The 20th Century-Fox Hour

CBS (ended 1957)




  • Season 2 Episode 8: End of a Gun

  • Note from the US Marshal's office in Abilene to Cayenne Colorado Marshal's Office....Date July 12 1890 ...James Ringo in your area. Wanted for Kelso holdup and killing. Reward, fifteen hundred dollars dead or alive. (Where 1890 appears you can see that it was erased and printed over area smudged)

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Operation Cicero

  • Several scenes from the film version were incorporated into this episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Man on the Ledge

  • One difference between the tense 1955 CBS television production "Man on the Ledge" and the real-life 1938 incident it was based on was that, while live TV crews did, in fact, broadcast the riveting episode, nobody but the engineers saw it because in 1938 nobody at home had a TV yet. But the story of John Warde was all over the radio that July day when Warde, a 26-year-old former mental patient who had halfheartedly tried to kill himself twice before, climbed out a 17th-floor window of the Hotel Gotham, on 55th St. at Fifth Ave., and perched for 10 hours and 48 minutes, chain-smoking, trying to make up his mind what he was going to do.