dog. And then the most evil women in the world escaped from prison and sent three bad trolls and a vicious wolf to find the prince. And then the wolf fell in love with the waitress and didn’t know whether he wanted to marry her or eat her. Don’t worry. It’s not confusing. It’s just the 10th Kingdom.”

    I recommend this!
  • From the day I saw first part of the 10th Kingdom I am absolutely in love with it...

    10th Kingdom as simply - a fairytale. Fairytale about fairytales. Sometimes, I kinda miss all those shows I was seeing when I was little, even cartoons are now very violent. The 10th Kingdom is rare show that makes us remember who we used to be, days when we dreamed about something diferent, adventure and love. So, when I'm angry, lonely and hurt I watch 10th Kingdom.
    Virginia got the chance we all wanted. She got the chance to get out and be someone else. Apparantly, this chance never comes to us when we are ready, or we are never actually ready for it, but when it comes we should accept it cause it may change our lives, and even save them.