The 10th Kingdom

NBC (Mini-Series 2000)


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  • This is a great show, I love watching it. It's funny and entertaining.

    This story is about a girl and her father who find theirselves in a land where fairytales and magic are real and anything can happen. It’s jam packed with fairytales, myths, legends, and nursery rhymes. It has magic, adventure, mystery, comedy, and love. There are trolls, talking dogs, magic mirrors, evil queens, and wolves.

    I think the book describes the story best, “Once upon a time a beautiful waitress and her father met up with a dog who wasn’t a dog but a prince who’d been turned into a dog. And then the most evil women in the world escaped from prison and sent three bad trolls and a vicious wolf to find the prince. And then the wolf fell in love with the waitress and didn’t know whether he wanted to marry her or eat her. Don’t worry. It’s not confusing. It’s just the 10th Kingdom.”

    I recommend this!