The 1900 House

PBS (ended 2000)


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  • A call goes out all over Britain for a family who would be willing to go back in time to the year 1900 and be televised coping day-to-day. Once the Bowlers move in they're in for some surprises, good and bad.

    This is the television show that raised the bar of reality television. MTV blazed the trail with The Real World, Road Rules, etc. but the Brits are the ones who made this type of show worth watching.
    The selection of the family was done very well. The process included a psychologist who reviewed the submission tapes and watched the interaction of the family members. The Bowlers seemed like a cohesive unit, laughing together instead of at each other. The were also keen on visiting museums and had always wondered what it would be like to actually walk into a historical home and live there. They found out!
    The beauty of the house and furnishings was soon dimmed by the endless chore of keeping the place clean without any of the appliances we're so used to. Everyone had to wear the authentic clothing, from the skin out, even when they left the house, eat only the foods available at the turn of the century and do all this without killing each other or themselves.
    The lack of shampoo and hot baths, keeping food from burning or spoiling, dust, and laundry that has to be agitated and wrung out by hand would have sent most people screaming and heading out the door. They stayed, they coped, they conquered. And their real thoughts and feelings were recorded in the confessional, i.e., the little video camera in the cupboard.
  • Absolutely wonderful!

    I rented the 1900's House from my local library. This was an awesome mini series/Documentary.
    I watched all the tapes in one night I was so enraptured.

    This series follows a family of five as they give up the comforts of modern life in the 21 century, and try to live like a family in the 1900's.
    They are only allowed to use food and supplies that were available at that time.

    They break the rules when it has been a few days without real shampoo, but overall they stick to the regimen.

    Life during the 1900's was hard work for those who were unable to afford help around the house. After saving enough money the family is able to hire help, bringing more drama into the house.

    I found this show to be very educational, and entertaining. Something the whole family can enjoy as well.