The 10th Kingdom

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  • Season 1 Episode 6: Part 6

  • When Tony comes out of the pub drunk, in Little Lamb Village, and says to Prince: "Wanna go for walkies?" a car headlight moving across a distant road can be seen in the background.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Part 4

  • When Tony finds the Golden River Gold Fish, it says:

    Stick your finger in my mouth
    Then turn around 'til you face south
    Touch a thing that you would prize
    And you will not believe your eyes
    Here is magic to behold
    All that glitters can be gold.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Part 3

  • Joining Tony on the prison duty to clean out the dungeon were: Pine Nut The Dwarf, Arthur Wulffe, Lopsided Larry, Woody Waxface, Snowdrop The Troll, Gaskin The Goblin, Almond The Elf, Bad Fairy Mary, Daisy The Troll, No Eyes Eddie, Gropy The Goblin, Arnold Peachy, Murray The Mute and Dicey The Dwarf.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Part 2

  • Tony gets 6 wishes from his magic wishing bean. They are: I wish that you and your entire family would kiss my ass and be my slaves forever; Okay Wishmaster, give me a never-ending supply of beer; I wish I had something that would clean this apartment, and I would never have to lift a finger; Hey Wishmaster, how about a million dollars; I wish I could escape from this police car, right now; I wish I could understand everything this dog is saying.

  • Wolf reads several books that were recommended by a psychiatrist. Known books mentioned are: Breaking the Cycle (How to Survive in Spite of Your Parents in the novel); Heal Yourself in Seven Days (The Courage to Heal in the novel); Stop Blaming Yourself Please (When Am I Going to be Happy in the novel);Help for the Bedwetting Child; Women Who Love Men, Who Hate Women (Women Who Love Too Much in the novel); Iron John; Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway; Curing why I'm so Miserable (What Do Women Want in the novel); and How to Marry the Girl of your Dreams.

  • Oddly enough Wolf dislikes dogs: in the mini-series he says, "Oh, I hate dogs" when Virginia refuses to leave Prince in the Snow White Memorial Prison. In the novel adaptation, Wolf says: "A dog is a wolf crossed with an old pillow. They are tail-wagging slipper collectors. And wolves can be shot on sight in his miserable kingdom. "

  • The map of The Nine Kingdoms is a modified map of Europe.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Part 1

  • The episode features song "Night Fever" by the Bee Gees.

  • Throughout the series Wolf scratches his head 34 times.

  • The number 7 is really important here. Virginia was left at age 7 by her mother. Snow White left the castle when Wendell was 7. The 7 dwarves climbed over the 7 hills. In the book it is mentioned it took the gypsies 7 years to catch all the birds. Tony is cursed with 7 years bad luck when he breaks the mirror. When Relish first invades Bean Town he gives Wendell 7 days to come and face him. Anthony and Wendell all have 7 letters in their names. In the dream sequence in the swamp, Anthony is on the phone with Virginia and says that he now has a 7 year old son who he needs her to take care of.

  • Origin of the troll's phrase 'Looky Look': In the original Grimm's Fairy Tale "Cinderella" when the step-sisters try on the glass slipper birds chant to the prince: "Looky, look, look at the shoe that she took. There's blood all over, and the shoe's too small. She's not the bride you met at the ball" .

  • The currency of the 4th Kingdom is: The Wendell; after Prince/King Wendell. Wendells' are available in Gold Coins and Paper Notes.

  • At least as far back as his Grandmother, Snow White, blood members of the House of White all have names beginning with W: Snow White's son's was named Whitney, and Wendell's full name is Wendell Winston Walter White.

  • There are Five Women Who Changed History. They are: "Snow White, Cinderella, Queen Riding Hood, Gretel the Great and The Lady Rapunzel".

  • Whenever Wolf has been stressed, angered, frustrated, etc., he utters a Nine Kingdoms profanity (possibly for wolves only): "Cripes" and "Huff-Puff" or else he just growls.

  • The motto for Tony's failed business investment, the bouncy castle, was: 'Put the bounce back in your life'.

  • Virginia's address in the mini-series is: "Apartment 2006, No. 2, East-81st Street", but in the novel adaption its: "Apartment 17a, No. 2, East-81st Street".

  • Through most of his scenes in the miniseries, Wolf wears clothes suspiciously similar to the pinstripe jacket outfit sported by the Big Bad Wolf in Tex Avery's famous "Red-Hot Riding Hood" cartoons.

  • Tony (John Larroquette) also plays an uncredited role in the series. He is the giant bounding across the transformed New York City in the opening credits.

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