The 4400

Season 2 Episode 6

As Fate Would Have It

Aired Unknown Jul 10, 2005 on USA
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As Fate Would Have It
Maia sees a vision of Jordan Collier's death. Kyle's frightening blackouts are disrupting Tom's personal life. Diana is asked to hand over Maia's diary to NTAC.

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  • As Fate Would Have It

    As Fate Would Have It was a perfect episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because it is a turning point for many of the characters. Shawn helps Liv and she cleans up well. Collier puts his fate into the hands of Isabelle who lies, which is a very interesting matter as she also appears to have ruptured her half sister Heidi's splean. Lily has definitely started to wonder about Isabelle. Jordan dies and his body mysteriously disappears. Shawn is caught up in paper work and meetings now that he is in charge. I think this episode is where he really begins to come into himself. Kyle's black outs are revealed and it is quite shocking what he has been up to. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!moreless
  • Maia predicts Jordan Collier's death.

    A few different storylines but all seem unimportant after the final scene.

    When Heidi shows up at the Center, Lily is very happy. She introduces Heide to Richard and Isabelle and Isabelle does not react positively. When, the next day, Heide needs an operation because of a ruptured spleen, Lily suspects that it was caused by Isabelle.

    Shawn gives one of the homeless girls a 4400 medallion, effectively inviting her into his life.

    Maia predicts the deatch of Jordan Collier and depiste Shawn's attempts to save his life, Jordan dies. Strangely enough, his body disappears soon afterwards.

    In the final scene it is revealed who the gunman is who shot Jordan, it's Kyle...moreless
  • A great show just getting greater.

    This is the episode where The 4400 really comes into its own. Isabelle's powers, though at this point fairly ambiguous but obviously powerful, take a sinister turn. Though in the past she has done "evil" it seemed to always be for the protection of her family. Now she seems to hurt Lily's daughter out of jealousy and sabatoges Jordan Collier for some unknown reason. The continued growth of The 4400 center into a Scientologyesque monster is both intriguing and timely. Jorden's surprising death (sure Maya predicted it, but did we imagine it would happen this very episode?), and Kyle as the assassin!!!!!!! Talk about a great episode.moreless
  • A few flaws detracted from an otherwise great episode...

    Right to the point...

    The scene in which Collier is killed was a bit unbelievable to me. All of the high-grade security in place, and they let Collier deliver his speech not from teh safety of an auditorium, but in front of a giant window...and they don't bother to watch the rooftop across the street for a potential sniper. Also, with all that security, why the heck was Tom the only one to give pursuit? The competence that Collier saw in them earlier in the episode seems to have faded a bit.

    I was glad to see Collier go this episode. I really didn't care for his Magneto-esque character at all. His whole movement is really distracting from the plot that, to me, is more interesting; namely, what the heck are the 4400 supposed to be doing to save the future? I just hope that they don't bring him back (since his body disappeared), but I have a bad feeling they will.

    When Shawn saw the gunman across the street, I was pretty surprised to discover that it was Kyle who pulled the trigger. I have to question whether Shawn could really have gotten a good enough look at him to recognize him from such a distance/angle especially with all the confusion around him.

    Shawn gives the first key to the homeless girl and then blows her off once he has assumed command of Collier's position? VERY unbelievable. I don't care how many papers the attorneys were shoving in front of him for him to sign...he's mentally & emotionally only about 19 years old. He has had massive responsibilities in Collier's organization for about a year now. Certainly, there is more on his plate now, but he is a kid a good, caring heart and simply would not have grown so cold so fast. VERY hard to believe.

    I'm going to be really p.o.'ed if Heidi dies. I've been wanting her to be reunited with Lilly from teh beginning and Isabelle's attack on her makes no sense at this point. I'm sure the reasoning is there, but at this point, I don't care for this particular aspect of the storyline. Lilly and Richard (and Heidi for that matter) have been through enough. Give them a break already.

    All in all, this was a good enjoyable episode, but these problems made it merely average in my book.

  • Now this is the "4400" I know!

    Finally an episode up to the standard set in the first season.

    The story just grabs us from the start and never lets go. I was literally at the edge of my seat. We immediately get the feeling that something important is about to happen, that there will be a change in the characters, that destinies will be set today.

    The script not only lives up to the expectations it also leaves so much in the open to be explored in the future. Absolutely perfect writing.

    I was loosing some interest in the last episodes but today just opened up so many possibilities and left so many questions to be answered that I cant wait for the next 4400's.

    Characters were developed, the plot advanced and there was true tension and suspense from the credits to the end.

    Cant ask for more!

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Alistair Abell

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Maia: I'm sorry. It's not my fault.
      Jordan: You recognize me.

    • Collier: Shawn, Shawn, she told me to go through with it.
      Shawn: Who did? Who did?
      Collier: She lies, Shawn.

    • Wendy: I want you to talk to someone, someone qualified. I'm scared for you.
      Kyle: Scared for me, or scared of me?

    • Shawn: Are you looking to die in public?
      Collier: You're developing a real flair for drama, you know that? This is hanging over my head, not yours.

    • (Lily shows Heidi a photo)
      Lily: Look at this.
      Heidi: Is that me?
      Lily: It's the day we brought you back from the hospital.
      Heidi: You look the same as you do now.
      Lily: I was gone so long, but, to me, this feels like yesterday.

    • Tom: TSA is putting a flag on Ian Dravitt and his known associates. They're gonna call us if anyone shows up in Seattle.
      Diana: This whole Dravitt thing is just Collier's latest deal gone south.
      Tom: Collier had his name on the side of a skyscraper by the time he was 30. You pursue power that ruthlessly, you pick up some enemies along the way.
      Diana: So we find the one who seems most like John Hinkley or Sirhan Sirhan.

    • Marco: When it comes to the prevention of "future crime", there are no time limits. And everyone's a suspect. I mean, literally, everyone.
      Jarvis: So, how to stop the inevitable from happening?
      Tom: Stopping the inevitable? Isn't that what we deal with everyday? I mean, that's why the 4400 were sent back, right?
      Marco: I like the can-do attitude but, I have to ask, do we even want to save Collier?
      (Diana laughs)
      Marco: Well, he is kind of the bad guy.

    • Lucy: He's gone! His body, it's not there!

    • Liv: He's a fraud! All of you, do you hear me? Your golden boy is a big fraud!

    • Maia: But do dates always have to be with boys? So gross.

    • April: All I'm saying is that he was taller than I pictured him.
      Diana: Tall or short, Collier had no business showing up here.
      April: I totally agree. Di, I didn't let him in!
      Maia: Aunt April likes tall boys.
      Diana: Ah! So, you're talking about men to my daughter? She's a child.
      April: It might have come up in passing.

    • Diana: He lives with his parents. What? Nursing a persecution complex?
      Tom: Pretty much the poster boy for the lone gunman theory.

    • Diana: Look, as far as I can tell, Maia has two kinds of visions. If she can see an event clearly enough in her head, she can sometimes influence the course of the future. But mostly her visions are abstract. They're more like....certainties. Prophecies I guess you could call them. Now this is one of those, and as far as I can tell, they're never wrong.

    • Lily: What's happened since we left town? I mean, suddenly it seems that everyone's dying to meet a real life 4400.
      Shawn: Uh well, what happened? Jordan happened.

    • Jordan: (singing to Isabelle) When you wake, you have sweet cake.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Godfather

      In the scene where Liv comes to Shawn as he is taking Jordan's new responsibilities, the door is being closed while Shawn looks at her without even a smile. It's a reference to the final scene of The Godfather.