The $128,000 Question

(ended 1978)


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The $128,000 Question

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This was Viacom's attempt to resurrect The $64,000 Question, the legendary CBS game show that did not survive the quiz-show scandals of the late 1950s. Essentially, the host asked questions to a contestant, whose earnings went from $64 to $128 to $256 to $512 (questions were asked on an IBM typewriter). Then on $1,000/$2,000/$4,000 questions, it was on the video screen. Then it was into the isolation booth for $8,000-$64,000 questions. It just kept piling on, doubling with each correct answer. The contestant could stop at any time or keep going, knowing that he/she risked losing any accumulated winnings with an incorrect answer. To win the $128,000, you had to reach $64,000 and then come back later for a three week tournament. The winner of that tournament would get an extra $64,000 totalling $128,000!

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