The 1/2 Hour News Hour

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot Episode 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2007 on FOX News Channel
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Pilot Episode 1
This show was pitched to the Fox Network, but was rejected as a late-night program. The show was brought to the attention of Fox News Channel's Roger Ailies, who gave it a pilot trial.

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  • This was a pioneering attempt to get another type of satire on the air.

    This was a pioneering attempt to get another type of satire on the air. The format is classic. Anyone who watch "Saturday Night Live" is familiar with it. It has spawned many incarnations sense then, including those on the Comedy Channel in the US.

    The two anchors to a good job. He is a dead pan foil, and she's a bit more animated.

    The commercials are well done. I hope they continue the ACLU ones. They are dead on and scary in their similarity to reality.

    In all the first episode was a good start. I hope they can build upon it. As a polarizing show, it will need to build a loyal fan base.moreless
  • Bad copy of TDS.

    This show is SO bad at trying to be funny, that it SHOULD make you laugh, but it doesn't.

    There is no real angle, they just jump around sides and make bad jokes. I have nothing else to say, I only watched 10 minutes, but I must keep going because of the 100 word minimum, 41 words left, bad, lame, stupid, pathetic, stale, flat, brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, dodo, doltish, dopy, dotterel, dull, dumb, foolish, futile, gullible, half-witted, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, inane, indiscreet, insensate, irrelevant, irresponsible, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, obtuse, pointless, puerile, senseless, short-sighted. Conservatives are inherently unfunny.moreless
  • I am giving this show a chance because I think it should have one.

    Now all liberals say that NBC, ABC, and CBS are balanced and a network like Fox News is not. If you are reading this and believe what I just wrote, go to another page because I am just going to piss you off! I think CBS is the most leftist network there is and you could intertwine NBC with them. ABC is the one major network that is close to being fair, but I still hold my nose when it is on. The main reason that LIBERALS hate Fox News is that they show both sides, instead of one side. LIBERALS do not want to be exposed for their ideas, that is why they call themselves PROGRESSIVE instead of LIBERAL! It is funny that CONSERVATIVES love to stand up and be proud of who they are. Just like this show!!moreless
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Dom Irrera

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Jonathan Mangum

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    • Leyla Milani: Hello. I'm actress Leyla Milani. Many of you may know me from my work on Deal or No Deal, where I am girl number 13 with the awesome hair in the middle row. Thank you. As you know, most celebrities champion worthy causes each and every year, yet we find ourselves in a world with more celebrities than worthy causes. Darfur, African orphans, global warming? They've all been taken. Celebrities are scrambling to find that special disease in third-world countries that will help win hearts the people like you and me. Well, like you. If you work for a charity that doesn't have a celebrity endorsement, give us a call. We are Hollywood Helping Humanity, and we care, a lot, about humans.

    • Jennifer Lange: Nigerian officials met with US officials this week to discuss debt relief. The Nigerians claim there's 10 billion dollars in a secret bank account, and if the US would just give them 100 million dollars, they could get the money from the secret bank account, and give us a billion dollars of it.

    • Kent McNally: The company that publishes Time Magazine has just laid off 289 staffers. To soften the blow, each of the 289 laid-off workers has been named Time's Unemployed Person of the Year.

    • Kent McNally: Raghad Hussein is still angry that she was not allowed a final phone call to her father Saddam Hussein, before he was hanged. Because she was denied this last phone call, Raghad was forced to call her mother to get authorization for raising the credit limit on her Visa card.

    • Timothy Cox: Hi, I'm Thimothy Cox. There was a time in America when white supremacy and other hate groups had to operate in the shadows. Afraid to walk the streets in the daylight. Afraid to show their faces. But 1977, a group of Neo-Nazis sued for their right to march threw Skokie, Illinois; a town where thousands of Holocaust survivors lived. People like me helped those Neo-Nazi's take their case all the way up to the Untied States Supreme Court, and guess what? They won! We won! So today, vicious hate-groups can march anytime they want to, anywhere they please, in these United States of America. Who did that? I did that. I am the ACLU!

    • Kent McNally: A lot of people say these medical-theme books are too frightening for children, there's Charlie and the Cholesterol Factory.
      Jennifer Lange: And there's this one, James and the Giant Melanoma. Let's just say it doesn't have a happy ending.
      Kent McNally: About the same can be said about this last one Jennifer, Garfield Goes to the Free Clinic. You know what? I'm actually itching to read this one.

    • Jennifer Lange: Here's a book that supposedly uses the language of Hip-Hop to teach young girls to have a healthy body image, Little Women With Junk In Their Trunk.

    • Jennifer Lange: and Tango makes three is a children's book that tells the true story of two male penguins at the New York aquarium who paired up as a couple and raised a baby chick, hatched from another penguin's discarded egg.
      Kent McNally: The book created quite a stir with some parents saying that adult issues, like homosexuality are inappropriate in children's books.
      Jennifer Lange: People are saying the same thing about this book, Harry Potter and the Alternative Lifestyle.
      Kent McNally: I always had my suspicions about that Potter kid, always looked at Ron more than Hermione.

    • Kent McNally: Illinois Senator Barack Obama admits that as a teenager, he sometimes used cocaine. This news sent Obama's approval rating among Democrats, plummeting to an all time low of 99.9%. But in a related story, Senator Obama has just been endorsed for president by former Washington, DC mayor, Marion Barry.

    • Jennifer Lange: The multimillion dollar home of actress Susan Summers was destroyed in a Malibu wildfire. After the fire, Malibu residents were shocked and horrified to learn that Susan Summers had been living in a multimillion dollar home.

    • Jennifer Lange: Congressman Dennis Kucinich said he will try to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine," a measure aimed at restricting "Conservative Talk Radio." Unfortunately he said it on Air America radio, so nobody heard it.

    • Kent McNally: After months of being criticized for hosting a Holocaust-denial conference in December, The Iranian government is now denying that the conference ever took place.

    • Jennifer Lange: In announcing her candidacy, Mrs. Clinton said "I'm beginning a conversation with you. Let's talk. Let's chat." If you would like to chat with Mrs. Clinton, it's $4.99 for the first minute, and $2.99 for each additional minute.

    • Kent McNally: Welcome to The Half-Hour News Hour, the show that delivers an hour's worth of news in 30 minutes or it's free.

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    • Kent McNally's opening line stating that the show will deliver an hour's worth of news in 30 minutes or it is free refers to the 80s and 90s pizza guarantee by Domino's Pizza of having a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or the pizza was free.