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Beginning 03 March 1946, and spanning over 50 years, 4,400 people were abducted in a blinding flash of light. 14 August 2004: A comet is due to fly-by Earth harmlessly. However, the comet's course suddenly changes to an impact trajectory, and the combined nuclear arsenals of multiple nations fail to destroy it. When the comet appears to slow down — as if it's coming in for a landing — 4,400 people are deposited in explosion over Highland Beach (Capilano Lake, British Columbia, Canada). The returnees — "The 4400" — have been missing from months to years. None have any memory of where they've been, none have aged, and a small number are beginning to manifest paranormal abilities. Theme Song: "A Place In Time" (performed by Amanda Abizaid) The 4400 was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and produced by CBS Paramount in association with Sky Television, Renegade 83 and American Zoetrope.

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    Plus: Nashville promotes kids and gay cowboys, Paula Abdul is still alive, and racism boosts Big Brother.


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    • A new petition!

      Hi guys! There's a new petition to #bringbackthe4400 and it's taking off! The actors are on board! Please hit this link, sign and share share share. Whilst your there, make sure to check out the 'highlights' section! 4400
    • 4400 to come back

      I Think it came out too early, people weren't ready for it. If it were to be shown now and the seasons continued I think they would get more viewers and better ratings. Wish they would listen and bring it back, even revamp it if necessary, though personally I thing it's great as is and will definitely do well now.
    • why did it end?

      why no more seasons? This was an excellent series that kept me on the edge of my seat with curiosity I could sit for hours and watch this.
    • Join 4400 Facebook Fan Page - Let's get it back on air

      Hey everyone. I know exactly what you mean. This show has so much to offer and I do agree that when it came out during that time, people were not ready for it. I want it to return back because the way it ended, it feels as though it can continue and it definitely is a story.

      I have only just completed watching it myself.

      I've set up a fan page for the 4400 and it would be great if everyone could go and like the 4400 fan page. Let's build a community of people who absolutely love this show, talk about the show, characters and let's spark some interest. If Xfiles can return so can the 4400. As the famous line in the show: The world will have to deal with us...moreless
    • Where is season 5

      I need to know what happens next please don't just leave us hanging like that . Its not polite. Does heaven come to earth, does tom actually take the shot. If so what happens ??? Tell me they're in the process of making it pleaseee!
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    Drama, Science Fiction


    extraordinary situations, cheap special effects, for nerds, characters with double lives, characters with hidden agendas