The 39 Steps

Season 1 Episode 1

The 39 Steps

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 28, 2008 on BBC
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The 39 Steps
Feeling nothing but ennui after returning to London from his intelligence duties during the Second Boer war, Richard Hannay is still not prepared when his neighbor Mr. Scudder claims he is a British spy and entrusts him with an encoded notebook just before Scudder is murdered. Suspected of the murder, and wanted by the Germans because of the notebook, Hannay finds himself on the run for his life—and for the safety of Britain—without a clue as to whom he can trust.moreless

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      • Hannay: Well at least you're only a spy, and not a suffragette.
        Victoria: Well, actually I'm a spy and a suffragette.
        Hannay: Oh, Lord.

      • Hannay: Thank you.
        Victoria: What for?
        Hannay: Your passion, your commitment, for helping me understand what's really important to me. I never really belonged anywhere—not here, not in Africa. I had no real loyalties, except maybe to myself. I was… I was running away, I suppose.
        Victoria: And now you've stopped?
        Harnnay: Yes.

      • Hannay: Did you say your uncle was on the Defence Committee?
        Harry: Absolutely.
        Hannay: Could you fix a meeting with him for me sharpish?
        Harry: (enthusiastically) Of course. I mean, he'll sort you out. You'll be an MP in no time… Well, once the murder charge goes away.

      • Hannay: You should go back to your brother's. If there's a problem with the police, I'm sure your uncle can fix it.
        Victoria: What do I say? "I was blown up in a castle owned by an acquaintance of his who happens to be a German spy, but I can't prove it?" No, sorry, I don't give up, no matter how hopeless a cause appears.
        Hannay: It wasn't exactly on my list of things to do next. Caught bang in the middle of a plot to invade the country. A country which, it has to be said, does not feel like home.
        Victoria: What, so that's it? You're just going to turn your back?
        Hannay: What? No!
        Victoria: But you said—
        Hannay: If I may finish.
        Victoria: Sorry.
        Hannay: Perhaps you don't realise the true value of something until you're about to lose it. I will do everything I can to stop those men. And, as there may well be other situations ahead which require the use of a hairpin…
        Victoria: We carry on together.
        Hannay: It seems the most sensible plan.

      • (Victoria has assaulted one of the local police.)
        Hannay: Now look what you've done!
        Victoria: Well it's not my faul—
        Hannay: So much for emancipation! Why don't you find yourself another hobby?
        Victoria: I didn't become a suffragette because I'm bad a needlepoint!

      • Hannay: Mr Scudder... no one should involve themselves in intelligence work without a good breakfast.

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