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Beginning 03 March 1946, and spanning over 50 years, 4,400 people were abducted in a blinding flash of light. 14 August 2004: A comet is due to fly-by Earth harmlessly. However, the comet's course suddenly changes to an impact trajectory, and the combined nuclear arsenals of multiple nations fail to destroy it. When the comet appears to slow down — as if it's coming in for a landing — 4,400 people are deposited in explosion over Highland Beach (Capilano Lake, British Columbia, Canada). The returnees — "The 4400" — have been missing from months to years. None have any memory of where they've been, none have aged, and a small number are beginning to manifest paranormal abilities. Theme Song: "A Place In Time" (performed by Amanda Abizaid) The 4400 was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and produced by CBS Paramount in association with Sky Television, Renegade 83 and American Zoetrope.
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  • 4400 come back

    I would love for this show to come back!!!!
  • wheres the rest.

    i just finish waching the season 4. i just want to keep whaching please bring it back . this show is amazing.
  • 4400 review

    Just finished watching the whole 4 seasons. Loved it - consider it to be one of the greatest Sci-Fi series ever created.

    Not a movie, but a four season long TV Sci-Fi called "The 4400" - just finished watching it on Netflix - and consider it to be one of the greatest of all Sci-Fi's. Concerns 4400 people abducted by alien time travelers from the future attempting to change the history of man in the future which will be dismal unless they can change it. One warning, once you start watching it {from the beginning} it is hard to stop - took up most of the last week watching it {about 60 43 minute episodes total}. Some complained about the ending - it left me smiling. Relates to UFO abductions, religion and mythology and is in some ways reflects off of Christian mythology - but you do not have to be religious to enjoy it - a genuine trip to an alternative history/reality.moreless
  • 4400 review

    I liked the concept and show but season 3 was not great, had to move forward on that one, boring, same old, same old, it did end well, but yes the next series would be great, I have lots of idea's what could happen, I mean think of it, a new breed of people, we too are transforming but at a slow rate, evolving into higher beings with powers to create many things, this will happen naturally in the future, but yes what are the ethics around it, how will people adjust to others, who will use it for good, and who for evil, and age old question, and living proof. We all have powers or gifts at a lesser degree, we have powerful leaders, will they use their gifts to help mankind or not, we see it already on a microcosm scale, has mankind been able to use the new technology brought forth for good, or are they using it for destructive purposes, greed, selfishness, to make a lot of money. Look at geoengineering, gmo's, nuclear energy, fossil fuels, What has mankind done to this planet? I rest my case, if mankind cannot use the present technology for good, why would we be given more, more technology, more power, to destroy the human race/ That is the question, and this is why this tv series is compelling. I hope they bring it back, and people learn about the misuse of power. I would LOVE to write for this show.moreless
  • Low budget ruins it...

    I've only watched a few episodes and the plot seems extremely interesting. I don't know if they're going to end like Lost or if they're really going to explain us what happened but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the actors are terrible and it makes the show really difficult to watch. If they take the "Lost" approach, they've already failed because we cannot get attached to the characters.

    Unnecessary love stories, some uninteresting drama, bad actors, no memorable scene, but overall good plot.moreless

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