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  • An unfunny parody of The Daily Show, whose jokes are comparable to Catholic school abuse.

    This is one of the worst shows I've ever seen, but even the newest episodes of Saturday Night Live are executed very well, compared to this piece of word-I-can't I'm not trying to be political, just helping those who cannot help themselves when it comes to channel surfing. Constant barrage of you know, I'm just going to stop, since I don't want to sound like a political commentator, but as someone who loves TV, and can smell out bad shows a mile away. Poor writing, unfunny parodies, and a concept completely wrong for a news channel, which is a fake news show on a (pardon this please) fake news channel. The Daily Show worked because it was on a comedy Channel. this does not. I hope this helped you out well. This is user plumber-man, signing off. oh, and people who think the show is hilarious? That means you do not have a sense of good taste or you need a better cable provider. If you have satellite, get a better provider. And if you disagree with this review, watch a real TV show once in a while. Then you decide.
  • The worst television show of all time.

    According to the elevator pitch, it's The Daily Show for conservatives. A brief segment of the show popped up on YouTube this week, and though it must have been intended as what we blue-state pansies would call an amuse-bouche, it looks more like a determined bid to lower expectations. The mind strains to conceive of political humor that might be less humorous-or, ultimately, less political. Hannity and Colmes trying "Who's on First"? Dennis Kucinich taking sledgehammer in hand to try Gallagher's act? Jimmy Fallon attempting a Thurmond-length filibuster?

    The anchors of the News Hour are parked, "Weekend Update"-style, at a desk on a set evocative of The Colbert Report. He is Kurt Long; she is Jenn Robertson. His jacket bunches at the shoulder, and her hairstylist has acted with malice. The look is in keeping with the ostentatiously humble Fox News aesthetic-a signal that the on-air talent isn't putting on airs, that you're watching something as homey as the leading morning show in Tucson. Kurt leads off the leaked segment thusly: "Illinois Senator Barack Obama admits that as a teenager he sometimes used cocaine. This news sent Obama's approval rating among Democrats plummeting to an all-time low of 99.9 percent." This gets some in-studio laughter, and Kurt forges ahead. "But, in a related story, Senator Obama has just been endorsed for president by former Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry."

    It happens that there's an actual joke in there, and The 1/2 Hour News Hour flubs it in eight or nine ways. On purely technical grounds, there's the glitch of the control room flashing its graphic of Barry at least two beats before the host reads his name and also the plain fact that 99.9 is not a funny number. You can nearly feel the missed opportunities-for the line to get pleasurably offensive with drug lingo or to turn back on the teller-whizzing past. Still, the bit seems worthy of the Algonquin Round Table compared with what follows, a mock ad for "BO: Barack Obama magazine," the cover lines of which include, "Should We Even Bother To Hold the 2008 Election?" The laugh track really goes for that one, as will a subset of viewers who-simply tickled to see a TV comedian pandering to them-really couldn't care whether the target gets hit. It happens that such folks would have done better to tune in to the recent episode of The Daily Show that found Jon Stewart goofing on the campaign songs of various Democratic candidates. The fact-based setup found John Edwards bounding across a blue-draped dais to "Our Country," John Mellencamp's populist jingle/Chevy anthem. The Daily Show then presented us with Obama at the same event, rescoring things so that he walked to the podium to the chorus of "Jesus Christ Superstar"-a more incisthan the News Hour's whole bit. For a kicker, they juxtaposed footage of Hillary with some vixenly bars from Kelis: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard … ."

    The 1/2 Hour News Hour is the brainchild of Joel Surnow, co-creator of 24. "Almost every comedy show or satire show I see uses the same talking points against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney," Surnow told Variety in November. "The other side hasn't been skewered in a fair and balanced way." Talking points? Fair and balanced? That's not the language of the writers' room. In any case, you couldn't skewer a cube of tofu with material this dull. It will play to the base, maybe, especially if the base hands the remote control to its 12-year-old son. As a humorless liberal, I can handle it. It's the conservatives-the ones with actual gifts for comedy-who ought to be sharpening their knives.
  • WORST SHOW IN TV HISTORY. This show makes Jerry Springer and My Mother the Car look like Shakespeare. I wouldn't make my worst enemy watch it.

    Fox must be desperate to even air this garbage in the first place. If you want to see the opposite of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and SNL, this is the show to watch. They're everything the Half-Hour News Hour isn't. A very bad National Lampoon Radio Hour (which ran a half hour too) ripoff. If I were associated with this show, I'd change my name so nobody would know.

    Worst than a waste of time, you feel dirty watching it. God knows what it is, but it isn't Comedy.

    Absolutely the worst show in Television history. Not funny, not satirical, not original, not parody, but the absolute worst possible combination of flat jokes, bad punchlines and commentary attempting to masquerade as comedy. Completely bereft of any redeeming values, a wasteland of a show in a wasteland of a medium, Television at it's nadir. Watch this show at your own risk. You'll need a drool cup past the first couple of minutes. I needed a long shower after watching the first show. You just feel dirty. Completely without any value whatsoever.
  • Atrocious.

    This show was so pathetic it was not even funny to laugh AT. The jokes were so lame and desperately trying to put a "funny" spin on the conservative agenda the way the Daily Show puts on a comedy "news" show with a liberal slant. The problem is that it just wasn't funny, even accidentally funny. Not even once. And I'm a conservative so this isn't a matter of politics! I desperately wanted this to be a good show to balance out TDS/Colbert Report but it was just awful. The performers were wooden and unfunny and the writing was just terrible. Not one funny moment was to be had in this entire mistake of a show.
  • Very sad, but misguided and talentless people are always good for a few laughs. Just look at American Idol.

    You can't review this show without an outright comparison to the Daily Show which the show is direct response to(the 1/2 hour news hour is a conservative attempt to fight back at the "liberal media" if you weren't already aware). If you're somewhat knowledgeable, you will probably point out that the Daily Show itself was an offshoot of SNL News skits, and you would be right. However, The Daily Show, on the one hand, is an evolution of the genre with consistently well thought out satire combined with the right amount of inane craziness to create a fine comedic show that is able to be funny four times each week. Few other comedies can compete with its consistency. The 1/2 hour news hour, on the other hand, is a step backward (maybe a few) from the SNL skits and is essentially mudslinging by conservatives that resembles a small child calling his classmate a "poopyhead" to masks his tears from years of being made fun of. It is very sad, but if you have a good sense of humor, the sadness is almost humorous as the show creators actually believe that it compares to others of the same genre.

    Beginning with the title which isn't funny or original(it wasn't funny when the joke was done the first time), the show is obviously conceived with little effort, and it believes it can get ratings simply by telling anti-liberal jokes, since Fox News' audience is made up of conservatives who will laugh, because they like anything that makes fun of Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, conservatives will get the chip off their shoulders and realize that The Daily Show makes fun of all politics and that creating a conservative counterpart to a great show isn't needed, since the niche of the genre has no room for a joke of a show. Like I said, this attempt at "payback" is just laughable
  • This is a different take on the comical review of the news format with a twist.

    This is a different take on the comical review of the news format with a twist.

    The controversy is that the different take is to the right of center. Ironically, this is seen a blasphemy by Hollywood, the Fourth Estate, and left wing. One would think such proponents of free speech, "diversity," ... etc would be accepting, but the turmoil surrounding this show belies the possibility.

    The show is similar to Saturday Night Live's new sketches. For the record, The Daily show was not the first to use this format. Remember that "X" and "Y" generations.

    The show has had a short run and needs to mature, but I give it a ten for originality. As one who feels different ideas breed advancement, I look forward to more.

    Open your mind and give it a try.

  • It's like the Daily Show, only without the funny.

    I'm glad they gave this show the axe and I really can't believe it took as long as it did. Fox News attempted to make a spoof of the Daily Show with a conservative spin, only they forgot that people watch the Daily Show because the jokes are actually funny. I'm actually sorry that this show was so terrible, because I'm a fan of competition. The only good thing about this show is that Dennis Miller has a segment. I'm a Dennis Miller fan, but even some of his humor was pretty dry in this. Not that reruns will be playing of this bomb anytime soon, but if for some reason they ever do, stay far, far away.
  • The networks and polarized left hate it! There must be something to watch. Many tend to stare at a car wreck; I look where others tell me not to. When individuals and special interests tell me to stay away, I go. So I went to HHNH and it was worth it.

    What a cool show! The networks and polarized left hate it! There must be something to watch. Many tend to stare at a car wreck; I look where others tell me not to. When individuals and special interests tell me to stay away, I go. So I went to "The Half Hour News Hour," and it was worth it.

    I love this. They say what they think. I am so tired of the usual stuff on the news networks. It is all a bunch of talking heads who read talking points, make false pretentions, and try to away the masses for special interests. This is different, and from a different piont of view.

    Only this show could would discuss news censored elsewhere.

    I hope the show takes off!

    If you have the time, if you love news, if you love discussions, if you love a new point of view, if you have a sense of humor; this is for you.
  • An interesting take on the news that must be doing something right if it "ticks" so many people off.

    An interesting take on the news that must be doing something right if it "ticks" so many people off.

    You have to wonder what is it about the "1/2 hour News Hour" that causes so many trolls to waste time attacking it. If a show gets this much attention, something is happening. If it was simply bad, it would be avoided and die obscure death of bad rating, but this show has gained a strident group of attacks from a group determined to see it is off the air. I must assume someone objects to the principle of this material being on the air. I usually take this as a warning sight; so I watched.

    It was interesting. The different point of view was refreshing. Not all agreed with me, but I had a good time. As one who thrives on diversity, "Kudos" to the "Half Hour News Hour!"
  • It's okay to be conservative, but if you're in the comedy game you should also try to be funny.

    Okay, I should say right off the bat that while I am not a democrat, I do tend to lean to the left. I'm not hiding that. But if conservatives want their own comedy news show, who is to deny them? The truth is that most of the time, all politicians deserve to be made fun of. So the only important question regarding the 1/2 Hour News Hour, isn't what's the agenda? The question is: is it funny? Unfortunately, it just isn't. At all.

    Contrary to what others have been suggesting, this show is not trying to be The Daily Show. But it's format does seem eerily similar to SNL's Weekend Update. Again though, none of this really matters because both Weekend Update and the Daily Show are much funnier. The anchors on this show have no real chemistry and don't look like they are having any fun. They look downright bored throughout most of the program. And some of the bits that other users have praised (especially the ACLU bits) might have been funny, except that the show basically rehashes them every single week. We get it. ACLU bad. Come up with a new joke. Even Dennis Miller, the only real comedian associated with this trainwreck, can't make this material work.

    Give Jon Stewart a little credit. It may be obvious that he's a liberal man at heart, but he's still willing to make fun of the Democrats when he feels they deserve it. Compare that to this show, which completely ignores the flaws of Republicans and only goes after Democrats. The show tries to justify this by saying they go after people not usually targeted in comedy shows. This explanation might have worked, if they didn't also make jokes about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Wake up, guys. Absolutely EVERYONE makes fun of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. And absolutely EVERYONE seems to have done it better than you.

    So what exactly is the problem with this show? Well, maybe a comedy show should come from a comedic mind. The 1/2 Hour News Hour is from Joel Surnow, of 24 fame. 24 is a brilliant program (or at least it was for its first five years), so its not like I came into this wanting to hate it. But take a look at 24: it's great drama, but it is also probably the least humorous show in the history of television. So why would someone from that kind of background try to do a comedy show? His inexperience in the genre clearly shows here, as the jokes fall very flat. My advice to the producers of this show is hire some new writers or be prepared to cash those unemployment checks very soon.
  • One of the most inivative new shows on television. I love it!

    One of the most inivative new shows on television. I love it!

    The Half Hour News Hour breaks new ground in attacking the news and the way it is presented. It is a show for the rest of us!

    I love the ALCU parodies. They are so right on! It is scary.

    The editorial are good too.

    If you watch, watch with an open mind. It is different, but it grows on you. Thanks Fox! I make time for this show every week. The problem is that the schedule has not been regular. Some weeks are repeats or no show even though it is in its first season.
  • It is a really interesting and different view of American culture and the news.

    I am not from the United States so when I look at The 1/2 Hour News Hour I may see it differently than many at It is really a interesting and different view of American culture and the news.

    What we see in my country is basically a ceratin segment of the US medias view of the world. It tends to cater to world opinion in an effort to gain an audience. The Half Hour News Hour shows a different side of American humor the major news services hide from us. Understanding is everything and this show adds to my understanding whether I agree with it or not.
  • Half Hour News Hour is a pioneering show that defies convention. The irreverence and alternate view to the Hollywood establishment makes it worth a look.

    Half Hour News Hour is a pioneering show that defies convention. The irreverence and alternate view to the Hollywood establishment makes it worth a look.

    For those with a open mind this is a show to try. You may not take to it, but by being open minded enough to check it out, it says something about your defiance of dogma and intellectual curiosity.

    It is loosely based on the "Saturday Night Live" model of news. Those who say The Half Hour News Hour is a rip off of the Daily Show should check history and Saturday Night Live. The two hosts here are good together and play off of each other.

    The vignettes are excellent. The ACLU spots are particularly funny, and scary in their factual basis.

    If you are a intellectually curious and honest individual, check out the Half Hour News Hour.

  • I like the idea of a different type of content. What is amazing is the reaction that there is to a different idea.

    I like the idea of a different type of content. What is amazing is the reaction that there is to a different idea.

    They must be doing something right at the Half Hour News Hours because its critics are up in arms. A bad show is just left to die. The critics of this show are incensed that it exists. They seem bound and determine to get something different off the air.

    This is as good a reason to keep it on the air as any else. I am amazed that those that extol the virtues of PBS programming with little on no following can not stand a privately funded show with a different view point? Is not the purpose of the news to make people think and expose them to different ideas?

    From the votes at, this show is polarizing. I say let it run and see how it does. If it survives in the economics of sponsors, keep it on. However, killing a show just because it disagrees with some, it undemocratic.
  • The 1/2 Hour News Hour is a change of pace in an otherwise stale range of networks, otherwise known as a dial.

    The 1/2 Hour News Hour is a change of pace in an otherwise stale range of networks, otherwise known as a dial.

    I am pleased to see another point of view out there. I do not always agree, but that is free speech. The fact that a comedy news show is out there that takes up issues others shun is cool. I hope the powers at be can remain calm enough to allow another opion to be aired.

    The set back so far is a erratic air schedule. Twice I have sat down to watch and found it pre-empted by something else. This can kill a shows ratings and chance to develope a following. This happened with a show I just reviewed, "Crusade."

    It will take time to see how the show goes, but o far it is a winner.
  • Anyone who actually thinks this show is funny or entertaining is either lying or has never actually watched a 'funny show'.

    Being an independant and enjoying fake news shows, when I first read the reviews on the program, I thought the obviously liberal opinions about the show were too harsh and just badmouthing the show because some of the jokes had been pointed at liberals. However, after watching the show for the first time tonight, I couldn't agree more.

    All the fake news shows I've seen poked fun at both liberal and conservative points of view. This show was completely one sided and blatently an attempt by FOX to try and fight back at the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. It was as if the writers/actors on the show had an inferiority complex. It was actually uncomfortable to watch because it was embarraslingly bad. I always try to have an unbiased point of view when approaching topics like this before I have the facts, but after watching the show I don't see how anyone could actually defend this show.

    When reading reviews of this show from conservitives who swear this show is great, I can't help but wonder about their motives. It is more respectable of a group of people to admit defeat when its this obvious instead of lying directly to your face.
  • This is a show that fils a void.

    This is one controversial show, but it does fill a void in current programing. The show strikes a nerve in many people with strong ideas. If however one has an open mind, "The Half Hour News Hour" has alot to offer.

    The skits are unique. No one else would do these in politically correct Hollywood. I'm glad to see they took the chance.

    Dennis Miller is a blessing to the show. He adds a known professional element. His editorials are a blast and show he is gifted with the English language.

    I am looking forward to more of "The 1/2 Hour News Hour."
  • A totally different type of satire from a unused angle, that is what "1/2 hour News Hour Is."

    A totally different type of satire from a unused angle, that is what "1/2 hour News Hour Is."

    This show is a satirical view of the news from a different perspective. You may not agree with the view, but it is an interesting perspective. I like things that are new and different so this appeals to me. It is provocative and will turn off some. If one is open minded, it is great. If one is dogmatic, then turn the channel and suck on a bone.

    I'm looking forward to the new season. I hope it pans out because the current crop of comedy news hours are a re-hash of the old "Saturday Night Live" sketch. Different is good. Try it!
  • Was that supposed to be funny? Are they using a Laugh Track? I swear I heard the same canned laughter over and over again and this show appears to be taped before a live audience.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: The ½ Hour News Hour. I feel that even before I start writing about The ½ Hour News Hour I must come clean. When I write my "Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot" segments I tend to chose programs that appeal to me based on a Log line, Promo or Buzz. I'd rather talk about programs I like and not promote the programs I don't. I am making an exception in the case of The ½ Hour News Hour. I felt it important to make this disclaimer. When I heard on Air America Radio that the FOX News Channel was entering the world of comedy... deliberately, I felt that I needed to see this train wreck. First of all I have to question the show’s originality when the title was stolen from The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour. Prior to watching the pilot I saw a clip of the show on YouTube.

    I have two questions.

    Was that supposed to be funny? Are they using a Laugh Track? I swear I heard the same canned laughter over and over again and this show appears to be taped before a live audience. Good comedy has to have a point of view. Satire only works when the comedian goes after every institution be it political, religious or corporate. The so-called Fair & Balanced News Channel is attempting to create a conservative counterpart to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. What they fail to grasp is that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert poke fun at everyone including the news media, themselves and their corporate owners. Although sometimes it’s easy to figure out what a comedian’s personal politics are, a professional will poke fun of everyone. All I could grasp from this YouTube clip is that The ½ Hour News Hour is throwing pies at the faces of liberals and missing the target. Satire is considered high brow comedy and what I have seen so far is about as sophisticated as throwing a pie at someone’s face. Fortunately for The ½ Hour News Hour I never judge a show by it’s pilot let alone a clip on YouTube.
    I saw the Pilot and I have a few notes:

    Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter don’t need a script to be funny they just have to be themselves.

    The Ed Begley Jr. bit was predictable and not funny. The callbacks on the Ed Begley Jr. bit were painful.

    BE FUNNY!!! So far all I have seen are people trying to be funny but are in essence comparable to a child on a playground saying, "I know you are, but what am I?"

    I watched the second episode and it was actually worse. There was a bit spoofing Dateline \ To Catch a Predator and another one making fun of racial profiling and both were painful to watch. I think the Fox News Channel should quit while they're behind and stick to what they do... just stick to what they do. After all the idea of the Fox News Channel doing a fake news show with a conservative slant is already redundant.

    To quote Theodore White, "A joke is like a frog. If you want, you can dissect it to see how the parts fit together and understand what makes it all work. But the frog tends to die in the process". Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • There is another side to the news, and it is not politically correct. "The 1/2 Hour News Hour" is a irreverent view of the news and current topics from a view point right of center.

    There is another side to the news, and it is not politically correct. "The 1/2 Hour News Hour" is a irreverent view of the news and current topics from a view point right of center. A product of "24" writer-producer, Joel Surnow, it is as different from the main stream as his drama series. Current events are covered in a manner to regular would consider; topics considered a "third rail" in media are embraced; hypocrisy is spotlighted; common sense rules dogma. This show is similar to the satire of "The Daily Show" and the early years of the news on "Saturday Night Live" with Chevy Chase and Jane Curtain. The news is digested in an unexpected manner with a bit of whimsy and out-rite satire. The unusual take with raise questions in some and ire in others.

    The show is clearly a risky endeavor. Can a show with a brazen sway right of center survive? Is there an audience willing to buck the long time trend in programming? "24" has bucked a trend, infuriated many, and survived. However, it is a drama. Can Surnow translated his "24" success to comedy? Time will tell.

    Television is a unforgiving medium. This show could become the victim of the Darwinian Economics of ratings and sponsorship. It is too early to tell with two pilot episodes; viewers and detractors will have to wait and see.
  • wow. words fail to give meaning to how droll and unoriginal this is. This show counts on blind hatred for anything liberal for its humor, yet tries to clone and mimic "the daily show" and fails miserably.

    This is partisan hackery at its worst. Unoriginal, unfunny, and a complete waste of airtime. I struggled through watching the first 2 episodes and was just aghast at how low quality it was. It tries desperately to do what "the daily show with Jon Stewart" does, except without funny writers and a blatant agenda to promote. The show might be funny if you are george bush or rush limbaugh, but, honestly, i think even they would be faking the laughter trying to get through this tripe. It was a cheap attempt to copy something great and it failed miserably. I'm well certain its ratings will be abysmal, yet, i;m also certain that it will follow the same mantra that the Bush administration follows for its own failed policies...just stay the course, if we keep at this miserable failure, we will have to succeed at some point. how wrong they are. Why cant i rate this below 0.1? i feel dirty even giving it that good of a score.
  • A valiant, although incredibly misguided and hollow pursuit into the world of political satire.

    It should be no surprise to anyone that the surging popularity of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report have left the producers at Fox News grinding their teeth. The 1/2 Hour News Hour is Fox's answer to those pesky liberals currently seated at the throne of political satire. The question [very few] people are asking is, can it stand up?

    The answer is no, it can't. Like Chevey Chase's impersonation of the late Gerald Ford, it falls flat on its face.

    In truth, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Personal politics aside, Stewart and Colbert are masters of their field. They know satire, and they know it well enough to make a substantial living out of it. And... let's face it, they're downright funny.

    As ambitious of a project as it is, the 1/2 Hour News Hour trips on its own feet when trying to achieve its goals of notoriety. The problem is, quite simply, that its objectives are incredibly unbalanced. In other words, it values content over quality. The program yearns to be seen as a conservative equivalent of the Daily Show, however it puts insufficient effort into the sheer wit that makes the Daily Show second to none. Instead, the anchors are content in making light, playful, and yet meaningless jabs at its intended liberal targets such as Barack Obama and the ACLU. Whereas the Daily Show follows a formula from A (the subject) to B (the context) to C (the fallacy) all the way to Z (the punchline), the 1/2 Hour News Hours jumps haphazardly from A to Z without a second thought. Some jokes manage to elicit light, charitable laughter from its live audience. Most don't, and are thus followed by a an added laugh-track.

    The problem with the program, therefore, isn't its message, but its lack thereof. There is very little [real] laughter to be had here, and its inevitable cancellation won't (or at least shouldn't) be marked with any vigil.

    In short, Fox News has failed.
  • Wow, I honestly could not have imagined this show to have been so terrible.

    My God. I don't really think I could describe the epic scale on which this program fails. The canned laughter is a perfect indicator of the weakness of the show's jokes. Supporters of the show may rant on and on about the "liberal bias" in the media and The Daily Show and Colbert Report in particular, but at least they manage to have a few barbs aimed at left leaning figures. The 1/2 Hour News Hour attempts to relentless bludgeon the left with dated, cookie-cutter, simply unfunny jokes, and makes a terrible mess of it. If anything, this program is an asset to the left, as it gives one an appreciation of the humor of the shows that are indicated as an example of liberal bias in the entertainment industry.
  • 1/2 hour bore hour.

    I wanted to try out this show and see if it was any good so i began to watch the pilot. Within fifteen minutes I had to change the channel. This show gives meaning to the words abysmal! It was just awful, I'm sorry!!

    The bit with Coulter and Rush were so awful, and so forced, I just couldn't take it. I don't consider myself Democrat or Republican and I was hoping this show may be the Daily Show for Republicans, but no. It falls so far short I was astonished.

    If Conservatives want a funny show they should watch The Colbert Report and just pretend it isn't satire.
  • Hey, Fox News, leave comedy to the professionals.

    Given the subject matter of the program in question, I must start out by saying that I am not a Democrat nor Republic.

    I am a political malcontent. As such, I enjoy laughing at politicians. They're hilarious! Even when they don't mean to be.

    Scratch that. Especially when they don't mean to be.

    Therefore, I thought I would like this show. My how wrong I was.

    I know the supporters of this show have already began claiming any and all criticism of this show as "liberal bias" (Gee, didn't see that one coming), but it really just wasn't funny.

    Limbaugh and Coulter should never be allowed to tell a joke every again.

    In conclusion, I must seriously say that it is lovely to see partisan hackery invade the beloved world of comedy.

    Political satire bashes both sides of the aisle.

    When it shows loyalty to one side or the other, it ceases to be satire and just becomes propaganda.
  • This show is sure to get bad reviews from the dominant and outdated liberal-biased print and network media.

    I can see that the so-called "tolerant" and "opened-mind" idiots have been screaming about this show as bad as Shilllary Clinton making a speech about how "patriotic" she is. The show, which is the conservative's answer to "The Daily Show," has started out slow. Now that Fox News Network has ordered 13 episodes, the money needed to put on a quality show will be available to put on a better, up-to-date show than having to do general news-type skits for the two pilots. Having Rush Limbaugh play the 2009 President of the United States, along with Ann Coulter as his Vice-President, ensured the show would attract attention and provoke the "Drive-By" liberal-media to turn all of it's collective-hated to conservatives toward it.