The 11 O'Clock Show

Channel 4 (ended 2000)


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  • What a funny show!!! God I miss it...

    Well I was like what are my favourite TV shows past and present... and it seems everyones forgotton the genius that was this show... I think It was the only time in my life where, I religously couldent wait for the show... And may I remind you all, this is the birth place of Ali G & Ricky Gervaise... Ali G's interviews in this show were probably his best ever (can still see some on Youtube) and Daisy Donovan's interviews of MP's who hadnt got a clue of her comedy agenda PRICELESS ("So can you say then with the conservatives and the liberal democrats, can you really acheive double penetration?" Reply YES... lol Loved this show, honoured to be its first review