The 4400

Season 4 Episode 3

Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2007 on USA
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Audrey Parker's Come and Gone
Audrey Parker develops the ability to astral project herself. However, after she is murdered, Audrey attempts to use her ability to lead Tom and Diana to her killer.

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  • Audrey Parker's Come and Gone

    Audrey Parker's Come and Gone was a really superb episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because it had a unique story with an interesting woman who took the promicin shot. There was a lot of character development in this episode for Kyle who is dealing with his new ability, Cassie, who leads him to a book with prophecy regarding Jordan Collier, Shawn, and himself. I found this a fascinating turn. I enjoyed Audrey's writing, and her personality as she confronted a con man dating some one she cared about. Shawn tries to reopen The 4400 center with some trouble, and ends up helping Director Doyle of NTAC. Diana comes home one night and finds a big surprise waiting for her. I enjoyed the end of the episode where Cassie leads Kyle to the suburbs for some unknown reason, and what he discovers is shocking. I look forward to the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!moreless
  • Great and unusual episode.

    This episode starts with an unusual voice over. This comes from Audrey Parker, an old librarian with arthritis in her hands. She takes morphine shots to relieve the strong pain she feels. She also has taken a promicin shot which gives her the ability to leave her body by astral projection and see other people while they can't see her. She writes a blog in which she tells how much promicin is doing good for her. But her blog is being tracked by NTAC and Diana and Tom must find who is the blogger. It brings them to Audrey.

    While she's on one of her flights she's killed. So, she tries to tell NTAC about her murderer. The only way is by interfering electronic equipments, radios, and following Diana.

    Very creative and unusual episode.moreless
  • One of the 4400s is killed while she's astral projected.

    This episode was the 4400 equivalent of a ghost story, not a scary ghost story but a bittersweet ghost story with resonance for Diana in particular.

    The main storyline is coming along, Kyle is getting to grips with accepting his ability, a woman named Cassie who advises him and knows things. She tell him to be at a certain place and a certain time and a car transporting a prisoner is involved in an accident in fron of his eyes. The prisoner is Isabelle Tyler.

    Ben and Maia return from Spain but Diana is not making any progress in the search for April.

    Shawn and Heather reopen the Healing Foundation and the new head of NTAC asks Shawn to heal her dad.moreless
  • Bittersweet departure from the main storyline

    It's nice to see a vignette away from the main story, although it's a sad one. Audrey Parker is an elderly librarian with arthritis and in a lot of pain. But after taking the shot of promician she finds she can leave her body via astral projection and view others without being seen. You find through the story that she had quite a life, but never married or had kids of her own. She clearly feels she has missed out on some things and longs to be young again. On one of her flights she sees a young artist who is hooked up with a scam artist. Back in her body, she confronts the boyfriend and threatens him with exposure if he doesn't leave the relationship. While on another flight, she is murdered and she tries to communicate with INTAC officers, who has tracked a web blog back to her. As a ghost, she is able to communicate with Diana by creating a noise over radio waves (which conveniently gets translated to English by the INTAC nerds.) Audrey *thinks* she knows who killed her, but does she? It's sad that Audrey was a single episode, she makes a very interesting study in life and living it to the fullest.moreless
  • Enjoyable, Departure, Messiah

    Audrey Parker's Come And Gone : I really enjoyed this episode, it was sort of a departure from all of the chaos of the first two episodes. A delicious dessert after a sumptuous meal. Even though we do get glimpses of Kyle's descent into uncovering the Messiah for the world, and of course Shawn's internal struggle over using his powers or not, it's still focusing mainly on Audrey Parker and her murder. I think the cast and the writer's have done an excellent job making the show a more believable take on your ghost coming back to seek vengence for their own murder. It was really well done. Like I've said, it wasn't a pivotal episode, nor was it the most dramatic, yet it was a solid and interesting episode. Nearly like a palette cleansing from the first two courses served. (Hmmm why do I have food analogies on the brain today?)moreless
Laura Mennell

Laura Mennell

Young Audrey Parker

Guest Star

Jake LeDoux

Jake LeDoux


Guest Star

Constance Towers

Constance Towers

Audrey Parker

Guest Star

Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott


Recurring Role

Richard Kahan

Richard Kahan

Marco Pacella

Recurring Role

Tristin Leffler

Tristin Leffler

Cassie Dunleavy

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured Promicin Positives

      * Audrey Parker, she has the ability to "astral project", that is she can send her consciousness out of her body freely.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Meghan: That's exactly why this journal is making people in D.C. nervous. The author doesn't sound like a radical. She sounds like... somebody's aunt.
      Tom: Yeah, and if your aunt's willing to take a chance on getting an ability, why shouldn't you?

    • Tom: The head of NTAC, benefiting personally from a 4400 ability? You sure you're up for the fallout?
      Meghan: They let this place stay open. They blinked. Let them fire me.

    • Audrey Parker: The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.
      Diana: It's Benjamin Franklin.
      Audrey Parker: Well, at least you are an educated tyrant.

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