The 1/2 Hour News Hour

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot Episode 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on FOX News Channel
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Pilot Episode 2
This was the second pilot of the show that aired on March 4, 2007

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  • As the second installment of the show, this builds on the first pilot episode. It does so initially in a great way.

    As the second installment of the show, this builds on the first pilot episode. It does so initially in a great way.

    The Presidential talk at the beginning is bound to be a classic. Here are two "arch" conservative icons doing a bit of satire on the currents topics of the day. With no fear or politically correct tip toeing around, the address the most contentious issues head on. What stand out is their ability to laugh at themselves. This is important as that ability sets one aside from the mean spirited satire that is so common. That segment alone makes this episode a "must see."moreless
  • Wants so hard to be The Daily Show for conservatives. It fails.

    As a conservative, I so wanted this series to succeed when I first heard about it. But now three episodes into it, it's still excruciatingly painful to watch. It's simply not funny. Yeah, I hate that Jon Stewart hasn't got a clue what "fair and balanced" means, as well, but at least on occasion he's funny.

    The problem is that this show is way too stilted, and the comedy isn't nearly biting enough in its satire. Nor is it topical enough. C'mon, the ACLU defending neo-Nazis? That was like 30 years ago that happened. Can't you come up with anything the (Illegal) Aliens Civil Liberties Union (aka the Everybody But Americans Civil Liberties Union) has done lately to poke fun at? And of all the Hollywood liberals to go after, you picked Ed Begley Jr? At least he actually lives the lifestyle the other liberals want to see America leading so they can feel better about the leer jets.

    Take a harder look at your competition. The Daily Show and SNL's Weekend Update make great examples. The Daily Show is filmed daily, and Weekend Update airs live, which gives them excellent opportunity to attack stuff that's happened in the headlines, giving their humor a much more relevant and fresh feel. Also, let the anchors loosen up some. Haven't you ever noticed how wonderfully coy Amy Poehler or Tina Fey can be, or even Jon Stewart? I know -- let Janice Dean host this show ... the weather machine was a hoot when she was on Red Eye, I bet she'd be just loose and fun enough to give this show some of the bite it lacks.

    You might also want to consider moving it to a different Fox property, either FX or the Fox broadcast network. A satirical news show doesn't belong on a real news network. I mean, liberals already think that Fox News is "Faux News" -- don't give them actual faux news to prove them right.moreless
  • A show that opens big and then gets 13 new episodes for having the highest cable-news ratings in it's time slot.

    Well if the first episode was so bad, as all the liberial critics marched in lock-step to say, how was it that the second pilot episode kicked all the other cable-news show's butt? I have read on websites, blogs, and the "drive-by media," just how boring it is and how lame the jokes were. But it is so funny how the second show was not only the top rated cable-news rated show for it's time slot, but for the whole 5PM to 11PM slot. I guess that the "right-wing" conspericy was behind Fox News to order 13 new episodes! So you libs, watch your Daily News, and us Neo-Cons will watch our 1/2 Hour News Hour. Enuff said!moreless
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Jamie McShane

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Leyla Milani

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    • Jennifer Lange: Responding to charges that they stifled descent on global warming, The Weather Channel insist that human activity is the main source of climate change, and that this will remain their position the subject, even if it cost them their viewer.

    • Kent McNally: Los Angeles may join New York, Boston, and other major US cities in banning trans fats. Exempted from the Los Angeles ban, of course, would be trans fats extracted from the buttocks and injected into the face.

    • Kent McNally: Good evening this is The Half-Hour News Hour. The show that delivers an hour's worth of news in 30 minutes or less, or it's free.

    • President: Good evening my fellow Americans.
      Vice President: Mega dittos.
      President: Thank you. We have just completed the first hundred days of our administration, executing the office flawlessly. Zero mistakes. Let's take a look at our report card, I have it right here. Well what do you know, straight As. We have excelled in every conceivable area. Employment, 100 percent. Inflation, 0.
      Vice President: And tell them about that foreign stuff.
      President: Oh yeah. Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Bin Laden, dead. al-Qaida, rolled up. North Korea, no more nukes.
      Vice President: And?
      President: Oh yeah, right, the one thing they said couldn't be done, Britney Spears is wearing panties again.
      Vice President: America thanks you sir.
      President: Well thank you, it wasn't easy. Anyway, now that America is back on track, I will be taking a much-deserved vacation. In my absence, Vice President Coulter will be the leader of the free world. I will see you in about a month madam Vice President, the doctrine of democracy will be out on the golf course. If you need anything, call Secretary of the State Drudge, he'll handle everything.
      Vice President: Cool.
      (The President walks away, while the Vice President picks up a phone.)
      Vice President: Hello Pentagon? This is acting President Coulter, are there any countries we haven't invaded yet? Canada, hum.

  • NOTES (1)

    • After the success of this show, and the previous pilot, Fox News Network ordered 13 episodes of the show to be broadcast on Sunday night.


    • In the opening skit between President Limbaugh and Vice President Coulter, the President said the doctrine of democracy will be out on the golf course. Rush Limbaugh calls himself The Doctrine of Democracy on his radio program.

    • During the opening scene the President of the United States is played by Rush Limbaugh The Vice President is played by Ann Coulter. The President opened his introduction, that was responded by the Vice President, by her saying "mega dittos." The phrase "mega dittos," is a phrase used on Rush Limbaugh's radio show to say you like the show, without taking up too much air-time.